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WWF Monday Night Raw September 13, 1993
by SamoaRowe

September 13th 1993 -The WWF took a short break from Raw during this time so I figured it was a good time for me do the same with my reviewing. This is the first Raw since Summerslam.

-From the Manhattan Center. Our hosts are Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan, and Randy Savage. They play up the Quebec rules match tonight between the Steiners and the Quebecers for the WWF Tag Team Championship. Basically, the title can change hands on DQ or count-out, and there will be no piledrivers or spots involving the ropes.

WWF Tag Team Championship:
The Steiners © vs. The Quebecers

Jacques gets some shots in on Rick Steiner before getting dumped from the ring. Pierre swaps in but runs into a power slam. Scott tags and delivers a double underhook powerbomb (or a “piledriver” as Heenan so desperately wants). Pierre bounces back with a flying clothesline. Rick tags in and needs to be reminded by his brother that piledrivers are illegal. After a commercial, Jacques is in control until Rick tosses him through the ropes. Scott and Pierre tag in and put on an even power contest. Jacques tries to break up a single leg crab, but Scott holds on. Rick tags and continues to abuse Pierre’s leg. The Steiners are playing by the Quebec rules and keep the tags coming. Johnny Polo appears at ringside, sporting some Quebecer gear. Rick counters a superplex with a power slam and tricks Jacques into elbow dropping his partner. Polo calls a huddle as we head to another commercial. Post-break, Scott is in trouble after a cheap shot from Pierre. Scott is isolated and suffers some double team offense. Scott goes through a world of abuse before hitting a desperate DDT on Jacques. A cheap shot sends Rick illegally into the ring to clean house. Rick gets the hot tag and cleans house with his brother. Polo distracts the Steiners long enough for Jacques to get a hold of his hockey stick. Scott steals it and unloads on Jacques. The referee turns around in time to see Scott using the weapon and calls for the DQ at 17:37 (shown). Due to the Quebec rules, the title changes hands! This was hard-hitting and got enough time to develop a story, ***˝.
Winners and new WWF Tag Team Champions: The Quebecers

Mr. Perfect vs. Tony Devito
Devito gets some shots in the early going but gloats about it too much and gets chased to the back. Perfect drags him back to the ring, causing Devito to plead for mercy. Perfect unloads and nails an atomic drop. Devito fights back but eats a drop-kick. Perfect takes control and finishes with the Perfect-plex at 2:48. This was a little more interesting than the usual squash, ˝*.
Winner: Mr. Perfect

-We are treated to some bonus footage from Summerslam. Ludvig Borga gets into Lex Luger’s face after his match with Yokozuna. Borga gets under Luger’s skin by trashing America and promises to break him if they ever get into the ring. Luger doesn’t have anything to say.

Razor Ramon vs. The Executioner
Ramon is all confidence, but the Executioner thumbs the eyes to get some token offense in. Ramon shakes it off and delivers a chokeslam. Fall away slam by Razor and a back superplex! That’s enough for the win at 2:37. Ramon delivers the Razor’s Edge as an exclamation mark. Not much to say about this one, ˝*.
Winner: Razor Ramon

-Vince hosts the Quebecers in the ring. They boast their excitement over the championship win and brag about being the first French Canadian team to hold the straps. Vince doesn’t think their reign will last, because surely the Steiners will get a rematch. The Quebecers huddle and Polo announces that if one of the Steiners can beat one of the Quebecers, they’ll get a title shot. This lures the Steiners out, but referees hold them back. Polo agrees for the match to be next week and Pierre will represent the team.

Rich Myers vs. Doink the Clown
Doink tosses confetti on the crowd before the match. Heenan thinks it would’ve been funnier if the buckets were filled with ice cold water and I have to agree. Doink goes right to work on Myers, overwhelming the poor jobber. Doink busts out a German suplex! The match becomes less interesting so the commentators can talk to Crush on the phone. Crush claims he’s better than ever and can’t wait to return. Back to the match, Myers eats a scoop slam. Doink nails a top rope seated senton and picks up the win at 2:11. That was okay, ˝*.
Winner: Doink the Clown

-Heenan suggests that Doink toss a bucket of water at Vince. Instead, Doink splashes Heenan. I was dreading Doink’s eventual face turn and it appears to be upon us.

Final Thoughts: For the time, this was a solid episode. The tag match took up about half the show and was a good match. The squashes were all enjoyable enough. I have a feeling I’m going to have a lot to roll my eyes at with the pending Borga/Luger feud and Doink now playing for laughs, but I’ll cross that bridge when I need to.

Thumbs up.

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