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WWE Main Event - August 19, 2014

by Scrooge McSuck

- Live from Phoenix, AZ, with Michael Cole and Byron Saxton calling the action. Random note: The commercial for WWE Superstars has FINALLY been updated to exclude all the people fired over the last few months (a.k.a EVERYONE IN THE COMMERCIAL).

Sheamus (U.S. Champion) vs. Curtis Axel:

Non-Title Match, and no Ryback in Axel's corner. Both men were involved in the previous night's Six-Man Tag Team Match, with Axel taking the fall against RVD. Funny story: Earlier today, I was thinking of how little the Intercontinental Title has meant, and tried remembering the champions, going backwards from where we are today... and I completely zoned out Curtis Axel's 4 month reign last Summer-Fall. Cesaro joins the commentary team, probably to set something up with Sheamus down the road. Axel grabs a waistlock, but Sheamus takes him over with a throw. Sheamus controls, sending Axel to the floor. Sheamus with a powerslam for two. He goes for the clubberin' forearms, but Axel hangs him across the top rope. Cesaro shows off his ability to speak 5 different languages while Axel sends Sheamus to the floor with a knee to the face. He traps Sheamus in a tree of woe and stomps away. We return from break with Axel holding onto a chinlock. Axel counters a shoulder tackle and takes Sheamus over with the Perfect-Plex for two. Axel slaps him around, pissing off the Celtic Warrior. He fires back with rights and comes off the ropes with axehandles. Running knee in the corner, followed by a suplex. Sheamus to the top with a diving shoulder tackle. He tosses Axel to the apron and unloads with the forearms. Rolling Senton and the Brogue Kick finishes at 9:32. Post-match, Cesaro mockingly tosses Sheamus his U.S. Championship. *1/2 Long and competitive, but that doesn't make it a good match. Axel's work was just punch-kick and dominated the majority of the match with it. He's capable of more, so I don't get why he's not showing off more wrestling skills.

- BREAKING NEWS from COO Triple H: John Cena is exercising his request for a Championship ReMatch, and will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions, available on the WWE Network (for only $9.99!).

Emma vs. Nikki Bella:

Yay, I get to sit through a Bella match! This is going to suck. Lockup, and Nikki Hulk throws Emma across the ring. Emma with a roll up for two. School boy gets a one count. Nikki springs off the second turnbuckle with a kick for two. She holds onto a front facelock while the crowd gets a mild "You Sold Out" chant going. Emma avoids a charge and locks in the Tarantula... no, I don't know what it's called incorporating Emma's name. Body press from the top rope misses. Nikki with the Forearm of Doom and the Torture Rack Drop finishes at 3:37. DUD Nikki worked the exact same match she would as a "face", so I don't see any change. I'd call her facial expressions and acting wooden, but that's insulting wood around the world.

- Renee Young interviews a fun-loving goofing around Big Show and Mark Henry. Way to take the competition seriously.

- Incase those of you watching this on the WWE Network went to take a shit or something about 7-minutes ago, we repeat Triple H's announcement.

Los Matadores (w/ El Torito) vs. Titus O'Neil & Heath Slater:

I'm guessing Diego (or was it Fernando?) is recently back from injury, as I don't recall them teaming lately. They still need more Tito Santana. Instead, they have HORNSWOGGLE dressed in a Cow outfit. Slater and Diego start. Diego with shoulder tackles and a springboard body press for two. Diego with a snap suplex and Fernando with a somersault senton for two. Slater with a clothesline and tag to O'Neil. He hits Fernando with back breakers and casually throws him off to the side. Slater with a takedown and chinlock. Fernando fights free and takes him down with a one-man Flapjack. Diego with a lukewarm tag and dominates Slater. Diego with a springboard senton for a near fall. Diego with a pair of near falls on Slater. Slater with an Implant DDT... FOR THREE at 4:23?! Slater's winning streak continues! 3/4* Match was nothing, but the Tag Division is looking a bit stronger than I remembered, with Slater-Gator, the Matadores, Show and Henry, the Wyatt Family, RybAxel, and the Dust Brothers as potential challengers. Post-match, the midgets embarrass Slater Gator to get their heat back.

- Luke Harper and Erick Rowan creep us out.

- Raw Recap: The Next Chapter in the Rollins/Ambrose Feud. I'm sorry, I can watch Ambrose giving Rollins the involuntary Ice Bucket Challenge all day long, complete with his reaction and bouncing it off Rollins' face. In the Main Event, the fans chose Falls Count Anywhere over other choices with the exact same stipulations, and tore the roof down. End game: Korporate Kane helping Rollins give Ambrose a Curb Stomp onto a pile of concrete blocks. WWE.com reported that Ambrose fought off medical personnel and is at large.

- Renee Young interviews Seth Rollins about his actions. He gloats about what he did to Dean Ambrose, bringing in the REAL American, Jack Swagger. Rollins mocks Swagger's loss and Zeb Colter, and Swagger wants a fight... and we'll get it on Friday Night Smackdown (or for the live crowd, later tonight).

Big Show (w/ Mark Henry) vs. Erick Rowan (w/ Luke Harper):

Interesting they would put the solo spotlight on Rowan, but it's something different for me, so I'll take it. Last night on Raw, Show and Henry were victorious over the Wyatt Family in a surprisingly good match. Lockup, Rowan grabs a headlock. Whip to the ropes, Show with a shoulder tackle and clothesline, sending Rowan to the floor. Show follows, and gets introduced to the post for his efforts. Show regains control with slaps across the chest. Show with an avalanche, but Rowan comes back with a clip of the knee. Rowan blocks a boot and lays Show out with a clothesline for two. Rowan with an avalanche for two. He rips off Sgt. Slaughter's Noogie of Doom, but nobody taps to that (anymore). Show comes back with a Russian leg sweep. Rowan with a running boot for two. Show meets an elbow on a charge and Rowan comes off the second turnbuckle with a diving elbow. Rowan with a scoop and a slam for two. Big Show from out of nowhere with the KO Punch, and it's good for the three count at 6:41. On one hand, it's a good finisher for it's simplicity, on the other, it just reeks of cop-out finish so Big Show doesn't have to job. * Power vs. Power, Hoss vs. Hoss... it wasn't very good, but watchable (and short).

Final Thoughts: Not the hour of workrate, with the best match out of four topping out at a whopping 1 1/2 stars. Thankfully, everything was kept short, and the pace was fast and lively, not only announcing the Night of Champions Main Event, but also building up a match for Smackdown between Rollins and Swagger. Should be interesting where things go, as a lot of options are open to fill out the next PPV, and there's very little set in stone, other than Cena vs. Lesnar.

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