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World Class Championship Wrestling - September 1, 1984

by Erick Von Erich

Gino Hernandez

Before we get to this episode, there's some off-screen housekeeping we should mention. After being an important part of World Class for the past 16 months or so, "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin and Precious have officially left town. Results say that they lost not one, but TWO "Loser Leaves Texas" Steel Cage Matches to the tandem of Chris Adams and Stella Mae French. The first was on July 4 at the Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth--- the same event that had the 6-Man Tag Team Championship, that was aired on the July 28 episode. I'm guessing most of that particular show may have aired on the "other" World Class weekly program (aka: "The Forth Worth Show"). Garvin lost a few solo matches after that, but then he and Precious lost their second "Loser Leaves Texas" cage match in San Antonio on July 22. Nonetheless, while we never saw the official end to Garvin's run on THIS series of episodes, he's officially gone. If memory serves me correct, I believe he went to Georgia, then up to the AWA by mid 1985. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

"Gentleman" Chris Adans vs. George Wengroff

Clean handshake to start, the universal sign that this is "face vs. face". Yet at the timekeeper/announcer table sits Gary Hart, who just last week proclaimed that he's been scouting for new clients. They trade headlocks, then Adams comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock and bodypress for a quick 2. Side mare takedown as Adams brings it back to the mat. Rope bounce again, and this time Wengroff rolls up Adams for 2, then applies a head-scissors. Adams goes back to a seated headlock and they roll around for a bit. Back to their feet and Adams with a kneedrop, two slams, then a bodypress off the ropes. Wengroff catches him and the momentum carries them over the top rope and to the floor. Upon returning, Wengroff surprised Adams with a small package for 2, elbow drop, slam, and a vertical suplex. Backslide only scores 1 for Wengroff. Wengroff goes for another suplex, but Adams squrims up and rolls him up from behind to get the 3 at 7:54. Having foresight, you can maybe see that Adams worked with a little more attitude than usual, at times. Yet we get a post-match handshake to show that everything's still cool...

Killer Khan (w/Gen. Skandar Akbar) vs. Mike Galleger

I'm expecting a look of stomping and choking, but we'll see. Oh, well there's a big boot by Khan, which Galleger sells rather awkwardly. Galleger tries a weak drop-kick, but a double-chop to the throat is the reply from Khan. Khan with a backbreaker, then a kneedrop from the second rope to score the 3 at 2:39. Khan signals for the Oriental Spike, but Akbar talks him out of it.

Ringside Interview with Gino Hernandez

Bill Mercer asks him if Stella Mae French has made him officially paranoid. Gino says he's overcome a lot, including a "hormone embalanced female". He claims that he woud've beat Ric Flair for the NWA World Championship had Stella Mae not run in with a 2 x 4. He discounts his loss to Mike Von Erich, claiming he was distracted by a Stella Mae run-in, again. He barks a few "shut up" orders at the fans, because it's tradition. Just a hollering rant from Gino and they still haven't explained WHY Stella Mae would be after him... but that's what they're running with.

"Iceman" King Parsons & Skip Young vs. The Pretty Young Things (Koko Ware & Norvell Austin)

Austin tries to brawl with Youngm, but Young counters with two leapfrogs, a monkeyflip, flying side-mare and a shot to Ware to clear the ring. Iceman then comes in for an animated jumping high-ten with Young! Cameras get a close-up of Austin...and he kinda' looks like a smaller Mark Henry. Young then slows it down by taking Austin to the mat with a headlock. Austin gets up and shoves him to the ropes, but Young does a floatover and a cute little duck to throw him off. Iceman comes in for a head-butt and works a standing side headlock. Ware come sin and gets a stiff shot to the head and a double-elbow. Ware fights back with some Euro uppercuts and a powerslam. Now it's Austin working a headlock-to-the-mat on Young. Young breaks it with a desperation belly-to-back suplex and makes the hot tag to Iceman. Iceman punches away, but soon gets an awkward headbutt from Ware and goes into a double-team beatdown from the PYTs. Ware with a nice elbowdrop for 2 and another headlock wear-down to cue "Go, Ice, Go" from the crowd. PTY beatdown continues as Austin knees him into the corner. Iceman kinda' stumbles into Youngm, who then cleans house with a dropkick and a jumping headbutt. PYTs try a double-team clothesline, but Young dodges it and leaps onto Austin with a flying body-press to score the 3 at 11:10. Well, he didn't really connect and only his knees hit Austin's body...but that's what was supposed to happen, goshdarnit! Afterwards, the PYTs try more fisticuffs, but look like clowns as Ware slips off the top rope--- which may have been intentional. Depsite the sloppy ending, it was a decent match with a hot crowd.

Gino Hernandez vs. Kevin Von Erich

Gino's still the Texas Champion, but this doesn't appear to be a title match and we don't see a belt. Since YOUR memory is better than mine, you'll recall that this match-up was originally promoted for August 11, when Mike Von Erich stepped in for a travel waylaid Kevin and upset Gino for the American title. Penultimate Knucklock Challenge as KVE powers Gino into the ropes, then monkeyflips him to the other side. Gino gets a clean armbar out of a lock-up, then SPITS at KVE. KVE rolls through, pops up, and (half) drop-kicks Gino to the outside. Gino's quickly back and a vitim of a bodyscissors. For once, someone takes advantage of KVE's shoe-less tendency as Gino BITES the toes! KVE with a second-rope elbow, slam, and splash attempt, but Gino gets the knees up. Gino tries flying from the top, but KVE press-slams him and hooks the CLAW. Gino makes the rope-break, then rolls outside to whine. A dazed Gino returns to the ring, swings wildly, gets whipped for a back-drop, then the CLAW strikes again. Gino manages to get the upper hand by using the tape around his wrists to choke KVE into the corner. KVE's soon back on the offensive and Gino suckers him into the ropes, digs into his trunks, and blasts KVE with a taped-up "illegal object". Referee Bronko Lubich doesn't see it and counts 3 to give the victory to Gino.

But wait...what's this? It's Stella Mae French running into the ring to maul Gino. Fans dig it. Second referee David Manning runs in to try and restore some order and in the midst of the brouhaha, Gino's taped-up object is in clear view. Manning snatches it and tells Lubich what happened, so the decision is reversed and it's not a win by disqualification for Kevin Von Erich. Both Stella Mae and Kevin still want a piece of Gino, as we cut to commerical.

A Very Special In-Ring Interview with Kevin Von Erich

Bill Mercer's in the ring with him, as the Sportatorium crowd is filing out. Kevin doesn't approve of anybody interfering in his matches, but that Stella Mae "just may be crazy".

Why'd You Watch This?:
The last two matches were enjoyable, despite each being a bit rough around the edges. Gino and KVE were working a pretty energetic match, until the ending. Kevin really seems to have stepped up his game in 1984.

They still haven't explained WHY Stella Mae is after Gino. He seems to have replaced Jimmy Garvin in both booking position and in storylines. But who needs an explanation when the crowd seems to love it?

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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