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World Class Championship Wrestling - October 6, 1984

by Erick Von Erich

Chris Adams

Bill Mercer welcomes us with some BREAKING NEWZ! Last week's promised main event of Kevin von Erich vs. Gino Hernandez has been chaned to a tag-team content. Now we've got Kevin and Chris Adams taking on Gino and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Hmmm...the thick plottens. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, lets' get down to ringside for....

George Wengroff vs. El Diablo Grande

I'm not 100% sure, but I think Diablo is Omar Atlas under a mask. The Penulimate Waistlock challenge kicks-starts things, and results in a roll-up off the ropes for a quick 2 for Wengroff. He follows up with a fireman's takedown, then lets Diablo hook a side headlock. Criss-cross (JUMP! JUMP) results in a backdrop and slam, and a 2 count backslide for Wengroff. Diablo then slows it down by working the left leg and arm. They fight over a hammerlock, then Wengroff takes it to the mat. Hip-toss and a vertical suplex gets 2 for Wengroff. Diablo then hooks an abdominal stretch to slow it down, along with a chinlock. Wengroff ties a slam, but Diablo slips out and leads Wengroff into the corner. Diablo leaps from the second rope with a seated butt-splash/Thesz press and scores the 3 count at 5:47. Referee Bronko Lubich's lovetaps aren't audible, so Mercer is surprised that it's a three count. Unoffensive preliminary opener.

Marc Lowrance Locker Room Interview with Jake "The Snake" Roberts & Gino Hernandez (w/Nikola Roberts/Andrea)

Jake and Gino agree that they have different lifestyles, but that they are united in their hatred of the Von Erichs. Gino elaborates that he and JAke will find a partner to challenge for the Von Erichs' six-man tag team championship. Oh, and even though Lowrance calls her "Andrea the Lady Giant", Gino calls her "Nikola Roberts".....so the branding department's memo hasn't gotten around.

Bill Mercer On-Location interview with "Gentleman" Chris Adams

h2> Curiously, the location is Adams' new office, as he says he's finally on the way up. He talks about tonight's tag match, mentioning his friendship with Kevin and his dislike for Gino and Jake. In the middle of the interview, he gets a mysterious call, which he puts on hold (or actually hangs up, as he didn't press any buttons....but, we'll kayfabe it). Chris then talks about how his association with Gary Hart has resulted in a substanial winnning streak and that "the sky's the limit".

Buck "Rock & Roll" Zumhofe vs. Tony Torres

They shake hands as the bell sounds, the old school indicator of a "scientific match". Our second straight opening Penultimate Waistlock Challenge. Zumhofe bounces off the ropes and shows off a handstand, to make the crowd happy. Mercer has a....questionable... line about Torres liking guacamole. Mercer then talks about the Texas State Fair the "Cotton Bowl Star Wars" event, while Torres works a step-over toehold. Business exposing moment, as Zumhofe falls to his back when Torres paws at his leg. Zumhofe then returns the favor by working Torres' leg. Zumhofe has him in a toe hold, on the mat, and asks Torres: "c'mon, baby! Tell me ya' love Rock & Roll!" Torres kicks him to the ropes, but Zumhofe endures a monkelyfip and repsonds with a flying drop-kick. They go back to the mat for awhile, as Torres manages a head scissors. Zumhofe remains animated to keep the crowd interested. Basic back and forth punching, but Torres suddenly works heel, as he slaps Zumhofe's pecs. They blow a basic hipstoss out of the corner, then Zumhofe clearly blows a dropkick. Mercer even mentions it. Zumhofe comes off the ropes with a sunset flip to score the 3 count at 9:56. About 8:00 longer than it needed to be. This was just a chance for the crowd to see the fan favorite Zumhofe, but it was terrible.

"Up next" bumper graphics say that "The Missing Link will bang his head, next". I'm perfectly okay that that match has been left off.

Kevin Von Erich & "Gentleman" Chris Adams (w/Gary Hart) vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts & Gino Hernandez (w/Andrea the Lady Giant)

Ring announcer Marc Lowrance proclaims this a "very exciting and most significant main event". Right after the introductions, the crowd pops as Stella Mae French runs in to attack Andrea. Sayyyyy, Stella Mae even shows a little skin...around her abdomen. The opposing wrestlers and referee David Manning try to restore order, until Manning makes the decision to send both ladies back to the locker room.

Things clam down as Kevin and Gino start off. KVE rolls out of an armbar and delivers a grazing drop-kick to the general region of Gino's head. We get the Penultimate Knucklelock Challenge, reaching an apex when KVE stomps Gino's hands. KVE then applies the step-over armbar tospin Gino to the mat. Tag-off to Jake, who ends up in a standing side headlock. Adams perfroms two somersaults, then drop-kicks Jake into the corner. Vertical slam and a kneedrop get an obligatory cover, but Jake kicks out and snakes his way out below the bottom rope. Jake returns to try an arm-winger, but Adams flips to reverse it. Jake finally gets a cheap shot in on KVE, allowing the heels to take over for a bit. KVE Irsh whips jake, then tries his top-rope, spinning, flying crossbody splash...and barely touches Jake. Even Bill Mercer mentions that KVE missed it, a bit. Adams with a super-kick backdrp and slam on Gino...but Gino doodges, and Adams goes flying trough the ropes. Stella Mae is at ringside and says something to Adams. Adams gets up on the apron and GIno suplexes him in, ver the ropes. Adams falls on top, but Gino reverses it and gets the 3 count!

Stella runs into the ring, immediately after the pinfall and gets shoved by Adams! Gary Hart then comes in to berate her... and KVE pulls him off. Things seem to settle down, as KVE turns to Adams. KVE turns back around and sees Hart's hand on Stella Mae, so he clobbers Hart. You never attack an old lady, twice! Seeing KVE attack his manager, Adams then super-kicks KVE's head off! Adams and Hart walk off, leaving KVE along. Gino and Jake take the opportunity to jump back in and do a beatdown on KVE. Including the DDT! Rick Hazzard and Buck Zumhofe arrive, while David Manning gets a wooden chair to finally clear the ring. Bronko Lubich also shows up...because that's his job. Mercer calls it "a most perplexing turn of events".

Our final sgement has Mercer, ringside, with David Manning, who has the scoop on what just happened. After the super-kick, Adams left the ring and said to Manning: "he (Kevin) got what he deserved". Bill Mercer simplys says: "an unusual occurence" and signs off.

Why'd You Watch This?:
Chris Adams's heel turn is probably one of the biggest turns and angles in World Class history. Things had been kinda' cooling down since David Von Erich's death, Kerry's World Championship win, and the Freebirds' departure. This kicks off (no pun intended, but definitely appreciated) a whole new era for the company. While there were definite signs that Adams was turning (his curious office from this episode, and his assocation with Gary Hart over the past month or so), I don't think anybody really expected it. If you wanna' be picky, you can all the way bak to June, 1984, when Adams expressed a little dismay about having to tag up with Stella Mae Fench against Jimmy Garvin and Precious. Yet, Chris Adams was a solid ally of all the babyfaces for the past 18 months or so. Fans might've taken him for granted and never even thought he might turn. I mean, poop, the man's nicknamee is "Gentleman".... he's too nice to turn, goshdarnit! This also wasn't an accidentally bump or anything: Adams deliberately super-kicked Kevin right in the mush! The only really misplay was Mercer's commentary: as he was rather matter-of-factly about the attack, and expressed no outrage in his voice.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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