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WWE NXT - November 27, 2013

by Samoa Rowe

-From Orlando, FL. Our hosts are Tom Phillips, Renee Young, and William Regal.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro tosses his “Don’t Tread on Me” flag in the ring and gives Bryon Saxton a hard time for trying to remove it. William Regal makes the save, pulling Saxton to safety. The bell rings and Tatsu tries to steal a quick win over the distracted Cesaro. Yoshi’s spin heel kick is countered with a sick slam. Cesaro stares Regal down as he dismantles Tatsu. Cesaro delivers the Giant Swing to a huge baby face reaction. The crowd chants “You are awesome” as Cesaro stares Regal down again. Cesaro uppercuts the back of the head and applies an aggressive chinlock. The Neutralizer ends the slaughter at 3:29. Good SQUASH and the pending Cesaro/Regal match should be epic.
Winner: Antonio Cesaro

-Devin Taylor interviews NXT Champion Bo Dallas backstage. Bo says we’re all winners because we get to see two “youngsters” in Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn competing for a title shot. Of course, neither one of them could ever beat him, but he’s willing to take one of them under his wing. CJ Parker, acting stoned out of his mind, wanders in for an interruption. Parker has a lit incense stick and informs Dallas that he should be shaking in his boots because they have a match later. The Parker experiment continues, I guess.

CJ Parker vs. NXT Champion Bo Dallas

Parker scores a roll-up attempt, but Dallas kicks the knee out from under him. Bo grabs the wrist and delivers body shots. Parker breaks a headlock and nails a clothesline. Parker delivers running knees to the chest and a big kick. Modified DDT by Parker only gets 2. Dallas knocks Parker off the top rope and finishes him with the Bulldog off the turnbuckle for the win at 3:02. Not quite a squash, but a competent short match.
Winner: Bo Dallas

-Devin Taylor interviews Emma backstage. Emma is working through the injuries that the BFF’s (new official name for Summer Rae, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte). Paige interrupts to argue about their miscommunications some more. Emma intimidates Paige with some dancing.

-Later, Paige is confronted by Natalya, who is offended by Paige’s rudeness. Paige dismisses Natalya since she’s a big reality star now. Natalya defends herself, saying she hasn’t forgotten where she came from and cares about the Divas Championship. Paige challenges Natalya to a match later, and Natalya would be happy to take the NXT Women’s title from her. Should be good!

Tyler Breeze vs. Kassius Ohno

Ohno is ambushed by Alexander Rusev during his entrance. Ohno suffers a clothesline to the back of the head but insists on going through with the match. Breeze immediately hits the Beauty Shot for the win at 0:10. Match served to put heat on Breeze and add fuel to the Rusev/Ohno fire, so huzzah.
Winner: Tyler Breeze

-The BFFs are playing on Sasha Banks’ phone when Bayley storms in. Charlotte goes into hiding, leaving Summer Rae and Sasha to fight her battle. Summer calls Bayley a loser, prompting Bayley to vow victory when her friends help her in a tag match later on.

-Devin Taylor interviews Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville backstage. They have a respectful exchange but both men are determined to win the #1 contenders match.

Hunico and Camacho vs. NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension (Rick Victor and Conor O’Brian)

Rick Victor starts against Camacho and clubs him around. Camacho counters with a head butt and stomps Victor into the corner. Big leg drop by Camacho and Hunico tags in with a slingshot Senton! Springboard cross body by Hunico gets a 2 count. O’Brian gets a fresh tag and goes to work wearing down Hunico. The Ascension deliver a double slam, and O’Brian knocks Camacho off the apron. Hunico counters Victor with a pinning predicament for the surprise win at 3:37! Another short match but these two teams have a promising chemistry against each other.
Winners: Hunico and Camacho

Adrian Neville vs. Sami Zayn

The winner will face NXT Champion Bo Dallas in a title match next week. Dallas joins commentary to scout the opposition. Neville and Zayn start off trading holds like the old friends that they are. The pace quickens and Zayn scores some arm drags. The match restarts and Neville scores a head scissors takedown, but Zayn sprints back for a clothesline. Zayn delivers dive to the floor to send us to commercial. Back from the break, they’re trading chops in the ring. Neville breaks a chinlock but runs into a tirt-a-whirl backbreaker. Neville dodges the Yakuza Kick, causing Sami to take a bad spill to the floor. Asai Moonsault by Neville wipes Sami out! Springboard missile drop-kick by Neville gets a close 2 count. Zayn counters a back handspring elbow with a Falcon Arrow! Zayn follows with a Michinoku Driver for another painfully close near fall. Zayn runs into the boot of Neville and both men are in a daze. Neville counters with a head scissors takedown pin attempt for an EXCELLENT near fall! Zayn meets Neville on the top rope but gets knocked down with a head butt. Neville nails the Red Arrow for the win at 13:06! This was like an ROH main event, but more intelligently executed. Neville wins a great back and forth contest that had a big match feel, ***¾.
Winner: Adrian Neville

-Zayn rejects Neville’s handshake request, but only because they gotta hug!

Final Thoughts: Another pleasing episode of NXT. This show continues to do so many things right, from building rivalries, delivering satisfying matches, and delivering little pleasures, like Renee Young and Bo Dallas bantering on commentary. While the rest of WWE seems to be crumbling creatively, this show is flourishing. Thumbs up!

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