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ECW on Sci-Fi: December 11, 2007
by Samoa Rowe

They are airing from Boston, MA. How did I miss that one, I should have gone! Oh well. Our hosts for th evening are Joey Styles and Tazz.

-The show starts off on the right track as ECW World Champion CM Punk comes to the ring! He is preparing for Armageddon with a tag team match.

CM Punk and Kane vs. Deuce & Domino (with Cherry) Domino squares off against Punk in the early going. Domini shoves Punk and receives some stiff martial arts kicks for his trouble. Punk tags in Kane and monkey-flips Domino. Kane proceeds to destroy Domino with shots and an elbow drop. Punk tags in and hit's a knee to the face and bulldog. Punk goes high risk, but is distracted by Deuce. Punk goes for the springboard clothesline, but Domino knees him in the gut. That was the coolest thing I've seen Domino do in the entire year he's been on the roster. Deuce tags in and dominates Punk for a little while. Punk is hung up on the ropes, and Domino tags in for an elbow to the back. Domino works the back, as he stretches CM Punk over his knee. Punk hits some knees to the face to break the hold. Punk needs a tag, but Domino hit's a clothesline for a cover attempt. Punk dodges a raging Domino, sending him flying to the floor. Kane gets the tag and cleans house on D&D. Sideslam and flying clothesline by Kane onto poor Domino. Deuce runs in, and Kane catches him for a choke slam. Punk grabs Domino for Go 2 Sleep. Kane gets the pin and this is over! This was a basic formula tag match, with a couple of cool moments (Domino's gut buster on Punk) that made for a good opener, *1/4.
Winners: Kane and CM Punk

-Backstage, Shelton Benjamin is smiling about something. He wants to talk about gold, specifically the 49er's and their quest for gold. Benjamin says he's been champion three times in WWE (well, six times, if you count his Tag Team and Intercontinental championships). Benjamin puts over his new moniker as the gold standard in ECW and there's no stopping him now.

John Morrison and The Miz vs. Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang
Morrison's entrance is hilarious (they show a close up of his face in slow motion, with his hair waving in the wind). I like The Miz's hat. No kidding. It took almost two years, but Miz has been showing some big improvement lately, I would like to see that continue tonight. Moore and Miz start the match with some wrist work. They tie up again, with Miz cornering the Smackdown jobber. Moore takes offense to this and slaps Miz as if he had just read my previous comment. Moore slides through Miz's legs and hits some arm drags. Swinging neck breaker by Moore gets him a cover attempt (doesn't quite get 2). Yang tags in and drops Miz with a drop-kick. Miz pounds Yang off him and tags in Morrison. Yang hit's a leg sweep and a standing moonsault. Moore tags back in and hit's a sunset flip on Morrison. Moore works the arm and tags Yang in. Yang continues work on the arm. Morrison elbows his way to freedom, and hit's a nice European uppercut. Yang rebounds with an arm drag and restarts the work on the arm. Moore tags in and helps Yang hit a double suplex. Moore gets a near fall on Morrison, and drags him over for a tag to Yang. Yang hit's a sharp chop and sends Morrison charging into the guard rail. Morrison and Miz find themselves at ringside to regroup, but Moore and Yang hit simultaneous moonsaults off the ropes onto them. We head to a commercial, and so far this match is firing on all cylinders.

After the break, we find Morrison working a head lock on Yang. Aww, but Yang and Moore were winning before the break! Oh well. Yang has been the face in peril, and hit's a desperate back suplex. Miz and Moore both tag in, with Moore cleaning house. Moore tries to go high risk, but Miz slams him to the mat. Morrison tags and pounds away on poor Shannon. Moore gets catapulted throat-first into the ropes. Miz drops Moore on the ropes again and gets a near fall. Miz pound s away and works a crossface. Moore rolls out, but Miz hit's a clothesline. Morrison tags, and helps Miz plant Moore face-first on the mat. Morrison goes for the cover, but Yang makes the save. Morrison backs Moore into the heel corner, and Miz tags for some fun choking. Cover by Miz only gets 2. Moore hit's a desperate back body drop, but Morrison tags and cuts off the tag. Yang tags in and hit's a flying cross body on Morrison and dominates. Sick monkey flip by Yang sends Morrison twisting through the air. Yang connects with the spinning heel kick for a close 2 count. Moore and Miz take each other out at ringside. Morrison attempts the back superplex. Morrison barely dodges the moonsault, covers Yang with his feet on the ropes, but Moore breaks it. Morrison then hit's a neck breaker on Yang and finally puts the resilient red neck away. This was tremendous tag team wrestling, ***. Now if only Morrison and Miz could have a credible tag team to feud with.
Winners: John Morrison and The Miz

-We get another introduction package for Kofi Kingston. We should like him because he hangs out on a beach and puts bullies in their place. This is the same video from last week. That's okay, because last time I missed the part where the wimp Kingston saved runs in and kicks sand in the face of the bully who's buried up to his neck. That's hilarious.

Kelly Kelly vs. Victoria and Layla
Kelly is sporting Red Sox attire in an attempt to gain some cheap face heat from these Boston fans. It works. Layla starts off against Kelly, but Victoria holds Kelly still. Kelly escapes. Victoria tags in and pounds on Kelly. Victoria carries Kelly through the same tirt-a-whirl head scissors spot they successfully pulled off last week. Kelly desperately pounds on Victoria before being dropped by a single clothesline. Scoop slam by Victoria and then a tag to Layla. Hideous leg drop by Layla, who then goes for the hair. Layla has better luck hitting a snap mare. Layla goes for the arm bar, but Kelly quickly fights her off. Kelly hooks the leg for a cover, but Layla immediately kicks out. Victoria gets a tag and slams Kelly. Layla tags and hit's the hideous leg drop again. Victoria slams Layla onto Kelly. I really hope Victoria is getting a bonus for making these untrained divas look competent. Victoria holds Kelly still for a clothesline, but Kelly escapes. Kelly tosses Layla around and hit's a suplex for a cover. Victoria breaks the cover with a dropkick. Victoria gets the tag and sets up Kelly for Layla, who hit's a stiff kick to the head for the victory. Seriously, Victoria carried the entire match, even when she wasn't in the ring, 1/2*.
Winners: Layla and Victoria

-After the match, Victoria and Layla attempt a beat-down, but Michelle McCool runs in for the save. I promise you we will see these four in a tag match next week.

-Backstage, Matt Striker is standing by with Big Daddy V and Mark Henry. Viscera reminds us that Kane has reached his "decade of destruction" and promises victory. Henry tells Punk and Kane to run. Striker then quotes the Bible in a smug fashion and tells Punk and Kane to worry about Armageddon. I'm disappointed that we weren't treated to more maniacal laughter from Henry.

-Elijah Burke comes to the ring for his match. He takes the mic and claims that he will defeat Batista simply because their match is taking place during the ECW broadcast. Burke doesn't care if Batista is the World Champion, he will fall to the Elijah Experience.

Batista vs. Elijah Burke
Joey Styles thinks this is Batista's first time on ECW. Apparently he forgot about that time last year when Batista faced Big Show in the Hammerstein Ballroom to chants of "you both suck" and "change the channel." Let's hope things go better for Batista this time. Batista corners Burke, who stomps on his toe. Burke flees to ringside to regain himself, and tries to elbow drop Batista on the way back to the ring. Batista is annoyed and slams Burke into the barricade. Back in the ring, Burke knees Batista in the face and thrusts him into the ring post. Burke gets control for the time being and goes for an early cover. Batista fires back, but Burke connects with a drop kick to the leg, DDT, and another cover. Cue the rest hold. Batista fights to his feet, but Burke sweeps him off his feet. After another failed cover, Burke goes back to the rest hold. Batista escapes again and hit's the spine buster. Running clothesline and shoulder thrusts by Batista. Burke flips out of an Irish whip and drop kicks Batista into the turnbuckles. Burke goes for the Elijah Express, but Batista hit's a spear! Batista Bomb finishes Burke. This was perfectly acceptable squashing, *.
Winner: Batista

Final Thoughts: Putting Batista on the show doesn't do any favors for ECW other than potentially spiking ratings (which it didn't, this show did a 1.3) but the rest of the show just clicked for me. John Morrison and The Miz are on a serious roll, I just wish they had a storyline. I miss the Originals a lot (where is Dreamer anyway?) but the new guys are doing a good job right now. I am actually at a point where I would recommend ECW consistently for the first time, well, ever. I hope they can keep this up, and hopefully the ratings will improve too. Thumbs up.

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