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WWE Main Event - August 3, 2016

by Scrooge McSuck

- The 201st episode of Main Event, a number that nobody cares about. Taped on August 2nd from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN. Tom Phillips and David Otunga are at ringside to call all the action, unless otherwise noted.

Jey Uso vs. Tyler Breeze (w/ Fandango):

Yes, we did get this match last week. Jimmy is nursing an undisclosed injury, so that explains why we are just getting Jey every week. If you want to believe in the rule of 50/50, Jey is due for a win, but again, he's outnumbered, so you never know. Phillips surprisingly reminds us that they did compete last week as well. Lockup to the corner and Uso actually nails Breeze with a cheap shot. He follows him to the floor and gives Fandango a shot as well. Uso to the top rope, but Breeze rocks him with a forearm, followed by an enzuigiri. Breeze with "ground-and-pound" and choking across the middle rope. Fandango gives Uso a receipt behind the back of the referee. Whip to the corner, with authority, for a two count. Breeze with a chin-lock. Jey ducks under an enzuigiri and connects with his own. He lays out Breeze with a pair of clotheslines, followed by a snap power-slam. Breeze finds himself in the corner, but avoids the butt slam. Uso rolls him up for two. He lays out Breeze, and he hits Fandango with a tope suicida. Breeze's dive is countered with a Super-Kick, and then one for Fandango. Breeze nails Uso coming back in the ring with, you guessed it, the Super MODEL Kick, and that finishes at 3:37. ** Action packed 4-minutes, although I'm still not a fan of everyone and their mother using a Super-Kick as if it were a common punch or something. I'm actually a bit disappointed by how short this was. You think they're building up for the return of Jimmy to even the odds?

- Last week on Monday Night Raw, because the Smackdown Exclusive Show SHOULDN'T cover what happened on Smackdown... Enzo Amore and Chris Jericho came to the defense of Sasha Banks and Charlotte respectively. Thank goodness, they cut out the first few minutes where Sasha and Charlotte exchanged some of the worst scripted lines I've heard in a LONG time. This set up a Mixed Tag, with Charlotte pinning Sasha with Natural Selection, and Jericho beating on Enzo until Big Cass made the save. I really am disappointed that Jumping Marty Lunde (Arn Anderson's real name, for those like me who didn't care enough to "get it" the first time on Smackdown) didn't show up as his back-up, but Kevin Owens will do fine.

The Hype Bros vs. The Ascension:

(Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley vs. Viktor & Konnor)
I was just thinking... the Ascension can be rebuilt with a quick return to NXT. Give the casual WWE fans a pallet cleansing due to how poorly they've been used for about 18 months, and reintroduce them and begin anew with squashing "local talent." They need to do SOMETHING to make the heel teams look strong. They've got the Ascension, Vaudevillains, and Breezango, and the team with FANDANGO is booked the strongest right now. Ryder and Viktor start. Lockup, Viktor with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle. Ryder comes back with a dropkick. Mojo tags in and comes off the ropes with a shoulder tackle. He traps Viktor in the corner for his football stance and clips the knee. HE AIN'T HYPE! Konnor comes in and goes right back out with a clothesline. Viktor gets dumped and Ryder nails them both with a baseball slide between the middle and bottom rope. We return froma break with Ryder getting the knees up in the corner, but before he can go for the missile dropkick, Viktor knocks him to the floor. Konnor greets him by ramming his back into the LED board. Back in the ring and Konnor grabs a Vulcan nerve pinch. Konnor with a charge to the corner and Viktor follows with a diving corkscrew uppercut for two. Ryder tries to tag but gets driven into the opposite corner. Konnor with a chin-lock. He takes a cheap shot at Mojo because its Mojo. Ascension with a double under-hook into a slam for a near fall. Ryder tosses Konnor through the ropes and nails Viktor with an elbow. Hot tag to Mojo is cut off. Ryder counters a suplex and hits Konnor with a neck breaker. Hot tag to Mojo for real now. He runs through Viktor with shoulder tackles, followed by a pair of avalanches. He takes him over with a snap mare and nails a discus punch. Konnor with a distraction, allowing Viktor to nail a jumping heel kick for two. Mojo with Hyper Drive for two. Broski Boot to Konnor OUT OF NOWHERE, and the Hype Ryder finishes Viktor at 6:54. **1/2 Good match, except for a short period in the middle when Konnor didn't do much. It feels like a lot of the roster is extra motivated lately.

- Last week on Monday Night Raw... I don't watch Superstars, but they better do recaps of Smackdown stuff if I'm going to have to sit through all the Raw stuff on Main Event. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman returned to Raw. Heyman said Orton had no chance with Brock and couldn't get Brock in position for an RKO, when suddenly Randy Orton shows up with an RKO OUT OF NOWHERE, and gets chased through the crowd by Raw Security™. Don't worry Brock fans, he gave Orton a receipt in the form of an F-5 on Smackdown Live. I went and scrolled through last week's episode of Superstars, and guess what... Raw recaps. I can see we have a bit of a problem.

Final Thoughts: Two good matches, but I feel like Main Event could use a third match to make it worth the time of sitting through all the recaps. It was literally 10-minutes of bell-to-bell action and 28 minutes of other stuff. As good as the matches between Jey Uso and Tyler Breeze have been, I'm kind of hoping for something new next week, and with two weeks in a row of the Hype Bros, maybe they'll get a spot on Smackdown Live and another act will get some face time on Main Event. Yes, the roster is a bit thin, but that problem can quickly be adjusted with new signees and the occasional NXT call-up.

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