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World Class Championship Wrestling - October 24, 1986

by Erick Von Erich

Continuing along with Dingo-Mania, as we jump around to more 1986 World Class. As this is an October show, I guess we can say this is a primer or preview for the SIXTH annual DWS Halloween Havok! Bill Mercer is our host, as usual. This time out, not only does the Sportatorium have a spiffy new BLUE floor, but the ring ropes have switched to a blue/yellow/red combo. We've also got a new "World" Champion who we'll be talking to, later! But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Lance Von Erich vs. Spike Johnson

Johnson demands to be introduced as "The Athlete of the 80's". As Butt-head might say: "uhhhhhh...okay". Johnson's all decked out in biker gear, which might look intimidating... with long pants and a shirt. In wrestling trunks, it makes you look like a sterotypical patron of the Blue Oyster Bar. They hit the ropes, then Lance whips Johsnon to the ropes for a monkeyflip. He tries it again, but Lance simply falls on his back. Johnson didn't even look like he grabbed the ropes to halt the monkeyflip, or anything. Johnson with a "slam" worthy of the first day of training, then comes off the second rope one of WORST splash attempts caught on film. They try their best, but both guys look terrible and this match seems very disjointed and with no flow. Johnson does his slam, two more times, each as elementary as the first. Lance ends it at 5:21 when he connects with a top-rope missile dropkick for the 3 count. Johnson quickly gets up and poses. It's hard to tell with all his hair, but I have no idea what became of Johnson. This match gives you an idea of why he didn't get much farther in the wrestling world.

Marc Lowrance Interview with Kevin Von Erich

More polishing from World Class, as this resembles the typical "Ken Resnick Interview" sets from the WWF. World Class's set is a little snazzier, though, with stars on the backdrop. Anyways, BIG announcment, as Kevin won WCCW's World Heavyewight Championship at the recent Cotton Bowl Extravaganza. Thus ending the Era of Black Bart. Kevin cites how he can lose the title by DQ or countout, then talks about an upcoming Asian tour.

World Class Television Championship:
Steve Simpson(c) vs. Crusher Yurkoff (w/"Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe)

The semi-usual joined-in-progress match from Fort Worth, with Marc Lowrance on the call. The TV title was usually only seen or mentioned on the "other" World Class show, out of Fort Worth. This match is also for a $10,000 prize. Yurkoff looks like your local indy wrestler, with his red tank top and shorts. Basic brawling until Yurkoff lands a backdrop, then slaps on a reverse chinlock. Sharpe wanders over to Lowrance's table, grabs the mic, and babbles a bit. The chinlock continues. Somewhat odd move, as Yurkoff lifts Simpson on his shoulder with an almost sideways gorilla press into a slam. Elbowdrop misses, allowing the Simspn comeback. Two-legged arm-wringer from Simpson to slow things back down. Another weird move, as Yurkoff looks to hook a bearhug, then turns it into a very mild version of a Death Valley Driver. Diving headbutt off the ropes, but he misses another. Simpson fights back with kneelifts, but is easily one-armed slammed by Yurkoff. Yurkoff tries a "nuclear splash" from the top corner, but eats canvas. Drop-kick from Simpson, then he goes upstairs. Sharpe interferes and knocks him to the mat. Yurkoff is over to cover and become the NEW Television Champion. Cheesy ending, but it was somewhat amusing to watch Yurkoff toss around Simpson, so easily.

Perry Jackson vs. Master Gee (w/Percy Pringle III)

I think this is the first time I've actually seen "Master Gee"... who is recently re-located from the WWF, where he was known as George Wells. Mercer even ackowledges his background in the CFL. I think there was an episode of PTW I recapped where Wells had "Master Gee" on his boots or something, so it all makes sense. Now with his new bleached blonde hair, he looks like the lovechild of S.D. Jones and 1990 Koko B. Ware.

Master Gee vs. Perry Jackson

Weak armdrag from Jackson surprises Gee. Slow criss-cross rope sequence and they blow what was supposed to be a bodypress from Jackson. Pringle hollers a racist comment at Jackson, which I won't dignify. Menanwhile, more punching and kicking occurs. Jackson finally delivers a decently performed move: a backdrop. Ride into the corner, then a charging shoulder-block from Gee. Gee applies what's actually a pretty cool move: a rolling forward cradle to get the pin. So, that was okay, but everything before was garbage. Wells was never great in the ring, so it was a bad idea to put him in the ring with the extremely green Jackson.

Mike Von Erich vs. Brian Adias

Face vs face match between two friends. Leapfrog and armdrag from Adias, then he tries...some sort of cover. Smooth sequence as they trade wristlocks and hammerlocks, then it's headlock time. We get an inset promo from Black Bart, just because. Rope sequence, again, and this time Mike delivers the armdrag. Once again to the ropes and this time Adias trips over Mike and flies out to the floor. Referee Rick Hazzard begins the 10-count, but Mike waves it off and allows Adias back in. Mike's hammerlock is countered with a snapmare into a reverse chinlock. Backdrop, small package and slam each score 2 for Mike. More headlock, then Mike tries a backslide for 2. Adias is surprised, then suckers Mike in with a feigned handshake...and unloads on him! Adias is pissed and is suddenly more aggressive. Slam, elbowdrop, sickle clothesline, then Adias ends it with a side Russian Legsweep for the three count! Adias stomps on Mike, after the bell. Steve Simpson arrives to question Adias, and also gets sucker-punched. A somewhat unexpected heel turn.

Bill Mercer interview with Steve Simpson & Bruiser Brody

Pre-recorded at ringside, from earlier in the night. Simpson says he's coming for his TV title. Brody talks about how he beat Abdullah the Butcher at the Cotton Bowl, with apparently some help from Fritz Von Erich. Abby's manager, Gary Hart, wants Fritz to get in the ring and sign a contract.

Dingo Warrior vs. "Maniac" Matt Borne (w/Percy Pringle III)

Well this is kinda' neat: we can actually hear Dingo's entrance music: "Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf! Dingo's now a full-fledged face, as he signs autographs before the bell. As they fight over intial lock-ups, Brian Adias returns to ringside and tells Mercer that he has no friends and demands at shot at Kevin Von Erich's title. Meanwhile, Dingo overpowers Borne and gorilla-press slams him. How over is Dingo? He gets a good pop for cranking on a side headlock! Warrior reverses an Irsh whip, delivers a backdrop, then takes Borne off his feet with a side headlock takedown. Pringle about has an anuerysm as he constantly complains about a hairpull. More headlockin'... much more. They keep going back to that spot, as I'm almost wondering if it's a rib. Off the ropes, where Borne ducks a clothesline and hits a belly-to-back suplex for a 1-count. Dingo easily bench-presses him off, to another decent pop. Reverse chops and snapmare, then Dingo presses him off, again. Warrior halts a kick, then shows his inexperience by having Borne spin around twice before he deliver an atomic drop. Another atomic drop, then Dingo knocks him outside witha chop. They brawl outside, as Borne connects with Pringle's cane, drawing the disqualification. Dingo fights them off and clears the entire ring area. All 134 fans in attendance seemed to love that! It's amazing...I've never heard a headlock cheered so much.

Bill Mercer plugs next week's show, with a main event of Chris & Mark Youngblood vs. Crusher Yurkoff and Zulu.

Why'd You Watch This?:
First off, all of these matches were sub-par, if not terrible. Adias/Von Erich was probably the closest thing to "watchable", but it was really saved by the mid-match heel turn. Adias had been treading water in World Class since...well, 1982... so a heel turn was welcome. To compare: imagine if Tito Santana had turned heel in 1990. However, this turns out rather poorly for Adias. Too bad, because his antics and moves seemed to instantly improve, as soon as he turned on Mike Von Erich. So unless you want to see the ill-fated and trivial Adias Heel Turn, there is no reason to watch this episode. Or, maybe you're one of the 134 Texans who want to re-live "The Night Dingo Did a Headlock".

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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