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ECW on SyFy: August 18, 2009
by Samoa Rowe

-Josh Matthews and Matt Striker host.

-The Hurricane is back with an extended entrance! I realize this has been going on for a few weeks, but I really havenít been watching.

Hurricane Helms vs. Paul Burchill (with Katie Lea)
Last week Burchill became too aggressive during a match and Hurricane stopped him. So thatís how we got here. Itís a battle of speed vs. power in the early going. Helms looks for a chokeslam but has to settle for a Lou Thesz press. Burchill is sent crashing to the floor and eats a flying crossbody! Cue the commercial! Back from the break and Hurricane has somehow found himself stuck in a chinlock. The replay shows that Burchill had knocked him off the apron. Helms fights out but eats a standing clothesline, allowing Burchill to continue to wear him down. Hurricane rebounds with another flying crossbody and picks up some near falls. Somersault kick by Burchill gets 2. Flying hurricanrana canít put Burchill away. Helms hits the eye of the hurricane for the win at 10:57. This was by the numbers, but featured some surprisingly good near falls in the home stretch, **1/2.
Winner: Hurricane Helms

-Courtney Taylor is the newest member of the ECW broadcast team and sheís interviewing Tommy Dreamer. Tommy says that he and Christian are still friends despite what they did to each other in their quest for the ECW title. They can team tonight. William Regal wanders in and provokes Dreamer by poking at his injured arms. It was all a ploy to set up a sneak attack by Vladimir Kozlov, who holds Dreamer in place for a knee lift to the head by Regal. Looks as though Dreamer might not be able to compete.

-After a commercial, the medical crew and Christian are still attending to Tommy Dreamer on the floor.

-Oh joy, itís time for the Abraham Washington Show. The X-Pac heat this guy generates is impressive, considering heís only been around for a few weeks. He talks for what feels like an hour before bringing out his guest, Goldust, the walking and talking Academy Award. They discuss Sheamus, but Goldust suddenly starts stuttering again (even referencing the time he got electrocuted... by Orton and Batista, if Iím not mistaken). The crowd is turning on this as Abraham canít stop making bad jokes. Sheamus joins the fun and stares down his nemesis. Sheamus refuses to sit down and calls Goldust a ďfreakĒ but Goldust is all sticks and stones. Washington mercifully closes the segment as Sheamus and Goldust just kind of stare at each other.

-Tiffany provides an update on Tommy Dreamerís condition and he has a concussion. Christian has got to find a replacement partner, and it can be anyone on the roster. Wow, Christian has like, five choices!

Zack Ryder vs. Yoshi Tatsu
Yoshi is too smart and fast for Ryder in the early going. Ryder rebounds with a boot to the face but gets dropped to ringside, though he injures Yoshi in the process. Ryder begins targeting the hurt left arm. Yoshi counters into an armbar. Ryder counters but Yoshi returns with some stiff kicks. Yoshi counters the Zack Attack and hits a rolling senton. Springboard elbow drop by Yoshi is blocked and Ryder picks up the win at 3:03. Not bad for a short sprint.
Winner: Zack Ryder

-Christian tells Tiffany that heís willing to take on Regal and Kozlov by himself. Somebody off screen crashes into the office and Christian says heíll do.

William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov vs. Christian and Ezekiel Jackson
Christian starts off against Regal, who will be challenging him for the ECW title at Summerslam. Christian answers Regalís chain wrestling with a flying forearm shot. Kozlov tags in but isnít prepared for Christianís quickness. Kozlov lifts Christian over his head, but is fought off. Regal cheap shots, allowing Kozlov to knock Christian to ringside. Christian is isolated and needs to make a hot tag. Christian shows signs of life against Regal, causing Kozlov to get involved. Jackson chases Kozlov out. But then Jackson swerves and slams Christian to the mat! Excellent! This allows Regal to get the win at 5:07. The match was alright, but Iím very pleased with the angle advancement.
Winners: William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov

-Regal directs traffic as Kozlov and Jackson beat down Christian. All three men raise their hands in victory. This is outstanding, it seems they are positioning Regal for a healthy run at the top of this show.

Final Thoughts: As far as getting Regal to where he needs to be as an ECW title challenger, this was a very good show. Otherwise, I roll my eyes at the return of Goldust with Touretteís Syndrome and the Abraham Washington segments really do suck hard. There was more good than bad this week, so Iíll give it a mild recommendation.

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