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WWF Monday Night RAW - February 21, 1994

by Wrestling Recap's Bob Colling

From: Poughkeepsie, NY

Men on a Mission, Doink, Dink and the Bushwhackers are barking to seemingly mock the dog show that pre-empted RAW last week.

RAW Opening Video

Randy Savage makes his way down to the ring to be the broadcast partner for Vince McMahon. Randy Savage introduces the president of the Randy Savage fan club, which turns out to be Randy Savage himself. Bret Hart will take on Tom Pritchard this week.

Opening Contest: Razor Ramon/1-2-3 Kid defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions The Quebecers via disqualification

Quebecers retain titles: This was originally suppose to be Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty but apparently Kid stepped in to get revenge against the Quebecers. Quebecers send Ramon to the floor and double Kid. Pierre tries to dive onto the injured leg of Kid but Kid gets a boot up and kicks Jacque off. Ramon with a fall away slam on Kid who lands onto Jacque for a near fall. Kid and Ramon gain control working on Pierre’s left arm. Ramon comes off the ropes but is tripped up be Johnny Polo to allow the Quebecers to get control. Ramon with a double clothesline and stalks towards Polo on the floor. Polo is backed into a corner between Kid and Ramon. Ramon plants Polo with the Razor’s Edge on the floor! Ramon is working on Pierre as RAW comes back from commercial. Ramon and Kid tag out quickly and work on Pierre’s left arm for a few moments. Pierre tries to leapfrog over Ramon but Ramon low blows Pierre and backdrops Pierre down. Kid with a spinning heel kick on Pierre for a near fall. Kid works on the left knee of Pierre. Jacque gets the tag but is taken down by Kid as well and Kid works on Jacque’s right knee. Diesel makes his way out to watch Ramon compete against the Quebecers. Ramon is double teamed in the corner. Back from another commercial, Ramon nearly pins Jacque with a roll up. Pierre collides with Jacque which allows Ramon to tag in Kid. Pierre avoids a dropkick and Kid crashes hard to the mat. Kid if lifted into the air by the champions and is dropped across the top rope. Jacque works on the injured right knee of Kid. Jacque scoop slams Pierre onto Kid for a near fall. Kid is controlled for several moments as the champions appear to be on their way to retaining the championships. Jacque backdrops Pierre but Kid moved out of the way and tags in Razor Ramon. Ramon cleans house with a couple of backdrops. Ramon connects with a middle rope back suplex on Pierre. Ramon signals for the Razor’s Edge. Ramon has Pierre set up and connects with the move. However, Diesel walks down to the ring, but Shawn Michaels slides into the ring and attacks Ramon causing a disqualification. **3/4
After the match, Shawn Michaels and Diesel are proud of screwing Ramon and Kid out of the tag team championships. Michaels acts like he is going to get in the ring to fight Ramon and Kid but backs off.

Next week on RAW, WWF World Champion Yokozuna will defend against Randy Savage!

Jim Cornette has made his way out to the ring and begins to cut a promo on Yokozuna. Cornette tells that Savage better wake up and realize that he will not be winning the WWF World Championship. Cornette introduces Tom Pritchard for the next contest.

Main Event: Bret Hart defeated Tom Pritchard

Slow start to the match that consists of mainly mat wrestling. Pritchard works on Hart in the corner with a few blows to the chest, but Hart battles back with several right hands, a backdrop and dropkick. Hart controls Pritchard with a hammerlock. Pritchard fights out of the hold with several shoulder rams. Pritchard works on Bret Hart as RAW returns from commercial. Donnie Wahlberg calls in to hype up his appearance at Wrestle Mania as a special ring announcer. Bret with a backslide for a near fall. Pritchard chokes Bret Hart on the middle rope for a few moments. Randy Savage prevents Jim Cornette from hitting Bret Hart with his tennis racket. Cornette hits his head on the ring steps. Hart gains control of the match with a side Russian leg sweep and nearly wins with a inside cradle. Hart with a backbreaker and flying forearm drop from the middle rope. Cornette distracts Hart which allows Pritchard to knee Bret to the floor. Owen Hart jogs down to the ring and taunts Bret and rolls Bret back into the ring. Bret avoids a knee lift in the corner and takes Pritchard down with a vertical suplex. Bret locks in the sharpshooter and Pritchard taps out. *1/4 After the match, Owen Hart is surprised that Bret Hart won the match. Bret wants Owen to get into the ring and Owen slowly makes his way down to the ring but a referee stops Owen from entering the ring.

Wrestle Mania X Report with Todd Pettengill

Pettengill hypes up a few of the celebrities that will be at the event. Little Richards, Burt Reynolds, Donnie Wahlberg, Jennie Garth, Bucky and Vinny, and SY Sperling. Pettengill goes over the Wrestle Mania X card: Jim Cornette, Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji make their way out of the backstage area right before a commercial break.

A brief Little Richard promo hyping his appearance at Wrestle Mania X.

Jim Cornette is upset with Randy Savage stealing his property. Savage slides into the ring and wants to fight Yokozuna. Savage gets a boot in as the crowd is really behind Randy Savage.

End of show

My Take: The opening contest was a pretty good tag team match. Shawn Michaels costing Ramon the match was kind of lame as I think Kid could have eaten the pin because he did have a injured leg so it wouldn’t have been too bad for him to lose. Bret Hart/Tom Pritchard was rather uneventful. Wrestle Mania X card looks to be a solid event. Earthquake/Ludvig Borga is kind of random to promote considering I haven’t seen any hype or buildup for the match. Glad to see Men on a Mission getting a title shot, as they have been very over with the crowd ever since they debuted back in the summer of 1993. I don’t think it would a bad thing for them to win the straps.

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