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WCCW- December 14,1982
by erick von erich

Fans, we're back! With more World Class Championship Wrestling from Dallas, Texas! We're just days away from the big Kerry Von Erich-Ric Flair NWA World Title Match. But before we can get into that nonsense, Bill Mercer introduces some clips of a recent match between David Von Erich and the Great Kabuki. Armand Hussein and the Magic Dragon got involved until Kerry Von Erich made the save. With revenge on the minds of both Kabuki and David, that will be our main event this week! But with so much going on in World Class, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: "Killer" Tim Brooks vs. Brian Adias
You know those long haired guys with the "Will Work For Food" signs? That's Brooks. Or, to be a little more descriptive, he looks like Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden. Well, the way Smith looks today, not from 1984. Adias was "Brian Adidas" last week, but it looks like his name's been changed and he can longer walk through concert doors or roam all over coliseum floors. Match starts with both guys finagling over wristlocks and headlocks. Brooks performs a shitty hiptoos, stomps, snapmares and does a double leg takedown for a 2 count. The Penultimate KnuckleLock Challenge then occurs. Adias is whipped to the ropes and does the only thing he's really good for: he leapfrogs and hits a dropkick. Armbar time and that's enough to bring out the chants of "Go, Brian, Go!" Brooks gets a waistlock takedown, then gouges the eyes after a rope break. Adias fights back and hits, yup, a dropkick. Twice. Brooks grabs the legs again and uses the "illegal leverage rope trick" to get the pin. Referee Mark Hazzard raises Brooks's arm, but referee Bronco Lubich waddles in to reverse the decision. Adias is now the winner by DQ. So it's TWO crappy finishes in one! The goofy rope leverage finish, followed by the referee reversal. It's funny how second referee reversals were not universal. I mean, with all the shenanigans that occur in wrestling matches, you'd think there would be more reversals, wouldn't ya?! Logic in Wrestling.

A Very Special Interview with Armand Hussein and Gary Hart
Pre-recorded promo from the patriarchs of H&H enterprises. Hussein denies interferring in the previous David Von Erich/ Great Kabuki match. He said he was only up on the apron to inform the referee that Von Erich was using a choke, not a sleeper. Cut to another pre-recorded promo from David, who rebukes that it's not a choke. "It's a sleeperhold that will put you to sleep!" Ahh, good to know.

Match 2: Bugsy McGraw & Al Madril vs. Checkmate & Magic Dragon
Because we can't get enough of this match-up! McGraw is rrambling about the ring in his flight helmet and smooches the camera as the bell rings. Madril and Dragon start off with some grappling until Dragon takes over with a hammerlock. Madril counters with a drop toe-hold to break. Madril looks like he's straight out of the 70's, complete with the bad moustache and Meathead/Rob Reiner haircut. Checkmate comes in knee the lower back and apply a reverse chinlock. Bad guys work on Madril for a good 5 or 6 minutes, with Dragon getting a 2 count after a back drop. Checkmate returns to apply a shoulder-lift, but Madril finally manages to make the hot tag to Bugsy. Bugsy cleans house and wobbles his knees! Bugsy hits a shitty sunset flip out of the corner onto Magic Dragon. Checkmate tries to interfere, but Madril leaps off the top rope and pins Checkmate with his own sunset flip. Not the legal man in either case, but Mercer informs us that BOTH Dragon and Checkmate were covered for a 3 count, anyways.

Very Special Promos concerning Ric Flair and Kerry Von Erich
They replay last week's conversation between Flair and Fritz Von Erich. They could realistically re-run this interview every week and it'd still be awesome. Look it up on YouTube if you can, it's that good. After that, we cut to several pre-recorded promos from various World Class wrestlers giving their thoughts on the big NWA World Championship match. King Kong Bundy, Bill Irwin both favor Flair. Al Madril prefers Kerry. Bugsy McGraw (with flight helmet) says both men have "the will the prepare! To win!" and that when both guys get in the ring, it'll simply be excitement. Bugsy of course, fails to pick a winner. Checkmate goes against the expected opinion and actually picks KERRY to win the bout.

Match 3: All-Asian Heavyweight Championship:
The Great Kabuki (c) (w/Armand Hussein) vs. David Von Erich

Riiight..one those "championships". But if this is a title match, where's the frickin' belt?!! In previous weeks, Kabuki came to the ring with numchucks, but this time he has two sais. Hmm, keeping with that pattern, I guess we can see him enter with a bo staff, then two katanas in upcoming weeks. Master Splinter would be proud. David attacks right as the bell sounds and thumps Kabuki into the turnbuckle. Flying dropkick nets David a 2 count. David misses another, allowing Kabuki to land a flying chop off the second rope. Nerve-hold time and this brings out the "Go, David, Go" chants. Kabuki with a reverse thrust kick as David tries to break the hold. David muscles out of the hold and applies the CLAW to Kabuki's tummy. They fight over holds for awhile until Kabuki re-applies the nerve-hold. David with a shoulderblock and a kneelift as Kabuki tries to fight off the claw again. David manages to hook it on Kabuki's forehead, then drags him to the center of the ring. Now that's a good way to sell the hold! Kabuki, with his hands still covered in his pre-match Green Mist, pokes David in the eyes. David is "blind" and rolls out to ringside. David returns with a charging high knee and applies the claw again. Kabuki twirls about and bumps referee Bronco Lubich. Armand Hussein hops up on the apron and grabs David. Kabuki cues up the Green Mist, but in a surprisng turn of events, David ducks and Hussein takes a faceful of spew. Bronco comes to and signals for the bell, disqualifying Kabuki for outside interference. Bill Mercer excitedly claims that David is now the new All-Asian Heavyweight Champion.

After the commercial, Mercer corrects himself and mentions that David is NOT the new champ, since belts can't change hands on a disqualification. The Invisible Belt is still safe with Kabuki! Mercer pumps up the eminent Reunion Arena show, which will feature the big NWA Title match. Cue the World Class DRUMS and we're out.

Why'd You Tape This??
The DVE/Kabuki match was okay, but nowhere near memorable. Nice way they built up the CLAW and Kabuki's Green Mist. Kinda' funny how Hussein denied interferring, because you just knew he was going to get involved again. Typical old school heel manager stuff. The rest of the card? It's not Scottish, but it's still CRAP! Bugsy and Madril taking on H&H has been on the last four or five shows. I think Bugsy had done a face turn by breaking away from H&H about six months earlier...but don't quote me on that. The biggest thing in World Class is the Flair/Kerry match, though. Really helped to build it up by having all the wrestlers chime in. It's was more "World Class vs. Flair" than just "Kerry vs. Flair". Hmm...the Freebirds have been kinda' ignored through all of this....

It looks like these episodes are added to WWE 24/7 about once a month. As long as my cable don't fritz out (no pun intended) I'll keep reviewing 'em.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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