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WWF Monday Night Raw June 7, 1993
by SamoaRowe

New Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels, along with Diesel, are introduced to kick off the broadcast. Our hosts are Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan, and Randy Savage. Michaels pushes McMahon to the side to boast his recent success.

Shawn Michaels (with Diesel) vs. Russ Greenberg
HBK outwrestles Greenberg in the early going, mainly working the arm. Shoulder block by HBK is followed by a scoop slam. Another slam by Michaels gives him breathing room to show off. Small package by Greenberg gets 1. HBK pummels Greenberg into the corner and stomps. Delayed vertical suplex by Michaels and backbreaker. HBK finds time to taunt the crowd a bit before applying a chinlock. Greenberg fights out, but eats a swinging Neckbreaker. Middle rope elbow drop by Michaels. Piledriver by Michaels finishes the match at 3:51. Serviceable squash, ½*.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

-Michaels yells at the commentators some more. He’s angry that he has to defend the title against Crush.

Adam Bomb (with Johnny Polo) vs. El Matador
I can’t get the thought of “Poor Tito Santana” out of my head. Santana goes after the arm, but Bomb gets the ropes. They lock up and Bomb nails a power bomb. Santana dodges some elbow drop attempts and goes back to work on the arm. Deep armdrag by Santana sets up the armbar. Sunset flip by Santana gets a near fall. Uppercut by Adam Bomb reverses the momentum. Santana attempts a comeback and gains a near fall after a flying forearm. Bomb shrugs off Santana’s offense and nails a slingshot clothesline to the back of the head for the win at 5:33. Not too exciting, but it was competitive, *.
Winner: Adam Bomb

Tatanka vs. Peter Weeks
Weeks is a big fat guy, so he’ll probably offer a decent fight. Weeks reverses a wristlock and throws some terrible chops. Tatanka reverses and ends up hip tossing Weeks to the floor. Tatanka throws a chop at ringside and directs the action back to the ring. Tatanka dominates for a bit, unleashing quite a lot of big offense. Weeks nails about three punches to set up Tatanka’s “comeback” on the warpath. Top rope chop by Tatanka finishes things at 3:15. Same Tatanka match we always get, ¼*.
Winner: Tatanka

-It’s time for King’s Court with Jerry Lawler! Lawler makes fun of the commentators and verbally tears apart New York City. After a commercial, the King introduces his guest, Yokozuna, accompanied by Mr. Fuji. Lawler mocks Hogan’s movie career (and rightfully so) and invites Fuji to share his predictions for the Hogan/Yokozuna title match at King of the Ring. Fuji unsurprisingly is calling for a Yokozuna victory.

Billy Gunn (with Bart Gunn) and Rick Steiner (with Scott Steiner) vs. Fatu (with Samu and Afa) and IRS (with Ted Dibiase)
Yep, four tag teams are being mix-matched for this bout. I’d make a joke that WWE couldn’t run this type of match today due to the lack of teams, but that would be too easy. Seriously, would it have to be Miz and Carlito vs. Shad and Cody Rhodes? Anyhow, the actual match here starts off very slowly, with Fatu reluctant to square off with Rick Steiner. Afa ends up eating some of IRS’s money, which is just precious. Match finally begins with Billy Gunn outwrestling Fatu. Rick tags and impressively slams Fatu. Fatu blocks and clotheslines Rick. IRS tags but misses a clothesline, launching himself through the ropes in the process. IRS returns to eat a clothesline from Steiner. Billy tags and works the arm. Rick tags and foils a double team attempt. Cue the commercial.

Afterwards, the heels are on the floor talking strategy. We find out that during the break, Dibiase promised the Headshrinkers a bundle of cash to settle them down. Unfortunately, they try to eat it again. The match finally restarts with Rick working a headlock on IRS. IRS reverses, tossing Rick to ringside. Samu and Dibiase introduce Rick’s head to the steel steps. The referee continually misses the cheap shots. Back to the ring, IRS holds Rick still so Fatu can pummel him. Rick is the official Face in Peril ® and just can’t get a tag from Billy. Billy and IRS get gets, with Billy cleaning house. IRS clotheslines from behind, picking up the win at 8:59 (shown). Well, it was nice to get a real match this week, **.
Winners: IRS and Fatu

-Vince McMahon conducts a ringside interview with Razor Ramon. They talk about the 1-2-3 Kid again. Ramon announces that next week the 1-2-3 Kid will wrestle him for $7,500. Vince isn’t sure that it’s enough money to get The Kid to agree, to which Ramon responds that it’s enough money to get all the fans in the Manhattan Center is stand upside down naked. They turn their attention to the King of the Ring, where Ramon will be facing Bret Hart. Ramon is confident that he’s got the win well in hand. Of course he does.

Final Thoughts: This week was kind of a wash. There wasn’t anything to recommend from a wrestling stand point and there wasn’t enough compelling storytelling to make up for it. Things should be shaken up next week with the fall-out from the King of the Ring.

Thumbs down.

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