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WWF Monday Night RAW - December 5, 1993

by Samoa Rowe

-Shawn Michaels, claiming to be the rightful Intercontinental Champion, is upset that the 1-2-3 Kid cut off his attack on Razor Ramon last week. He plans on cutting the Kidís career short.

-From White Plains, NY. Our hosts are Bobby Heenan and Vincent K. McMahon.

Shawn Michaels vs. The 1-2-3 Kid

HBK is sporting an Intercontinental title belt, despite the legitimate champion being Razor Ramon. They lock up and trade punches. Kid surprises with a shoulder block. They trade counters, but Kid kicks HBK to ringside. They are keeping a BLISTERING pace right now. Springboard cross body to the floor by Kid, soon followed by a reverse German suplex. Kid applies a well earned chinlock. HBK breaks the hold with a back suplex and goes to work on the head. Kid leap frogs, but HBK catches with a head scissors takedown to ringside. Kid reverses a whip into the ring post, but HBK counters a cannonball with a nasty power slam onto the floor. COMMERCIAL! Back from break, Michaels is earning his heat with targeted attacks to the back and midsection. Kid fires back with a spin heel kick to buy some time. They both go down after butting heads. Kid lights Michaels up with a series of shots, complete with a running heel kick. Standing moonsault into by Kid gets 2, but Shawn dodges a somersault senton. SECOND COMMERCIAL! After the break, Shawn is signaling the end. Michaels uses the Razorís Edge, but voluntarily breaks the pinfall. Shawn hits a second Razorís Edge, but Razor Ramon saves Kid from a third. Shawn slaps Razorís face and a chase breaks out. Shawn trips in the aisle and begs for mercy, but a mysterious fist from behind the curtain clocks Ramon. Shawn chokes Ramon and punches him down. Michaels puts Ramon down with a Razorís Edge. I never heard the bell ring, but Iím guessing the match was thrown out around 11:46 (shown). This was a fantastic match up until the non-finish, which Iím not upset about because the Shawn/Razor feud is awesome, ***Ĺ.
Winner via DQ: Shawn Michaels

WWF Tag Team Champions The Quebecers (Jacques and Pierre, with Johnny Polo) vs. Jobbers of the Week

Polo is so assured of victory that he sits back with a magazine. The Quebecers make fun of the short jobber (who kinda looks like Tazz) and disrespect him with a slap. His name is Bert, so you know heís a loser. They beat up the pasty jobber and allow him to tag in the short guy. The jobbers get no offense, as the Quebecers show off with a back drop into a splash double team spot. The Quebecers pick up the relatively quick win at 4:23, but continue to act like jerks, seating Bert in a lawn chair for a clothesline.
Winners: The Quebecers

-First commercial for the Royal Rumble. Itís crazy to think that itís over two months away and they have all that time to build it up.

-Vince and Bobby chat with Owen Hart via video chat. Owen is bitter about brother Bretís success, but heís got a surprise for everybody.

Doink (with Dink) vs. Tony Devito

If you thought the Doink and Dink team was annoying to begin with, it somehow gets worse with Dink being pushed to ring in a baby stroller. Because little people are child-like, right? Sometimes, I really hate the sense of humor on display in WWF programming. Anyways, thereís a match to recap, and Doink works an armbar. Doink pretzels the legs and applies a chinlock. Devito applies a full nelson, but Doink reverses. Dink has been distracting the entire time with an obnoxious little circus horn. Belly to belly suplex by Doink, and this match is going nowhere fast. Devito slugs his way into some sort of comeback, but Doink finishes him with a flying seated senton at 5:55. This was brutally boring.
Winner: Doink

-Jeff Jarrett is still terrorizing Nashville. He bothers a saxophone player outside a famous music restaurant. Jarrett plans on taking over the WWF until they have to rename it the JJF. These segments continue to be a fun highlight of the era.

Crush (with Mr. Fuji) vs. Tony Roy

Next week, Crush faces Randy Savage, so this is a warm-up. Vince and Bobby chat with Randy Savage over the phone while Crush squashes the jobber. Royís clothesline attempts have little effect and Crush slams the life out of him. Crush looks silly, taking Mortal Kombat action poses in between strikes. Roy gets placed in a tree of woe for several shots, and I find myself staring at my stopwatch. Recapping squash matches seems so pointless to me sometimes. The match lumbers on until Crush wins with a slam onto the rope at 4:10. Completely tedious.
Winner: Crush

-Gorilla Monsoon strolls over to commentary and grabs Bobby Heenan by the collar. He drags the weasel to the back, I guess heís upset over some things Heenan said earlier in the evening. Bobby gets tossed into the parking lot and locked out.

Final Thoughts: Check out the Waltman/Michaels match and then turn this stinker off. Thumbs down.

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