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World Class Championship Wrestling - November 11, 1982

by Erick Von Erich

Yup, I'm officially on the WWE Network bandwagon and hope to review some of the stuff that slipped through the cracks the first time around! This is a prequel of sorts, as we're a few weeks before when I "officially" began recapping World Class on the old WWE 24/7, aka WWE Classics. We're now without the host introductory segments with Michael Hayes and Kevin Von Erich. Can't say that I miss those. Instead, we get the traditional DRUM opening and the soundstage intro with Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi talking about tonight's card. Of particular note is that King Kong Bundy will come clean on why he squealed to Fritz Von Erich about the bounty placed on Kerry Von Erich. Kerry, still recovering from knee surgery, will be in action against the veteran "Killer" Tim Brooks! But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Bugsy McGraw & Al Madril vs. Checkmate & "Wild" Bill Irwin (w/Arman Hussein)

Kinda' funny that the Sportatorium crowd looks a little...thin. We're told that Irwin is the replacement for King Kong Bundy in Hussein and Gary Hart's co-stable of "H&H Enterprises". Bugsy is his usual goofy self and leads the crowd in "Chauncey" chants to rile Irwin. Of course, up next is "Go Bugsy, Go". They trade lock-up and bounce off the ropes until Bugsy trips Irwin. Bugsy gets the advantage with a wristlock into a takedown, which Irwin counters with a leg-scissors. Tag-off to Checkmate and Bugsy goes right into his "turtle" roll-up to prevent any holds. Madril and Checkmate go back n' forth with Madril getting a backbreaker for 2. Side-mare takedown from Checkmate and they mess around on the mat for a bit. Checmkate targets Mardil's left arm, then tags-off to Irwin for a few shots. They cut the ring off and work on Madril, tossing him out to the floor. Bugsy helps him back into the ring and we get a standing brawl between Madril and Irwin. Hot-tag to Bugsy, who cleans house with elbowsmashes. Bad guys are whipped into each other, then Madril and Bugsy hwale away on Irwin. Bugsy with the Atomic Kick to the Tushy. Madril's back for in some more punchy/kicky, but walks into a high-knee from Irwin. Irwin slams him, but misses a charging kneedrop. Madril's right on him with the figure four leglock, but Checkmate makes the save with a slingshot foot-stomp on the throat. Irwin floats over and covers Madril to get the 3 count.

All four guys brawl, but second ref Bronko Lubich runs in to reverse things to and award the match, via disqualification, to Irwin and Madril. Brawling continues as King Kong Bundy hits the ring to stomp on Madril. Bundy's there to save his old tag partner, Irwin. I think this some sort of minor "recruitment" angle as Bundy was still a "free agent" and starting his own organization (the future Devastation, Inc.).

David Von Erich vs. Destroyer #2

DVE's the reigning Texas Champ, but this is non-title. A typical warm-up or squash match...and I have NO idea who "Destroyer #2" is. He doesn't appear to be of the "Super" destroyer class, as he's in a generic blue n' white mask and singlet. DVE controls the early going with some headlocks and armdrag take-downs. After some very elementary rope-bouncing, DVE lands three reverse knee-drops from the corner to get the 3 count. Total time was only 3:40.

The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy) vs. The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon (w/Arman Hussein)

Before the match, a Guy in a Gorilla Suit enters the ring to shout Figthin' Words at Kabuki. Dragon tries to get a few reverse thrust-kicks on Gordy, but Gordy brushes him off. They go into a hammerlock sequence and Hayes tags in to get in on the fun. The 'Birds tag in and out, working on Dragon with chops and headlocks. Kabuki and Hayes get into a brawl, then Gordy comes in to pound away. Kabuki takes over with a thrust-kick and sends Gordy to the apron. Dragon returns and surprisingly holds his own, this time. They work over Hayes, double-teaming him in their corner. Hayes manages an elbowdrop on Kabuki from the recond rope to take over. Gordy with a fireman's slam, almost like gorilla press. Gordy gets a standing side headlock, but Kabuki gets his version on the Iron Stomach Claw on him. More kicks from Dragon and a headbutt gets 2. Trapezeus hold from Dragon to slow things down and get the crowd chanting "Go, Terry, Go". Kabuki with a chop off the second rope, then clamps in one of his signatures: the double nerve hold. Gordy goes for a piledrvier on Dragon, but gets shoved into the corner. Dragon clumbs up to punch him, then moonsaults off. Gordy is right back with a drop-kick, then lands an elbowdrop off the ropes to get the 3 count. Basic stuff to begin, but it had a pretty hot ending.

So, ummm, who was the Guy in the Gorilla Suit? King Kong Bundy?

Special Interview with King Kong Bundy

Mercer's on location at a loading dock, where the "on strike" Bundy is munching on a chicken wing. Bundy recounts how he received a check from Ric Flair, while in Atlanta, for a $12,5000 bounty on Kerry Von Erich. Bundy, being on strike, wanted to send the proof to Fritz Von Erich to make some extra cash. Bundy asked for $10,000, but Fritz only offered $5,000. Sounds accurate. Bundy then goes on contend his contract with Gary Hart, saying he's gone to his lawyer. Bundy clarifies that he's on his own.

We get a recording of Bill Mercer calling "Ric Flair Enterprises" for comment on the bounty. "Flair's Secretary" offers a condescending answer. Funny way to write in Flair's absence as a deliberate part of the story.

Kerry Von Erich vs. "Killer" Tim Brooks

Match starts as soon as Kerry hits the ring and the brawl is on. Hip-toss and a flying head scissors from Kerry. Cheap shot from Brooks finally breaks the scissoring and a headlock happens. Mostly punchy/kicky, but Kerry misses a discus punch and gets caught back in the headlock. Jay Saldi offers some random commentary by talking about Brooks' days in San Antonio, teaming with: "Hacksaw Dugan". Kerry goes for a splash, but Brooks gets his knees up. Brooks tries the same thing, but roles reverse and Kerry gets his knees up. Kerry is quickly to his feet and flies over with a sunset flip to score the 3 count pin.

Mercer and Saldi welcome Kerry to their soundstage to wrap up the show. Kerry gives an update on his recovery and feels he'll be set to challenge Ric Flair in about a month.

Why'd You Watch This?:
Since we have the advantage of knowing what's ahead, this is a strange show to flashback to. If you're viewing this just as an ordinary weekly wrestling show, it seems like King Kong Bundy vs. H&H is the biggest thing happening in World Class. By going to his old rival, Fritz Von Erich, it sounds like Bundy might even be walking into a face turn. The Freebirds seem like the top tag team babyfaces and it appears it's business as usual for the Von Erichs. There's no idication that the definitive feud of World Class' history will launch in about 6 weeks. As it stands, this is a VERY generic episode of World Class and only worth watching if you want to see the odd sight of the Freebirds actually getting cheered in the Sportatorium.

This episode is currently archived under WWE Network's "Vault" section. Since I've covered most of the episodes from this point forward, it'll be awhile before they get to some of the stuff I skipped over, circa September 1983. If you're just discovering this stuff with the launch of WWE Network, feel free to check out the other World Class recaps we have listed here on Da' Site. Just keep in mind that most are flashbacks of a flashback review that was done about SEVEN years ago. So you're kinda' flashing back to a flashback of a flashback...or somethin' like that.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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