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World Class Championship Wrestling, November 5, 1983
by Erick Von Erich

This month's intro from Kevin Von Erich and Michael Hayes is a little confusing. To intro this episode they talk a little bit about the rivalry between Jose Lothario and Black Gordman, which poppped up in our last episode. But then Kevin starts talking about how we'll see that match on this episode..... which we don't. Outisde of that, the big draw on tonight's card is the Sportatorium hosting a match between Kimala the Ugandan Giant and the Junkyard Dog! A popular match-up that drew crowds for Mid-South in the early 80's. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to to ringside for...

Match 1: Mike Reed vs. Black Gordman
Ring announcer Marc Lowrance is absent from this episode, as he's replaced by Joe Rinelli. Lowrance will return soon, but Rinelli's not a bad replacement, as he has a Texas twang to his introductions. Match starts as they fight over wasitlocks and wristlocks to make Verne Gagne happy. They bounce to the ropes, but put on the brakes and face off. Gordman kicks Reed in the Little Mike and takes over with a series of Mexican Uppercuts. Reed fights back and pummels Gordman into the corner... and as Gordman sells like crazy, I kinda' relate to him as the "Mexican Ric Flair". Reed misses a drop-kick and Gordman stomps away. Reed gets in a shot, so Gordman bails and stalls. Gordman returns, targets Reed's legs and works a submission hold with the knees. Reed whips him to the ropes for a backdrop and gets a 2 count. Reed charges, but Gordman dodges and blasts him with a clothesline in the external occipital protuberance. Gordman whips Reed to the ropes for a kick to the tummy, then plants him with a deluxe DDT and gets the pin. Reed was allowed a little more offense than usual, but this match could've been trimmed by about 4-5 minutes.

Match 2: Princess Victoria vs. Judy Martin
I gabbed about this on Da' Board, but in the comeliness department Princess Vic is a little bit above the usual 80's female rasslers-- who all generally looked like truck stop waitress, as Martin exemplifies. Maybe it's Vic's "Indian Princess" gimmick which adds a smidgeon of cuteness? Anyways, Vic offers a handshake to start, but Martin slaps it away. They lock-up and almost immediately go into a wristlock/hair-pull sequence for about 5 minutes. Referee David Manning finally has enough of Martin's haripulling, so he pulls HER hair to get her to stop. Vic works Martin with an arm-wringer and an armdrag, causing her to bail. Martin returns and soons falls victim to a spinning toe-hold. She grabs the ropes, but Vic wheelbarrows her off, then applies a reverse leg scissors submission hold. I should note that a lot of the Sportatroium fans keep doing the schoolboy "Indian wallow" throughout the match. Vic slams Martin, but eats knees on a follow-up splash. Martin cranks Vic's arm, kicks, then faceplants her to the canvas. Irish whip, clothesline and a kneedrop get 2 for Martin. Martin throws Vic outside, through the ropes. Vic chops to fight her way back in, then delivers the patented Indian Flying Chop for a 2 count. Martin blocks a corner monkeyflip attempt, then both criss-cross (JUMP! JUMP!) the ropes. Victoria responds with a flying bodypress and gets the 3 count. A decent women's match, but once again 5 minutes could've been trimmed by eliminating the horrible hairpulling stuff.

A Very Special Music Video of Kevin Von Erich
I think we might've seen this before-- about six months ago. It's dubbed over with generic music from WWE Classics On Demand, so I have no idea what the original score was. Basically, it's more slo-mo pictures of KVE leaping through the air, combined with an occassional in-ring highlight (including one against Ric Flair).

Match 3: Junkyard Dog vs. Kimala (w/Skandar Akbar and Friday)
Announced as the "Main Event". JYD was sort of a travelling attraction at this time, somewhat similar to Andre the Giant's schtick. He'll stick around World Class for about a month, mostly wrestling at the Fort Worth shows. So I think this may be his only Dallas/Sportatorium appearance during this period (yeah, yeah...don't remind that he'll come back in 1989 to face Jerry Lawler in this building). JYD still has his poofy hair at this point, which always made him seem more intense. Match begins with a lock-up, but both guys soon grab the other's throat. JYD eventually gets the advantage and applies a sleeper. The excitement is short-lived as it soon becomes a reverse chinlock. Kimala powers out and clamps on the dreaded Pectoral Vise. He takes JYD to the mat and scores a quick 1 count. Kimala connects with a big splash... but JYD easily bench-presses him off at 2, sending Kimala reeling! They brawl for a bit, until Akbar reaches in and trips JYD. Friday also joins the ruckus as all three bad guys attack the Dog. Akbar holds JYD and in a terribly choreographed spot, Kimala "accidentally" nails Akbar. JYD then clears the ring. No decision was announced, but records say this was a double disqualification...although I don't see why JYD would've beeen DQ'd. Unfortunately, this was a lame match, only made watchable by the excited crowd and the draw of the two big participants. Yeah, the only real highlight was JYD pressing out of a pin attempt.

Match 4: "Gentleman" Chris Adams and Johnny Mantell vs. Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes
But first, it's time for Trunk Watch: I notice that Adams has begun wearing his trademark Union Jack/Stars n' Stripes trunks, while the Freebirds are wearing their matching all-red ensembles. Adams chases Hayes outside the ring as the match starts, which allows Gordy to attack Mantell and put him out with the Oriental Spike. Mantell is sent to the floor and can't continue. The referee offers Adams a choice: he can forfeit the match, or continue in a handicap match. Fans begin chanting "JYD", but Adams makes the noble choice and continues on, alone.

Adams storms into Hayes with a backdrop, then an intimidating standing SOMERSAULT to send Hayes running into Gordy's arms. Gordy comes in an gets whipped n' chopped. Adams works a side headlock, but Hayes comes in for a cheap shot. Hayes delivers an elbowdrop, just as Kevin Von Erich comes down to ringside in street clothes (including tan jeans tucked into his cowboy boots). Gordy suplexes Adams, but only gets a 2 count. KVE hops up on the apron and becomes Adams' partner. Gordy hooks Adams in a front facelock, but Adams is able to manuever out and make the hot tag to Kevin. KVE cleans house with a double noggin-knocker, then bounces off the ropes for a sunset flip and quickly pins Hayes. After the match, Gordy has a temper tantrum, flailing at air and dropping himself on the mat. It's always a kick to see how many different ways the Von Erichs and Freebirds could piss each other off. With 6 or 7 guys usually involved, there many countless ways they could cross paths. Probably why they were able to keep the rivalry going for about 6 years.

After a final commercial break, Bill Mercer is in the ring with the Freebirds, after all of the fans have gone home. Gordy singles out Kevin; citing the way Kevin tried to take away his "bread and butter" or livelihood by attempting to break Gordy's thumb, last week. He'll get his chance for revenge, next week, as the main event will be Kevin & Kerry taking on Hayes & Gordy.

Why'd You Tape This?:

Okay, so JYD-Kimala was about what you would expect: a disappointment. But it's still cool to see two big names in the Sportatorium; makes it seem like THE place to be. This is another reason why I feel that WCCW circa 1982-1983 was kinda' similar to ECW circa 1995-1996. Both would bring in some well-known outside names to mingle with their regulars for a match or two.

Von Erichs vs Freebirds would be boring...if they didn't get so PISSED at each other! On top of their various in-ring antics, the guys always acted so ticked-off at the other; that's something that you don't hear about much. Intensity and anger from each side is one of those intangible elements that makes a feud memorable.

Overall, a decent episode of World Class with a slight change-of-pace in regards to the cast. Cue the DRUMS!

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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