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World Class Championship Wrestling - November 28, 1986

by Erick Von Erich

More 1986 World Class, as Bill Mercer welcomes us to the "major league of professional wrestling". But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Lance Von Erich & Mike Von Erich vs. The Grappler & "Killer" Tim Brooks

Lance controls, to start, with an Iron CLAW to Grappler's tummy and a hiplock takedown on Brooks. The Von Erichs do the babyface double-team, whip, tag, drop down and drop-kick as Mike enters. Mike ends up in the wrong side of town, but quickly comes back with a sunset flip for 2. They isolate Grappler's left leg and try to work on it. Grappler turns the tide with a kneelift, then Brooks returns for some punchin'. Mike's back with his own punchin' and another drop-kick. All 4 guys enter as Lance slams and drop-kicks Grappler. Heel miscoummincation backfires and Grappler rolls out. Lance is the legal man and hits Brooks with a drop-kick from the top rope to get the pin.

Mark Youngblood vs. Master G (w/Percy Pringle III)

Marc Lowrance announces Pringle as "opening a gift from a fan". We don't see what it is, but apparently some gag gift to rile Pringle. I don't think I noticed them before, but two "World Class Girls" are at ringside as valets. G complains about the intial lock-ups, then goes into some kicks and knee-drops. Youngblood comes back with the obligatory chops and hip-tosses him across the ring. Youngblood just kinda' stands around and waits for G to smack him or slap on a headlock. Youngblood gets some kneelifts, dances around, hits some chops and connects with an atomic drop. Whip to the ropes for a double-chop and a legdrop for 2. Youngblood misses a drop-kick, then G blasts him with a flying shoulderblock. G applies his reverse roll-up cradle thingie and gets the pin. G looked a little better than any "George Wells" match I've seen.

Bill Mercer interview with The Dingo Warrior & "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas

Warrior starts out kinda' laid back, even working in a plug for how World Class has the best wrestlers around. He goes into a somewhat subdued version of "Warrior Mode" and talks about his ongoing war with the Pringle Dynasty. He defends Texas, as even though he was once an outsider, he's "planted his boots" in Texas. That's always a good way to get Texans behind you. Atlas, "The Black Superman" (um, why didn't we ever call Kal-El "The White Superman"?) has some Figthin' Words for Abdullah the Butcher. "There's two thing I do not like. That's a dog chasing cars and a broken down 'rassler chasing me"! Mercer then wonders if they'll go after the American Tag Team Championship. Good, solid interview from both of them.

Brad Batten vs. Al Madril

Apparently, Madril attacked Bart Batten with a 2 x 4, recently, so Brad's out for revenge. Very choreographed backdrop from Batten, but he soon hits the post. Madril does nothing special, just yelling at the crowd, punching, kicking and tossing Batten out to the timekeeper's table. A Reverse Chinlock Happens. Batten comes off the ropes with a press for 2, but Madril gets a thumb-to-the-eye, tosses him outside and slams him on the floor. Madril rolls him back in for an Oriental Spike and clothesline, but pulls up Batten at 2. Suddenly, brother Bart runs into the ring, in street clothes, drawing the disqualification. Madril smakcks him around, but Bart finally clears the ring with a chair.

Highlights From Reunion Arena

From the Reunion Arena "Turkey Day Spectacular". Black Bart looked pretty weak, as he fell to a drop-kick and a "double shoudler roll" (the old, 80's term for a slower "hurracanrana", sometimes called a "reverse victory roll"), as Kevin Von Erich retained the World Class Championship. Later, Al Madril smacked Kevin with a roll of coins from Brian Adias to get a pinfall...in what was apparently a non-title "bonus" match or something. Next, Fritz Von Erich and Gary Hart had a face-off and coin flip about applying the Iron Claw or Abdullah the Butcher's "Python Sleeper" in what supposed to be a challenge match of simply applying finishers. Abby attacked Fritz and put him out with his sleeper or neck-pinch. After a few minutes, Fritz fought back, of course, and hooked on the Iron Claw. Brusier Brody (with bandaged head) ran in to beat away on Brody. Brody and Hart had a war of words after the skirmish, but Abby blindsided Brody and busted him open with a plastic spike. They have an upcoming steel cage match on Christmas night.

Dingo Warrior & Tony Atlas vs. "Maniac" Matt Borne & Black Bart (w/Percy Pringle III)

Funny to note that Borne has "racing stripes" on the side of his mullet. Atlas sends Borne in for a backdrop, then tags Dingo, causing Borne to bail. Crowd is instantly chanting "Ding-o", as he's insanely over. Borne inspires a young Austin Aries with a thumb to the eye and some shots, then he walks right into the big gorilla press drop from Dingo. Bart comes in and is immediately met with a headlock takedown as it's already "rest time". Double team whip and elbows on Bart, then Atlas shows off his headlock skills, then two leapfrogs and a drop-kick. Borne comes in and gets monkey-flipped out of the corner, then a flying head-scissors takedown from Atlas. He works in a headbutt, of course. Atlas no-sells some turnbuckle shots from Bart, even waving to the crowd as he does. I'll say that Atlas at least looks more energized than he did during his 1986 WWF work. Punchy/kicky for awhile, as the bad guys work on Dingo. Yeah, Dingo's not very good at selling, as he reacts to a simple poke or a double-team smash in the same exact manner. Swinging neckbreaker and a legdrop get 2 for Bart. Bell-to-back suplex and a knee from Borne, but they can't put the Dingo down. They try a double-team, but Borne loses his balance (kayfabe) on the top rope and crotches himself. Umm, maybe Dingo was supposed to shake the ropes or something? Dingo's suddenly okay, beats away on Bart and makes the tag to Atlas. Atlas with drop-kicks for both guys, then slaps a sleeper on Bart. All four guys brawl in and around the ring. Atlas jumps off the top rope...stands on the canvas then simply falls on Bart in what was supposed to be a flying bodypress, to get the 3 count. Wow, this was terrible.

Very quick sign-off from Bill Mercer and he plugs next week's main event- Dingo Warrior vs. The Crusher, plus Tony Atlas vs. Master G.

Why'd You Watch This?:
As we've said, over and over, the only reason this episode was dusted off was because it features the Dingo Warrior. Even by Warrior and Atlas Standards, the main event was embarassing. Only segment worth watching was the Dingo/Atlas interview. Completely forgettable and an episode I'll probably never watch again.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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