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WWF Monday Night Raw -March 22, 1993
by SamoaRowe

Raw returns this week to the Manhattan Center for a live edition! Our hosts are Vince McMahon, Randy Savage, and Rob Bartlett.

The Bushwackers vs. Damien Demento and Repo Man
Luke and Butch enter the building through the balcony. Their entrance takes so long that they head to a commercial. Demento starts off against Butch, backing him into a corner. Butch reverses and bites the ass. Repo Man makes the save, but gets jumped by Luke. They whip Repo Man and Demento into one another and hit a double clothesline. The Bushwackers empty the ring and march around for our amusement. The match restarts with Luke getting double teamed, and Repo Man gets a phantom tag. Repo Man and Demento keep the tags coming and beat down on poor Luke. Luke manages to knock Demento down and tag Butch, who cleans house on the newly tagged in Repo Man. Luke and Butch try to double team Demento, but Repo Man trips them from the floor. With the referee distracted, the Bushwackers double team Demento, and hit Repo Man with the battering ram for the win at 5:29. Way too long and sloppy, Ĺ*.
Winners: The Bushwackers

Tatanka vs. Reno Riggins
Riggins jumps Tatanka early, giving him a shot at an upset. Riggins applies a sleeper, but Tatanka drives him into the ring post. Atomic drop by Tatanka and a monkey flip variation. Armbar by Tatanka. Tatanka chops the life out of Riggins, but misses a flying cross body. Tatanka gets the hot foot dance and marches on the warpath (translation: heís hulking up). Power slam and Samoan drop by Tatanka is enough for the win at 3:28. Well, it was a match, Ĺ*.
Winner: Tatanka

-We are treated to a video package honoring the first ever inductee into the WWF Hall of Fame: Andre the Giant. Itís set to some nice piano music, so I enjoyed it.

Money Inc. vs. Jeff Armstrong and Scott Rich
IRS cuts a short promo reminding the fans not to cheat on their taxes. Dibiase starts the match off against a small jobber with a bad haircut. Dibiase obviously dominates. The match is so exciting, that we find out that Rob Bartlett is channel surfing from the announce table. IRS gets a tag and ties up with the bald jobber. Money Inc keeps the tags coming, the jobbers donít stand a chance. IRS finally pins the bald guy after a shoulder tackle. Uninteresting squash match, ľ*.
Winners: Money Inc.

-Mean Gene Okerlund is here to talk about Wrestlemania IX some more. He runs down the card, nothing really different from previous weeks.

Doink the Clown vs. Kamala (with Reverend Slick)
Kamala is ready to fight, but Doink offers him a present. Kamala is pleased, but Doink pulls it away, turns out it was all a ruse. Doink takes Kamala down and locks the arm. Kamala chops the head, but Doink rakes the face. Doink is an expert at knocking Kamala off his feet and goes back to the armbar. Kamala makes a comeback and we head to a commercial.

After the break, Doink has regained control, but Kamala manages to smash him from the ring. Kamala chases Doink around the ring, and Doink tries to save himself with the present. Kamala opens the present, and finds that itís empty. The distraction works, and Doink wins the match by count-out at 3:43 (shown). Well, I canít say Iíve seen that finish before, ĺ*.
Winner: Doink the Clown

-Kamala chases Doink under the ring. Doink gets out first and smashes Kamala with a hard chair as he tries to get out. Kamala crawls out from the other side and sneaks up on Doink, smashing him behind the head and chasing him with the chair.

-Vince McMahon congratulates Rob Bartlett for being the worldís Spam eating champion. The middle age ring ladies are here to celebrate and one of them makes out with Bartlett. Yeah, thatís nice. Oh, it turns out the show is over also.

Final Thoughts: This week was completely throwaway garbage. Tatanka and Money Inc pick up some wins heading into their high profile Wrestlemania matches, but thatís hardly noteworthy. The final segment featured Rob Bartlett getting his freak on with Aunt Bessie, so hard to recommend this one.

Thumbs down.

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