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WWE Main Event - September 16, 2020

by Scrooge McSuck

Mustafa Ali

- My level of interest in WWE usually boils down to how much I'm willing to dedicate to their lesser shows. I'm either riding an extreme high as a fan and want to devour every second of content, or I'm hanging on by a thread, and this is the last ditch effort to relight the fire. This recap, and future Main Event recaps, will fall under the latter. I'm not high on WWE. I'm so down on the product, I've only watched a limited amount of programming, with SummerSlam being the only PPV I've watched from start to finish since WrestleMania COVID-Canceled. As always, Main Event will give us a couple of matches with unused mid-card talent, and the biggest moments from Raw and Smackdown recapped for us.

- Taped on who the hell knows from the THUNDER DOME (a.k.a. The Amway Arena) in Orlando, FL. Michael Cole and Byron Saxton are calling the action, unless otherwise noted.

Bianca Belair vs. Billie Kay:

Belair was introduced to the Main Roster about 6-months ago and hasn't done much since. Billie Kay's most recent involvement (following like 8-months off TV) is losing a tag team match in 3-minutes, forcing herself and Peyton Royce to go their separate ways. Lockup and Belair grabs a side headlock. Kay counters, but Belair blocks the takeover attempt. Whip to the ropes and Kay turns a crucifix cradle into a sunset flip attempt, but that's blocked too. She slides out of Belair's slam attempt and comes off the ropes with a full rotation spin into an Octopus Stretch. Belair, say it with me, BLOCKS IT. Crisscross and Belair with a dropkick, followed by a jumping frog splash for two. Whip to the corner and Kay sends Belair to the apron, knocking her down with a boot. Back inside, Kay puts the boots to Belair before grabbing a chin-lock. Kay with an arm twist, sending Belair face-first into the turnbuckle. Belair fights out of the corner and throws a wild right forearm (code for whiffed by a solid 6-inches). Sloppy throw into the turnbuckle and Belair with a slam. She sits down across the lower back and comes off the ropes with a springboard moonsault for a near-fall. Whip to the corner, Kay grabs a handful of hair but is sent into the turnbuckle, and Belair finishes with the KOD at 5:43. I've watched Billie Kay in NXT and the main roster for 5 years and she still seems awkward. Belair looked good on offense and in the opening moments outclassing her opponent. *1/2

- 2 Weeks ago, on WWE Smackdown, Paul Heyman and the NEW Universal Champion Roman Reigns laid on the table all the details behind their unlikely alliance. Then, JEY USO won the Four-Corner #1 Contender's Match involving Sheamus, King Corbin, and Matt Riddle. Yes, JEY USO, the tag team guy, is challenging for the top title on a Pay-Per-View. Imagine if Headshrinker Fatu challenged for the WWF Title on a PPV. Last Friday, Jey Uso and Roman Reigns were put together for a match against Sheamus and Corbin, but Reigns was not-too-surprisingly absent from ringside, forcing Jey to work the match until the finish where Roman came in, hit his one move, and scored the pin-fall. I'm all for giving new people time to shine, but I don't think Jey challenging for the title on a PPV is the smartest direction for them to go (yet still better than RETRIBUTION). I am all for Roman's new smug persona, though.

- Last Week on Monday Night Raw, The Mysterio Family continues to be haunted by Seth Rollins and (Don't Call Me Buddy) Murphy. Murphy challenged Dominik Mysterio to a Street Fight, ending in Murphy not only losing the match, but being assaulted by the entire family as the reason for his forfeit. This past Monday (as in the September 14th episode), Dominik was scheduled for a match against Seth Rollins inside a Steel Cage. We join the match in progress, with Dominik on top of the cage and Rollins bringing him down with a super-plex and Falcon Arrow combo for a near-fall because even DOMINIK kicks out of that spot. Rollins showboats and hits Dominik with the (Don't Call It a Curb) Stomp. Rollins with a second STOMP and that's good for the three count. Post-match, Rollins assaults Murphy, but don't worry, they'll be cool by the next week, because WWE loves booking teams and factions breaking up so much, they pretend last week never happened and they do it over and over again. Rollins has a smug remark for Angie Mysterio, hoping their daughter turns out better than Dominik, before finally leaving ringside.

Mustafa Ali vs. Humberto Carrillo:

You could say this is the Main Event Main Event. Okay, let's look at where these two have been. Ali was promoted from 205 Live to Smackdown, missed time due to injury, lost his first name, came back, wasn't used on TV, got his name back, missed more time during the pandemic, was brought to Raw for two weeks, and has spent the last month-plus on Main Event. Carillo was featured regularly on Raw for a solid 4-6 months, usually losing to Andrade, and he too was sent in exile to Main Event. Lockup and a stalemate. Ali goes for the arm but Carrillo flips through into a side headlock. Whip to the corner, Ali meets the buckle on a charge and gets taken over with a deep arm drag. Carrillo with a side headlock and shoulder tackle. Crisscross and he springs off the ropes with another arm drag, sending Ali to the outside. Humberto holds the ropes open for him, but Ali is more interested in giving him a shove than reciprocate sportsmanship. He tosses Carrillo out of the ring and greets him back in with a kick to the face. Ali follows him to the floor and sends him into the barricade as we take a break. We come back from commercial, with Ali in control with a modified chin-lock. Whip to the corner and Ali with a neck breaker for two. Whip and Ali with a charging forearm for two. Feels like they're painting the picture of a possible Ali heel turn. WWE loves turning natural babyfaces heel, so I expect it. Whip to the corner and Ali with a Russian leg sweep into the turnbuckles for two. Carrillo fights out of a chin-lock, fights off the shoulders of Ali, and springs off the ropes with a Disaster Kick. Both men throw right hands, with Carrillo gaining the advantage. Whip and he takes Ali over with a head-scissors, followed by a jumping roundhouse kick. Carrillo meets the buckle charging into the corner but is able to counter the rolling X-Factor with a sit-out Powerbomb for a near-fall. They go through a series of counters until Ali springs off the top with a Tornado DDT for two. Ali goes to the top rope but Carrillo rolls away and hits Ali with the Spanish Fly for two. Ali turns the kickout into a hybrid head-scissors and cross-face, forcing Carrillo to tap out at 7:35 (shown). Good match that probably could've used a little more time. ***

- Last Friday on Smackdown, Bayley had words for Sasha Banks. She was waiting for Sasha to strike at the right moment, accusing Banks of using her, but she decided to make the move first and admits she was using Sasha. She never cared about her or their friendship. Thanks to Sasha, she's the longest-reigning Smackdown Women's Champion. The Bayley/Sasha saga was probably one of the few decent storylines on Smackdown throughout the pandemic.

- Last Week on Raw, Drew McIntyre gave Randy Orton a receipt for the three punts he received a few weeks back, giving Orton three Claymore Kicks. I don't know, I think the three punts might be a bit more serious, considering they've made the move a career killer, and never held the Claymore Kick to that same dangerous standard. Orton's injury may be too serious, so the back-up plan is for Keith Lee to face Drew McIntyre for a chance at filling the potential vacancy. Keith Lee is now wearing a singlet, and I don't know what that music is, but it's terrible. I know, hot take. Everyone else has made the joke before me. We join the match between McIntyre and Keith Lee already in progress. The match is quickly interrupted by RETRIBUTION and the SHAKY CAM IS BACK. I want Kevin Dunn to disappear forever. The beat-down continues until the Hurt Business, a HEEL FACTION, interrupts and fight with the HEEL FACTION of Retribution. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until the next episode of Main Event drops for an epic rant on the storyline that I just can't keep to myself.

Final Thoughts: For the fresh content, Belair should be pushed on the main roster (and it seems like they're about to reintroduce her on Raw) based on her athleticism alone, but here she's stuck being weighed down by Billie Kay. Mustafa Ali seems to be teasing a heel turn, which is beyond dumb, but if it means giving him a sustained push on the main shows, then whatever, do it, I guess. Recapping Raw and Smackdown, Roman Reigns' new heel persona is great, but fighting his cousin Jey is not an interesting PPV level match. Bayley is a great heel, but Sasha as the sympathetic face doesn't work for me. The Mysterio/Rollins feud won't die, and I'm over Randy Orton as a top heel in 2020. As for Retributionů well, check in for the next episode of Main Event for that.

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