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WCCW- October 23, 1983
by erick von erich

For the first time in awhile (damn that laziness, again), it's time for some more World Class Championship Wrestling, courtesy of WWE Classics On Demand. In the two months I've missed, a few story lines have progressed. Chiefly, Jimmy Garvin promised to defend his American Heavyweight Championship, every week. But after Chris Adams took him to a time limit draw, Garvin re-negged and killed the idea. He's also added an "assistant valet" for his regular valet, Sunshine. Also of note (and disgust), Garvin and Sunshine have been involved in more Public Displays of Affection, by smooching and such. Umm...yes, they were cousins. But as Garvin himself joked in a host segment: "hey, it was a Southern thing". Garvin's also been popping into the modern day studio at times to help his old pal, Michael Hayes, with hosting duties. Which means the duo that sang "I'm a Freebird" at a WCW PPV has been reunited!

Other stuff that's been going on in 1983: Terry Gordy of the Freebirds spent some time in Japan and learned the lethal "Oriental Spike" taped thumb maneuver. No less than Bruiser Brody was laid out by it. Devastation, Inc. has been trying to get more notoriety, as Kimala was sent after David Von Erich (who is involved in a push for the NWA World Title). Devastation has also announced that they'll be bringing in a new tag team soon, known as "The Super D's". But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: Johnny Mantel vs. Michael Hayes
Hayes is wearing some weird tie-dye type of trunks that look like something Superstar Billy Graham would've worn. Lotta' drama here...lotta' drama. They trade lock-ups with Mantel shoving Hayes to the mat. Hayes gets him with a low-blow, goes all punchy/kicky and whips him to the ropes for a shot to the tummy. Mantel counters, then whips Hayes for a gut-shot and a kneedrop. Mantel tries a Thesz press off the ropes, but Hayes hoists him up and drops Mantel on the ropes. That's enough damage for Hayes to put Mantel away with a 3 count. Fairly quick match, as Hayes mainly just worked the crowd and strutted around to piss everyone off.

Highlights of David Von Erich vs. Kimala
Last week, as David Von Erich was wrestling Jimmy Garvin, Skandar Akbar and Kimala suddenly arrived at ringside. Kimala entered the ring and began attacking DVE. But DVE was able to fight him off with the help of the CLAW! Well, if you're going to push a guy as a World Title contender, having him fend off your big bad scary heel isn't a bad start.

"Iceman" King Parsons Music Video
This is dubbed over with generic music by WWE Classics, so I'm curious what the original tune was. I want to say "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang, but I'm nowhere near 100%. Highlights include Iceman taking it to the Great Kabuki and Buddy Roberts; including the famous "hair cream" incident. The video ends with Iceman at a park, surrounded by kids, as he proclaims: "The Iceman will be the FIRST Black World Heavyweight Champion! Have mercy!"

Match 2: Art Crews vs. "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/Sunshine & "Assistant Valet")
Non-title match, as Garvin's the current American Heavyweight Champ. Crews' name is actually spelled "Kruz". I'm pretty sure "Crews" was the correct spelling, but a name like "Kruz" or "Cruz" is probably more common in Texas. Bill Mercer isn't sure what to call the assistant valet, so he calls her "Sunshine II" (she'll eventually be known as Precious). Before the match, Chris Adams enters the ring, grabs the house mic to call Garvin a coward and challenge him for his title. Garvin laughs it off, and Sunshine even gives Adams a little shove in the back. Garvin and Crews start off with basic punchy/kicky, until Garvin suckers Crews into the corner and soon applies a camel clutch. Crews makes his way out and pounds Garvin into the turnbuckle. He whips him to the ropes for a backdrop, gets a 2 count, but then misses a drop-kick. Garvin quickly hits a DDT (or as it was known then, "a head stomper") and scores the 3 count.

A Very Special Ringside Interview with "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin
Bill Mercer asks about Chris Adams, but Garvin again laughs it off and says: "there's a phony Englishman running around here. He's really from Biloxi, Mississippi". Now that made me laugh. Garvin, as cocky as ever, asks "Chris WHO?" Great heel interview from Garvin.

Match 3: NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Harley Race (c) vs. "Iceman" King Parsons (w/David Von Erich)

Yup, this is for the NWA WORLD belt! I believe this may be Race's last visit to Texas. Ric Flair would make a few more until about mid-1985. David Von Erich is in Iceman's corner as an official second. But Race gets in his face as referee David Manning has to restore order. Good pre-match heat, as Race even brings up his past bouts against DVE, claiming Manning didn't give him a fair shake. Since this is such a combustible match, a second referee, Bronko Lubich, has been assigned outside the ring.

Iceman starts the match hot, pounding on Race and sending him packing after a backdrop. Race returns, locks-up and tries to headbutt Iceman. But Race, didn't do his homework, because Iceman has the obligatory Hard African-American Head, as Race is knocking dizzy. Race bails out again and argues with DVE. Back in, he tries a suplex, but Iceman reverses it and scores a quick 2. Race comes back with a series of shots, a snapmare and a kneedrop for a 2 count. Piledriver ("It's doomsday for the skull") from Race gets another 2. Iceman fights back and hooks a sleeper, but Race makes the ropes. They tumble out and Race tries to send Ice into the post...but the Hard Head saves him again, as he turns around and blasts Race with a headbutt. Race hits the floor and barely makes it back into the ring at the count of 19 (remember, back in the day, some countouts went up to 20). Race immediately wanders right back into an Ice sleeper. "Go Ice, Go! Go, Ice, Go!"

Iceman misses an elbowdrop, so Race pulls him outside the ring and delivers a brainbuster.. on the floor! Okay, so Race padded it well, but it's still a cool spot! He pulls Ice to the apron and tries to suplex him back in, but Ice counters and lands on top for a 2 count. Race works him over for a bit, getting a few 2 counts. The crowd is eating this up like a free buffet at Golden Corral (okay..so imagine if they served good food), as they're just squealing with every pinfall attempt. Race barks at DVE again, who jabs him and allows Ice to get a quick 2. Race escapes, but gets rolled up for another 2. Iceman with an abdominal stretch, whip and a headbutt for another 2.

Final phase begins with Race finally getting a successful headbutt on to Iceman's midsection, followed by a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Ice clubs back, slams Race, but misses a splash. Race tosses him outside and goes for a piledriver...but Ice reverses it into a backslide. Race once again barely makes it back in at 19. They criss-cross with Ice getting a clothesline for 2. They brawl over to the corner, where Race reaches out and slaps DVE! DVE retaliates which staggers Race into the center of the ring...where Iceman connects with the charging butt-butt! Iceman makes the cover, Manning counts to THREE and it appears we have a new champ!! But wait... outside referee Bronko Lubich informs Manning that DVE interfered with the match, so Iceman has been disqualified. Awwwwwwwww! DVE and Ice embrace in the ring as Race heads for the locker room.

Why'd You Tape This??
In case you didn't know, World Class was pushing David Von Erich for the NWA title. Sheesh. Too bad his presence spoiled Iceman's payday, but Mercer correctly informed us that Iceman would NOT have pinned Race, were it not for David's interference. Fair enough. But still, it's an awesome moment to hear the Sportatorium just ignite as they thought Iceman had won the belt. These types of finishes were probably common for the travelling NWA champ, though.

The rest of the card is just that-- an undercard. With good a-hole heel work from Hayes and Garvin and little else. Yet isn't that how a show with the NWA Championship is supposed to be?! So overall the main event makes this a must-see episode for World Classies.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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