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WWF Monday Night Raw September 20, 1993
by SamoaRowe


Scott Steiner vs. Pierre (with Johnny Polo)
The Quebecers have the greatest entrance music in history, a cheesy anthem sung by Pierre and Jacques themselves. Steiner is displeased over losing the tag titles last week and slugs away on Pierre. Scott goes out of his way to do things that were illegal in the “Quebec’s rules” match, including a piledriver. Scott stretches Pierre like a pretzel. Super overhead belly to belly suplex by Scott, which prompts Polo to pull Pierre to ringside. Scott doesn’t care and chases them both out with their own hockey stick. Cue the commercial. Pierre returns, accompanied by Jacques, which brings out Rick Steiner. Jacques distracts long enough for Pierre to finally get the upper hand. With some help from his ringside buddies, Pierre maintains control for quite a while. The crowd has lost interest and is chanting “Johnny Polo.” Steiner kicks out of a top rope leg drop and backslides Pierre for a near fall. Pierre kicks out of an inside cradle and thumbs the eyes to regain control. Scott dodges a splash and uses the opening to regain some momentum. Scott finishes it with the Frankensteiner at 12:38! Scott has earned a Tag title rematch for his team! I enjoyed the match more than the live crowd did, ***.
Winner: Scott Steiner

Bam Bam Bigelow (with Luna Vachon) vs. Laverne McGill
They trade drop-kicks in the early going. Bigelow gets knocked into the corner and eats some chops. Bigelow misses a corner charge and lands on the apron. McGill misses a drop-kick, giving Bigelow full control. Vince McMahon talks to Crush on the phone during this slow portion. The crowd once again expresses their boredom by chanting for a valet, this time Luna. Meanwhile, Randy Savage wants to talk to Crush on the phone, but gets hung up on. That’s gotta hurt. Bigelow tosses McGill over the ropes, allowing Luna to attack. McGill almost connects with a sunset flip, but it’s countered. McGill escapes a chinlock but flies into Bigelow’s arms. Just end this already, please. Bigelow nails a suplex and a back senton to grant my wish at 5:16. This was a complete DUD.
Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow

-We get a video replay of Doink turning face by splashing water at The Brain. Vince describes this as some of the most humorous and entertaining footage he’s ever seen. Heenan complains that he’s got a severe cold as a result, but Vince exposes the lie by checking his temperature. Oh, the hilarity.

-We are treated to a very special Bret Hart in-ring interview. Vince recaps recent events, including Jerry Lawler embarrassing Bret’s parents, getting involved in his match with Owen Hart, and Bret’s battle with Lawler at Summerslam where Bret lost control in dishing out the punishment. Thanks to the disqualification victory, Jerry is claiming to be the undisputed king of the WWF. Bret scoffs at the claim, since Lawler hasn’t actually beaten anyone yet. The crowd reacts sarcastically when Bret says that his family honor means more to him than being King of the Ring. Bret regrets not hurting Lawler even worse at Summerslam and says that sooner or later they’re going to wrestle again.

Mr. Perfect vs. Mike Bell
They start off with some nice chain wrestling. Perfect swats the head to change the tone. Awful hip toss by Bell. Perfect leap frogs and nails a drop-kick, sending Bell to ringside. Perfect delivers some chops, but Bell returns the favor. Perfect shows him how it’s done. Perfect continues targeting the head. The Perfect-plex finishes it at 3:53. Nothing special, but Mr. Perfect did seem a bit irritated when the crowd chanted “We want Shawn” for a while there.
Winner: Mr. Perfect

-Ludvig Borga is in the woods, criticizing all the pollution he sees. He makes fun of Lex Luger for being proud of this. Borga calls Luger a “garbage driver” and claims that America stinks. I fail to see how this makes Borga the heel, as Luger really is a moron and the forest really was disgusting.

-Bobby Heenan interviews a couple at ringside. We get a successful marriage proposal!

Irwin R. Shyster vs. P.J. Walker
IRS cuts a short promo knocking Razor Ramon before the bell rings. The crowd disagrees, so IRS tosses Walker over the ropes and pummels him at ringside. Razor Ramon shows up to watch. The distraction allows Walker to deliver a roll-up for the upset at 1:20. Neat!
Winner: P.J. Walker

-IRS throws a fit but officials keep him from attacking Razor Ramon.

-Randy Savage talks to Steve Shor, the chairman of the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation. Shor thanks the WWF for their generous contributions. That’s very nice, actually.

-Bobby Heenan is backstage with Johnny Polo and the Quebecers. Polo says they aren’t scared of the Steiners, but there are too many other great tag teams for the Steiner to be getting another shot at their gold. There will be a Tag Team Championship match next week, but it won’t involve the Steiners.

Final Thoughts:
I hold these old Raws to a much lower standard than usual, but this was pretty entertaining. Steiners/Quebecers and Hart/Lawler are both very entertaining programs. I’m also becoming quite fond of Ludvig Borga, though he sadly just passed away. It is also worth pointing out that the audience at the Manhattan Center is starting to grow rebellious, but I enjoy that sort of thing, so it added another layer of entertainment. Aside from that tedious Bigelow match, good stuff all around here.

Thumbs up.

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