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WWE NXT - November 13, 2013

by Samoa Rowe

-From Orlando, FL. Our hosts are William Regal, Bryon Saxton, and Lord Tensai.

Bayley and Charlotte vs. Summer Rae and Sasha Banks

Sasha has updated her ring entrance with sparkly glasses and a new jacket. Bayley offers headband gifts to her opponents, but Summer throws them to the ground. Charlotte overpowers Sasha early on. Charlotte has noticeably improved her ring work in a relatively short amount of time. Bayley tags and scores a firemanís carry on Summer before eating a clothesline. Bayley gets isolated to send us to commercial. Back from the break, and Sasha is applying the obligatory chinlock on Bayley. The punishment on Bayley continues until Bayley nails a Belly-to-Bayley suplex! Bayley goes for the hot tag, but Charlotte TURNS and clocks her in the head. Sasha is confused, but pins Bayley at 8:10. Great swerve here, as last week teased a Bayley turn, but the Hulu graphic for this episode showed Charlotte celebrating with Summer and Sasha, so it was kind of ruined. Solid match though, **.
Winners: Sasha Banks and Summer Rae

-Aiden English warms up his singing voice backstage. Heíll be in action next.

Camacho vs. Aiden English

Poor Camacho was on the losing end of a handicap match to Khali on Smackdown, and now heís a designated jobber on NXT as well! Englishís singing entrance continues to impress and moves William Regal to tears. English wins a lock-up but Camacho nails a clothesline. Camacho runs into an uppercut but retaliates with a back body drop. English begs for mercy, but Camacho stomps him down. Camacho mocks Englishís bow and nails a back suplex. Leg drop by Camacho, but English counters with the Directorís Cut for the win at 2:05. English was absolutely the baby face in this match, good 2 minute match.
Winner: Aiden English

-The crowd pops for Englishís encore after the match. Fans toss roses into the ring and William Regal once again loses his composure. Everything about Aiden English is fantastic.

-The blond Russian fawns over Alexander Rusev. They have a conversation in Russian. I canít understand it, but I bet Rusevís next opponent is in big trouble.

Danny Burch vs. Mason Ryan

Ryan has a hot start, knocking Burch around the ring. Burch comes back with some token kicks and punches. Ryan absorbs the shots and plows through Burch with a series of attacks. Ryan slams Burch for the win at 2:35. Competent squash from Ryan here, but heís probably not ready to rejoin the main roster.
Winner: Mason Ryan

-Hype video for Emma. Itís a faux campaign video as Emma talks up the #Emmalution!

2/3 Falls:
Corey Graves vs. Adrian Neville

Neville looks for a quick pinfall, but Graves capitalizes on his overzealousness. Neville fights his way back into it and builds some steam. Neville shows off his athleticism and nails the Red Arrow to win the first fall at 2:12. Graves retreats to the floor, but Neville pursues. Neville attempts a second Red Arrow, but Graves rolls out of the way. Graves gains the higher ground returning to the ring and takes control. Graves starts targeting the Nevilleís recently injured leg to send us to commercial. After the break, Graves continues to wear Neville down. Adrian counters a Boston crab and desperately delivers a sunset flip pin attempt. Graves shoulder tackles the hurt leg and applies the Lucky 13 submission to win the second fall at 10:21. Neville is basically wrestling on one leg now, but still counters a slam with a stiff kick to the head. Neville wobbles through a comeback by throwing multiple punches. Graves kicks the hurt leg, but runs into a drop-kick. Neville pulls himself to the top rope but tumbles down. Corey reapplies Lucky 13 and Neville puts on a good show while crawling into the rope break. Neville counters with an Inside Cradle to win the final fall at 15:13. Lots of good storytelling in this one, with Neville having to overcome his injury to pull off the win, ***.
Winner: Adrian Neville

Final Thoughts: After a string of disappointing episodes, THIS is more like it. Graves and Neville put on a satisfying main event. Otherwise, we got a nice surprise with Charlotte turning on Bayley, and more Aidan English awesomeness. If you havenít been watching NXT, this is a good episode to get on board with. Thumbs up.

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