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WWF Monday Night RAW - March 7, 1994

by Wrestling Recap's Bob Colling

From: Poughkeepsie, NY

Footage from last week where Crush screwed Randy Savage out of the WWF World Championship. Brief hype for the tag team match between the Smoking Gunns taking on Owen Hart and Crush.

Vince McMahon is joined by Ted DiBiase to be this week's guest commentator. DiBiase says that everyone has a price. McMahon goes over who will be on this week’s edition. DiBiase says that he only gets the last laugh when Doink is mentioned. DiBiase believes Virgil would be better off still working for him.

Opening Contest: Owen Hart/Crush defeated Smoking Gunns

Nikolai Volkoff is sitting at ringside booing Owen and Crush. Bart and Owen start the match with Owen getting the advantage with right hands but is met with a arm drag takedown by Bart. Crush enters and scoop slams Bart down. Bart connects with a spinning cross body off the top for a near fall. Billy enters and rolls Crush up for a near fall. Crush rakes the face of Billy to control the match. Crush runs into a boot by Billy in the corner and Billy leaps off the middle rope connecting with a clothesline but doesn’t go for the cover. Owen enters and is taken down by Billy with a hip toss and arm drag. Owen nails Billy with a spinning heel kick. Owen with a snap suplex and a leg drop. Crush leaps off the top connecting with a axe handle. Crush with a savant kick and double teams Owen in the corner briefly. Crush with a backbreaker for a near fall and tags in Owen who connects with a missile dropkick. Back from commercial, Bart got the hot tag and cleans house with a backdrop and clothesline on Owen. Bart with a power slam on Owen for a near fall. Crush chop blocks the knee of Bart who had Owen set up for a backbreaker. Owen locks in the Sharpshooter and Bart is forced to give up. **
After the match, Billy checks on Bart while Owen and Crush celebrate the win.

Vince McMahon interviews Owen Hart and Crush. McMahon mentions that Crush will be facing Bret Hart this coming Sunday. Owen doesn’t want Crush to hurt Bret Hart too much because he wants to beat his brother fair and square. Crush tells Bret Hart that talk is cheap and that he will take Bret apart.

Wrestle Mania X Report with Todd Pettengill. Todd hypes up the March to Wrestle Mania X which is taking place on Sunday the 13th of March. Todd just goes over the same things that have been mentioned the past two weeks. Alundra Blaze’s opponent has been revealed as Leilani Kai. The card for Wrestle Mania X is complete.

Second Contest: Jeff Jarrett defeated Virgil

Virgil actually gets a entrance. Virgil takes Jarrett down with a drop toe hold early on and locks in a few hammerlock submission holds. Jarrett misses an attack in the corner and is rolled up by Virgil for a near fall. A very slow match with Virgil twisting the left arm of Jarrett. Jarrett plants Virgil with a jumping DDT to pick up the win.

After the match, Jarrett struts for all of his fans.

Promo video hyping up a Tatanka/Yokozuna match up on the March to Wrestle Mania X

Ted DiBiase hypes up Jeff Jarrett being on Country Beat magazine but Vince McMahon reveals that DiBiase had set that up and the cover wasn’t real.

Sy Sperling cuts a interesting promo where he believes he can help WWF superstars who are bald. He uses Mr. Fuji as an example.

Third Contest: Doink defeated “Iron” Mike Sharpe

Doink sprays Sharpe with some water and Dink runs in circles confusing Sharpe. Doink with a dropkick and series of arm drags that causes Sharpe to slide to the floor. Sharpe chokes Doink across the top rope. Sharpe goes chest first into the corner and Doink connects with the Whoopee Cushion to pick up the squash win.

Vince McMahon plugs the WWF Wrestle Mania X hotline.

Vince McMahon is in the ring with Chief Ray Little Turtle, Chief Jay Strongbow and Chief Wahoo McDaniel. They are getting ready for the special presentation for Tatanka and his Native American heritage. Little Turtle presents Tatanka with feathers. Tatanka says that he doesn’t have the words to express his feelings for the honor. Tatanka talks about looking at the feathers and wishing to basically be able to wear those feathers. Some guy is booing throughout the whole segment. Tatanka gets emotional about the honor of wearing the feathers. Tatanka hopes to one day be where Chief Strongbow and Chief Wahoo McDaniels have been. Ted DiBiase pokes fun at Tatanka for crying.

A brief promo by Little Richard hyping up Wrestle Mania X

Irwin R. Schyster comes out and makes fun of Tatanka and his ceremony. IRS promises to tax the head dress that Tatanka has just received.

Main Event: Irwin R. Schyster defeated Mark Thomas

IRS sends Thomas shoulder first into the turnbuckle to control the match. IRS misses a splash in the corner and Thomas rolls IRS for a near win. IRS sends Thomas to the floor. IRS with a abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage. IRS with a lariat to pick up the win.

Video promoting Lex Luger taking on Jimmy Del Ray at the March to Wrestle Mania X

Vince McMahon is with Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies. Cornette says that this is a search and destroy mission. Del Ray’s mission is to make Luger a broken man. Cornette says that Lex Luger will be having his last match at Wrestle Mania X

End of Show

My Take: As you can see the main attraction on this week show was the opening tag match. It was a decent contest but nothing to go out and see or anything. Looks like a IRS/Tatanka feud is going to be starting up soon. The whole Tatanka segment was pretty boring as it wasn’t really wrestling related and you could hear fans just crapping on it. Nothing all that special on this show.

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