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World Class Championship Wrestling - September 8, 1984

by Erick Von Erich


More from the Sportarium, as things are changing up a little bit. Mainly, the Freebirds aren't around, as they're in the midst of their exremely brief WWF adventure. Yet you wouldn't really know it, because just because someone hasn't been seen in a few episodes, that doesn't mean they're forgotten. We haven't seen Mike Von Erich in a few episodes, but he's still very significant. Some new characters have been filtering into Texas, regardless. This episode actually opens with another "Encore Match"-- last week's bout between Kevin Von Erich and Gino Hernandez. One thing I didn't notice, before, was that a mild "We Want Stella" chant emerged, midway thrhough the match. Oh, I also forgot that Kevin threw a chair into the ring, at the end. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

"Iceman" King Parson vs. Kelly Kiniski

Speaking of someone we haven't seen in awhile, here's Kiniski. Of note is that the fuzzy-haired Rick Hazzard, a guy we last saw jobbing to Gino Hernadez in June, is now a referee. He'll fill in as a wrestler from time-to-time, but I think he stays with World Class up until the end. Another detail I missed, last week: Iceman now has two-toned trunks with an "I" and a star on the back. Collar-and-elbow locks up, but Kiniski gets in a vicious slap to rile up Iceman. Iceman hits the ropes for a stiff shoulderblock and some dancing, then a quick roll-up for 1. Quick mat exchange, as Kiniski uses a hair (dread) pull to get the advantage. PBP man Bill Mercer suddenly drops a hint about a "huge event" coming to San Antonio. Back to the mat, where Iceman boogies out a head scissors, but Kiniski cheapshots again. Kiniksi misses a charge into the corner, but Iceman counters with a simple headlock takedown. Iceman hits the rope for a replay of his shoulderblock and dancing, but Kiniksi then dodges and chucks him out to the floor. Back inside, a charging clothesline and a kneedrop each score 2 for Kiniski. Swinging neckbreaker, then Kiniski eats knee on a backdrop attempt. To the ropes and Ice lands a charging headbutt, a backdrop, and splash, but Kiniski gets the knees up. Elbowdrop and Kiniski sets up for a slam...but Iceman reverses with a small package to get the 3. About 5 minutes, as Marc Lowrance's announcement of the time cut out.

A Very Special In-Ring Interview with "Gentleman" Chris Adams and Gary Hart

Adams drops the official news that Hart is now his "advisor". He knows that some people don't like Hart, but they've signed a contract to work together. Hart says that everyone he's wrestled has gone straight to the top, then warns "Wild" Bill Irwin and Skandar Akbar to watch out for next week's match against Adams. Nothing really heel-ish, as Hart's strictly business and slamming eternal heel, Akbar. If you'll recall, there was a history between the two managers, as Devastation, Inc. had a feud with Hart's old "H&H Enterprises" in the first part of 1983. Yet Hart soon left and it was down to Devastation vs. Arman Hussein and flunkies. Regarless, there is some kayfabe reasoning for HArt returning and going after Akbar. Bill Mercer then throws it to...

A Very Special Music Video of the Pretty Young Things

Mercer mentioned "they like Michael Jackson", but any MJ music is obviously dubbed-over by the WWE Network. Just some clips of the PYT's last two matches. If I had to guess, I'd say the original tune was "Gotta' Be Startin' Something" or "Beat it". I'd be a little surprised if some heels were trying to look menacing to the tune of the actual song "PYT", with lyrics like: "you need some lovin'(TLC!)".

Pretty Young Things (Norvell Austin & Koko Ware) vs. "Chief" Jules Strongbow & Buck "Rock & Roll" Zumhofe (w/Boombox)

Austin tries to wiggle out of Strongbow's headlock, but I guess that only works if you're a babyface. Zumhofe comes in for more headlockin', but the crowd is loving this. Zumhofe flips out of a backdrop, lands on his feet, and hits a dropkick. Strongbow's back in and the headlockin' continues. I'm noticing that the PYTs tend to get beat up and tossed around for the first portion of their matches, and this is no different. Austin finally manages a hammerlock on ZUmhofe, then tags in Ware for a quick reverse elbow and a slam. PYTs take turns punching Zumhofe and slapping on headlocks. Zumhofe climsb between Ware's legs, then somersaults over to Strongbow, who comes in form some tomahawkin'. Ware responds with a kneelift and now it's the Chief's turn to get pummeled. Strongbow gets tossed into Zumhofe and the rock n' roller and Ware go into a very animated brawl. All 4 guys enter, but the faces get whipped into each other. I mention that, because it seems faces usually come out on top with that manuever. Ware lifts Strongbow into a bearhug and Austin hits a flying clothesline (their finisher). Yet referee Bronko Lubich has been PAYING ATTENTION, and waves it off, because Strongbow is not the legal man. Zumhofe, the legal man, then leaps from the outside with a flying bodypress and pins Ware to get the 3 at 10:32!

Kerry Von Erich vs. Killer Khan (w/Gen. Skandar Akbar)

Kerry's still being introduced as "former world heavyweight champion" and gets a huge pop. Not expecting much more than a brawl, but we'll see if Kerry can mix in a few tricks. Kerry tries some amatuer grappling, but Khan lifts him into the corner. "We Want Terry" (Gordy) chant fires up, but Mercer ignores it or else he thinks they're saying "Kerry". Khan blocks two slam attempts, so Kerry takes him to the mat with an armdrag. Khan chops him into the corner, then Kerry responds with a dropkick and a discus punch. Whoa-- a reverse thrust kick from Khan! Khan telegraphs his deliver of the Oriental Spike and Kerry fights him off....and applies the IRON CLAW to errr... "Khan's midsection", just below his bellybutton. Khan rakes the eyes and they're back to punchin' and do an awkward shoulderblock exchange. Khan gets a shot to the throat, but misses his second-rope kneedrop. Kerry whips him for a backdrop, thumps away and applies the IRON CLAW. To the head, this time. Akbar signals to the back and The Missing Link runs in. Kerry hooks Link in the claw, and it's an outside interference disqualification at 5:49. It's not long before Khan and Link do a beatdown on Kerry, then hit the road.

In the final segment, Bill Mercer's in the ring and gives out the address for Gary Holder's "Requiem for a Champion" book. Been awhile since they've plugged that book. Why'd You Watch This?:
Storyline-wise, the big point is the Hart/Adams alliance. Match-wise, the PYTs vs. Zumhofe/Strongbow is the only one to watch. Maybe. The main event (Kerry/Khan) doesn't have any real heat or story behind it, but don't tell that to the fans. World Class is still very much in their prime and could throw just about anything or anyone out there.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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