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World Class Championship Wrestling - October 15, 1982

by Erick Von Erich

This episode has been available on WWE Network for awhile, now, and I'm not sure if I've ever seen it. There seems to be a differential of about +/- 5 days for the official dates on World Class episodes on WWE Network versus how they were labelled on the old WWE 24/7 Classics service (of which the majority of our World Class reviews were taken from). So I'm completely unclear if we're talking original taping date or original air date... or air date on different channels... who knows? Anyways, we're back to 1982 and our hosts are Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi, at ringside to open the show. Mercer's wondering who Saldi's motioning to, and it turns out to be his Dallas Cowboys teammate Harvey Martin! Obviously a big "rasslin" fan, Martin took Saldi's advice to drop on down to the Sportatorium. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

David Von Erich vs. "Captain" Frank Dusek

Mercer gets a quick ringside word from DVE before the match, regarding the infamous bounty that had been placed on the Von Erichs. DVE says they have proof and "everything will come out in the wash". Dusek's probably on the tail-end of his Days of Significance to World Class. At least as a wrestler. Mercer and Saldi joke about how Dusek always looks like he's just come from a spa, even highlighting his AWESOME Pink Panther ring robe. They lock-up and angle for leverage, fighting over arm-wringers. Dusek drop it down to the mat with a fireman's carry takedown. DVE brings it back upstairs with an arm-wringer. Basic punchy stuff, so they hit the ropes and DVE lands a big knee to the dome for a 2 count. Saldi talks about Dusek was over in Japan for 3 weeks "with Hulkamania, Hulk Hogan. The man known as Thunderlips". Mercer then counters with a story about Gary Hart being involved in another bounty situation over in Georgia, concerning Roddy Piper. Dusek grabs the tights and pulls DVE, head-first, into the turnbuckle as he takes over for a spell. DVE reverses an Irish-whip and lands a backdrop for 2. Dusek fights back and thumps DVE into the corner. Referee David Manning gets on Dusek about closed fists, so Dusek shoves him. Manning retaliates with a slap... which shocks Dusek, so he stumbles around right into a small package from DVE. That's enough to get the three count. Yep, watch out for ol' "FingerSlap of Stone" David Manning.

Jose Lothario & Al Madril vs. Magic Dragon & Checkmate (w/Armand Hussein)

Egads. Madril and Dragon start out with some decent grappling. Dragon goes for a half-nelson, but Madril uses a drop toe-hold to break. Checkmate comes in and they fight over a hammerlock. Lothario tags in for a headlock and some basic manuevers. He sits down to work Checkmate's right leg and we cut to Bugsy McGraw roaming around the crowd, selling concessions and dishing out hugs. Fans are more into that than this match. Dragon and Madril return, as Dragon takes Madril to the mat with a rear hammerlock. Madril runs around in circles and Dragon is sent out to ringside. Back in for some brawling and a shoulderblock from Madril. Greco-Roman Eye Gouge and a flying chop from Dragon. Both guys hit the ropes and collide. "Hot" tags to Lothario and Checkmate, but it's more brawling and a backdrop for Lothario. A Chinlock Happens, courtesy of Checkmate. Illegal switcheroo from the heels, but referee Bronko Lubich disallows it and orders them to switch... making Checkmate and Dragon the ONLY heels to listen to that order in the 80's. Side backbreaker from Lothario, then Madril goes all Nolan Ryan-on-Robin Ventura on Checkmate. Tag to Lothraio, who comes off the top with a one-legged stomp. Madril pauses, then gets headbutted in the tummy. Dragon comes in to beat on Madril, do a reverse somesault and hit a thrust kick. Dragon goes for a 450 splash from the top, but misses. Madril gets a quick 2, then it's more Checkmate. Checkmate goes for a charging headbutt, but misses and flies out to the floor. Back inside, Mardil tries going for Checkmate's mask for whatever reason. Lothario brawls with Dragon, getting a senior circuit dropkick and another backbreaker for 2. Madril tags in and hits a susnet flip pin attempt, but the bell sounds for a time limit draw. Meh.

A Very Special Interivew with Ric Flair

Flair's all decked out in a suit at a studio, responding to allegations that he placed a bounty on all of the Von Erichs. Kerry was then taken out with an injury while in Oklahoma City. Flair denies that he placed the bounty and doubts that Fritz has proof of him (Flair) paying $10,000 to Gary Hart for doing the dastardly deed on Kerry. Flair says Kerry's not in his class and calls himself the greatest wrestler, ever.

The Samoan vs. El Gran Marcus II (w/Armand Hussein)

Don't know if I mentioned it before, but I'm pretty sure "The Samoan" turned out to be Sam/Samu-- third member of the Wild Samoans and future SST guy. Marcus takes over with an armbar, then kicks Samoan in the shoulder. Marcus brings it to the mat with a headlock takedown. Saldi randomly mentions that tickets are only 3 bucks for World Class! Very plain stuff, as Samoan sells for Marcus' basic offense. A Chinlock Happens. Guess what? Samoan comes back with a HEADBUTT. Criss-cross (jump! jump!), then Samoan somersaults away and delivers a drop-kick. More rope bouncing, but this time Marcus hits with a clothesline. Slam from Marcus, then a charging back-splash and that's enough for the 3 count.

"The Freebird" Michael Hayes vs. Humberto Renesto

One of the first appearances for Hayes in Dallas and the fans love him. Renesto stalls and complains about a hair-pull. He jumps out to the apron and Hayes slingshots him back in. Second rope forearm, some boogeying, and an elbow drop from Hayes. Hayes no-sells Renesto's shots, then punches him over the top rope. Commentators talk about Hayes' history in Georgia and his "brother", Terry Gordy. Back in the ring, Hayes lands a bulldog and then connects with a piledriver to get the 3 count. Renesto looks for revenge after the bell, but gets thumped and back-dropped for his efforts. Pretty much a squash for Hayes. He gets the house mic and fires up the crowd with a promo, promising he'll bring in Terry Gordy, soon. He plugs the Freebirds, even saying they lived in the last house on Badstreet. Fans are eating him up with a big spoon. Even andOld Dude in the front row is slapping his knee and having a blast.

Mercer and Saldi wrap things up, then bring in "Wild" Bill Irwin for a quick promo. Irwin takes a shot at Hayes, since they'll be locking up, next week.

Why'd You Watch This?:
World Class shows from this era are a very good mix of 70's meets 80's wrestling. The midcard act with Madril, Checkmate and the others seemed to be weekly time-filing match-ups, at this time, that never really went anywhere or concluded. Bugsy McGraw was over, but he's gone by the end of the year. The only highlight is the debut of Hayes and seeing how he's instantly over as a fan favorite.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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