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WWF Monday Night RAW - October 31, 1993

by Samoa Rowe

-Bastion Booger is gorging himself on an epic feast. Bobby Heenan canít believe Booger would do this before a big match with Razor Ramon. Booger, with food all over his face, declares this is RAAAAAAW.

-From Poughkeepsie, NY. Our hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan.

Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon vs. Bastion Booger

Booger is hard to watch, as heís wildly out of shape and is not physically intimidating in the slightest. They have a slow start and head to commercial. After the break, Booger is somehow in control of the match, but gets carried away dancing. Ramon shoves Booger through the ropes. Booger gets tied up, leaving himself vulnerable to a TITTY TWISTER from the Bad Guy. We never knew just how bad Razor Ramon was until now. They have more time to fill, so Booger recuperates to bat Razor around ringside. Cue the Bear Hug! The look on Razorís face suggests that he canít believe heís selling for this guy. Power slam by Booger gets a 2 count, so he reapplies the Bear Hug. The match continues in slow motion until Razor reverses a pinning predicament for the win at 7:09 (shown). Terrible, just terrible.
Winner: Razor Ramon

-Video recap of Ludvig Borga handing Tatanka his first defeat by pinning him with a single finger.

-Vince McMahon hosts the Foreign Fanatics in the ring. Jim Cornette serves as the mouthpiece for this team consisting of WWF Champion Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji), Ludvig Borga, and the WWF Tag Team Champions Quebecers (with Johnny Polo). They are awfully pleased with Tatanka being put on the shelf and not being able to compete at Survivor Series. Borga calls the fans ďstupid AmericansĒ and promises to do to Scott Steiner what he did to Tatanka. Cornette puts the Fanatics over as the greatest collection of wrestlers from all over the world. Good, clean, xenophobic fun here.

Mr. Perfect vs. The Executioner

They trade hammerlocks, and Perfect takes exception to his hold being reversed and starts throwing shots. Executioner delivers a hip toss and a hard Irish whip but no one is home with a running splash. Mr. Perfect connects with a pair of field goal kicks and applies an Indian Death Lock variation. Perfect continues mainly working over the legs until finishing with the Perfect-plex at 4:51. Not perfect, but an acceptable squash.
Winner: Mr. Perfect

-Jeff Jarrett is hanging around outside Tootsies Bar and Lounge, an apparently famous country music club. Jarrett seems annoyed by pretty much every aspect of the country music industry and is ready to take his anger out on Razor Ramon.

The Smoking Gunns (Bart and Billy) vs. Well Dunn (Timothy Well and Steven Dunn, with Harvey Wippleman)

Billy Gunn starts off against Well and gets the best of him. Dunn tags and holds his own against Billy but still finds himself knocked off his feet. Dunn resorts to pulling the hair to gain an advantage but Billy catches him with an Atomic Drop. Bart tags in with a flying axe handle and hoists Dunn up for a cross body from Billy, but Well breaks the pinfall. Bart catches Dunn in a head scissors and grabs the ropes, inadvertently allowing Well to snap his neck off the ropes. This allows Well Dunn to isolate Bart with some quick tags and double team attacks. Billy gets a hot tag and totally plows through Well Dunn, at least until Wippleman trips him for the DQ at 7:51. Nicely worked tag team formula match here.
Winners via DQ: The Smoking Gunns

-McMahon and Heenan chit-chat with Randy Savage over the phone. The Macho Man vows to return to Raw next week and heís looking for payback against Crush.

Adam Bomb (with Harvey Wippleman) vs. Virgil

Virgil is cautious against Bomb in the early going and catches him with a running cross body. Virgil connects with an arm drag, sending Bomb to ringside to regroup with Wippleman. Virgil takes the fight to ringside and chases Wippleman around, but remembers to assault Bomb with a dive over the ropes. Bomb turns it around with some clubbing offense. Virgil makes a late attempt for a comeback, hitting a missile drop-kick for a 2 count. Bomb stands his ground and no-sells a springboard cross body. Bomb finishes Virgil with a power bomb at 5:22. This was rough around the edges, but itís always nice to see a competitive match on a 1993 Raw.
Winner: Adam Bomb

Final Thoughts: Bastion Booger was featured in two segments and bunch of nothing happened. You can probably skip this one.

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