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WWE NXT - September 11, 2013

by Samoa Rowe

-From Miami, FL. Our hosts are Tony Dawson and William Regal.

-Enzo Amore (with Colin Cassady) is still made about getting ambushed by Sylvester Lefort’s strange stable and tells us about it in a promo on his way to the ring. Lefort leads his makeshift team into battle.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. Scott Dawson and Alexander Rusev (with Sylvester Lefort)

Dawson starts the match and doesn’t do too well against Amore and Cassady. Dawson remarkably turns it around by himself with a clothesline. Rusev tags and goes to work clubbing and head butting Enzo. Cassady awkwardly tries to help from the apron and gets knocked down by Dawson. Rusev goes for a submission and the bell suddenly rings (because someone didn‘t break a 5 count?). The match is apparently over at 3:35. That seems like a botched finish to me, as everyone seems pretty confused. This was a complete amateur hour wash, -*.
Winners via DQ: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady

-NXT Champion Bo Dallas, a heel who thinks he’s a baby face, comes to the ring for an interview. He thanks all of the “Bo-lievers” for their support while the crowd boos him. A “Fix your pants” chant breaks out and the camera won’t let me see what they’re talking about. Dallas says he’ll gladly face Sami Zayn in a non-title match. A “Pocahontas” chant breaks out, which is both racist and sexist. That’s about it.

-Renee Young interviews CJ Parker backstage about his trouble with Tyler Breeze. He says that Breeze is all about his outer self, while Parker is all about his inner truth. Breeze ambushes Parker and poses for a selfie with his victim. The bit with the cell phone is excellent in today’s tech-driven culture.

Sasha Banks vs. NXT Women’s Champion Paige

Paige takes control as the crowd chants “Happy Birthday” for her. Sasha can barely get any offense in as Paige looks for the pinfall. Sasha reverses a cover attempt and goes for the waist. Paige counters in the corner with a series of elbow shots. Sasha reverses again by driving Paige into the turnbuckles. Cue the commercial! After the break, Sasha is working a chinlock, and then a body scissors. Paige reverses with a suplex! Paige connects with a series of knee strikes in the ropes. Sasha dodges a drop-kick, but Paige rolls through a cross body for the win at 7:41 (shown). Paige has a great moveset and looked good in her comeback, **.
Winner: Paige

-Sasha looks heartbroken over the loss. Paige sincerely pats her on the head, but Sasha refuses a handshake. She waits for Paige to turn around so she ambush her. Sasha delivers a neck breaker and leaves Paige down and out.

-Summer Rae checks in on her Sith apprentice, Sasha Banks, who is feeling “awesome” about ambushing Paige.

Leo Kruger vs. Xavier Woods

Woods is all fired up so Kruger hides in the ropes. Kruger stalls for time on the floor, doing a twirling dance. Woods grabs at Leo and gets hung on the ropes. Kruger senses an arm injury and exploits it. Woods counters, but misses a dive to the floor. Commercial time! After the break, Kruger is continuing to work on the hurt arm, including a hammerlock suplex. For the most part, the pace of this match has been sloooooow. Woods counters with a stunner and builds momentum with kicks. Kruger retaliates with a sick backbreaker. Suplex by Kruger gets a close 2 count. Flying axe handle by Kruger misses, allowing Woods to connect with punches. Woods rolls into a spinebuster from Kruger for 2. Woods ducks a clothesline and nails a low DDT for a near fall. Woods nails the “Honor Roll” combination of moves for the win at 10:40 (shown). The main portion of the match was quite dull, but some of those false finishers got an eyebrow raise out of me, **¼.
Winner: Xavier Woods

Final Thoughts: We got a train wreck of an opening match, followed by some solid exhibitions by talent who are ready to be on TV. Paige and Sasha Banks are both very likable and Paige is almost guaranteed to make a big splash whenever she gets her call-up. The Woods and Kruger main event is far from “must-see” and could be easily skipped. The Sasha Banks heel turn is enough to lift this one to Thumbs in the Middle.

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