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WWF Monday Night Raw June 21, 1993
by SamoaRowe

-This was a live episode taped at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York. Tonight the 1-2-3 Kid finally gets back in the ring with Razor Ramon, and Doink the Clown battles Marty Jannetty in a 2/3 falls match. Our hosts are Vince McMahon, Randy Savage, and Bobby Heenan. Heenan looks under the ring to see if any Doinks are hiding, but claims nothing is down there.

The Steiners vs. Reno Riggins and Barry Hardy
The Steiners won the Tag Team titles recently, but this is their first appearance as the champions on Raw. Scott Steiner starts the match dismantling Hardyís leg. Over head suplex by Scott, but Riggins tags in. Rick tags and takes some shots before hitting an atomic drop. Rick drives Riggins into the turnbuckles. Scott tags and applies a chinlock. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Scott. Scott allows a tag to be made by the jobber team and the man I believe to be Barry Hardy runs into Steiner (the announcers havenít identified either jobber so Iím just guessing). Scott slams the jobber for the win at 3:51. Squasheriffic, Ĺ*.
Winners: The Steiners

2/3 Falls match:
Doink the Clown vs. Marty Jannetty

Savage declares Doink to be a ďbonafide clown.Ē Um, I think thatís the idea. Doink stalls for time in the early going, so Heenan entertains us by claiming to have found Bill Clintonís half-brother under the ring. Doink finally gets serious with some shots and a headlock. The pace quickens but Doink yanks the hair to save his momentum. The match restarts with Doink challenging Jannetty to hit him. Címon, Marty, why so serious? They bounce of the ropes with Jannetty outsmarting Doink with a face plant. Jannetty goes after the arm. Doink escapes an armbar and nails some body shots. Jannetty scores with a monkey flip for 2. Backslide attempt by Jannetty gets 2. Jannetty crotches himself in the ropes allowing Doink to hit a seated senton for the first fall at 7:15. The match continues after a commercial with some brawling. Hard Irish whip by Doink, who mockingly apologizes and wipes imaginary tears from his eyes. Double axe handle off the top to the floor by Doink. Cover by Doink gets 2. Jannetty misses a knee lift and finds himself trapped in a chinlock. Roll-up by Jannetty gets 2. Doink tries to block a suplex but hits the canvas. Jannetty teases going high risk but nails a beautiful super kick instead. Cover by Jannetty is in the ropes. Marty goes high risk and connects with a fist to pin Doink at 12:10.

The match restarts after another commercial. Atomic drop and clothesline by Jannetty gets a cover for 2. Doink retreats to ringside and slams Jannettyís leg into the ring post. Doink locks in a figure four. Jannetty is trapped in the hold for quite a bit and almost gets pinned in the process. Jannetty finally reverses but Doink gets the ropes. Doink continues to target the leg but Jannetty counters with a back body drop. Half Boston crab by Doink transitions into an STF. Doink goes high risk but Jannetty tosses him to the mat. Jannetty is in control when a second Doink runs in and hides under the ring. Jannetty looks for the second Doink when the first Doink kicks him in the head. Back to the ring, Marty barely connects with a drop-kick to send Doink stumbling to the floor. Doink hides under the ring. Doink sneaks back in (appears to be the same Doink due to the worn out makeup). Jannetty fights Doink off and he goes back to hiding. The fresh Doink emerges and covers Jannetty for 2.5. Small package by Jannetty gets 2. The fresh Doink dominates the worn out Jannetty and finishes him with a piledriver at 21:11. Randy Savage storms the ring and attacks Doink. Savage pulls out the second Doink and tosses him in the ring with the second one. The referee reverses the decision, awarding the match to Jannetty. The match got plenty of time to develop a nice story, the goofiness at the end didnít take anything away, ***ľ.
Winner by DQ: Marty Jannetty

Mr. Hughes (with Harvey Wippleman) vs. Bobby Who
Hughes is still sporting The Undertakerís urn. Standing clothesline by Hughes and some stomping. Drop-kick to the face by Hughes. Big elbow drop by Hughes, but heís not ready to make the cover. Modified Powerbomb by Hughes. Power slam by Hughes, but he still wonít go for the pin. Hughes nails the worst chokeslam Iíve ever seen (yes, thatís including The Undertakerís on Hogan at Judgment Day 2002) for the win at 3:02. Just horrible, DUD.
Winner: Mr. Hughes

$10,000 Challenge:
Razor Ramon vs. The 1-2-3 Kid

The Kid ducks a swing from the apron and slams Ramonís head into the ring post. Sunset flip by The Kid gets a near fall. The Kid is on fire and gets another near fall. Fallaway slam by Razor! Clothesline by Razor and an elbow drop. The Kid blocks a hip toss but gets slammed down aggressively. Abdominal stretch by Razor. Razor slaps the back of The Kidís head to humiliate him. Power slam by Razor. The Kid is planted on the top and eats a superplex. Razor tosses The Kid to the floor and removes the padding to uncover the cement floor. Ramon attempts a Razorís Edge, but The Kid counters with a backdrop! The Kid dives off the top rope but misses Ramon and hitís the concrete floor in a nasty spot! Back to the ring, The Kid dodges a head of steam and nails a standing moonsault for 2.5! The Kid grabs the money bag and tries to take a hike. What a heroic face, eh? Razor chases The Kid out of the arena and they are both counted out at 5:15. The Kid leaps into a waiting parked car and zooms away. Fun match though, **ľ.
No contest.

-Vince McMahon interviews Ramon about what just happened. Razor declares that ďStick Man cannot hideĒ and that he is going after him.

Final Thoughts: Ah, this is more like it. We got a nice, long, quality match up that delivered about what I hoped it would. The Mr. Hughes push continues to be tedious, but I can live with it when the rest of the show ends up being this entertaining. While The 1-2-3 Kid isnít earning any points for bravery, he is getting over by messing around with Razor Ramonís head and that seems to be enough to keep this storyline strong and progressing.

Thumbs up.

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