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World Class Championship Wrestling - August 25, 1984

by Erick Von Erich

Kerry & Kevin

We're nearing the end of another hot n' sweaty Texas summer, and the Sportatorium still seems to be without adequate A/C or ventilation, as we can see many fans fanning themselves. Bill Mercer announces tonight's card and highlights our main event lumberjack match between Kerry Von Erich and Michael Hayes. Mercer remind us that the vicious Von Erichs vs. Freebirds war began between with these two, back on Christmas, 1982 (and an episode that was aired on January 8 or so). We even get some of the footage from that incident, with the closing moments of Kerry vs. Ric Flair in a cage, when Hayes was the special ref and Terry Gordy SLAMMED the door on Kerry! Good refresher on what started everything. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Encore Match: Kevin Von Erich vs. Killer Khan

Re-broadcast from their match on the June 30th episode. Yup, the result is still the same: KVE wins by DQ and the locker room empties to break up their brawl. Interesting that they're still playing up this feud, since it seemed that Khan vs. Terry Gordy seems to have taken precedence. Yet KVE and Khan haven't had a true blow-off to their feud, so maybe it's still going?

Special Interview with Skip Young

Bill Mercer's on location at South Cliff High School in Dallas-- Skip's alma mater. Skip talks about his high school athletic accomplishments and also mentions that his dad also runs a church in West Dallas. He started at the same time as the Von Erichs, but has traveled around and is glad to be back "home" in Dallas. Mercer brings up the "Sweet Young Things" and Skip says he ran into them in another territory. Just a simple way to officially (re)introduce Skip to the World Class fans as a Nice Guy.

Buck "Rock n' Roll" Zumhofe & "Chief" Jules Strongbow vs. "Wild" Bill Irwin & Scott "Hog" Irwin (w/Gen. Skandar Akbar)

I keep forgetting to mention this, but it's a little funny that the "wild cowboy" Irwin Brothers are billed from Duluth, Minnesota. Irwins are still the reigning tag champs, but this appears to be non-title. Chief starts with Hog and slows him down with some reverse chops. Wild Bill comes in, but fears the chops and rolls out to ringside, right on top of Akbar. More chops, then Zumhofe comes in for some animated arm-wringers and a hammerlock to the mat. Irwins finally manage to double-team and get in some clubberin' on Zumhofe, but he quickly somersaults away and tags in Strongbow. Slam and a charging shoulderblock, but Bill dodges and lets him fall through the ropes. Bill argues with referee Bronko Lubich, which allows Hog to smack Strongbow with the bullwhip, on the outside. Strongbow is taken to the back for medical attention, leaving Zumhofe alone. Yet Zumhofe takes control, flooring both brothers with dropkicks, then takes Bill to the mat with a flying bulldog/headlock. Hog tries to save, but gets the same thing. Zumhofe hits it on Bill, again, but on the third time it's reversed into a belly-to-back suplex. Hog with a vertical suplex for 2, then they thump away on Zumofe for a bit. A bandaged Strongbow suddenly returns with the Irwins' bullwhip and runs into the ring to attack. Then, from out of nowhere, GARY HART runs into to attack Akbar. Mercer refreshes their past, and how Akbar stole away the Great Kabuki.

Ringside Interview with Gary Hart

Hart says Akbar looks like he's wearing "my grandmother's nightgown". Hart's been all over the world, taking care of other business, but now he's back. He hints that he's interested in managing a certain (unknown) wrestler and warns Akbar. You could score this as a face turn for Hart.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Mike Galleger

Sportatorium debut for the Snake, yet we'll mention that he was here as "The Texan" about 18 months ago. Galleger controls things, early on, but Jake reverse an arm-wringer and nails him with a short-arm clothesline and the DDT! Easy 3-count at 0:58. Well that's an impressive debut.

Lumberjack Match: Kerry Von Erich vs. Terry Gordy

Hey, waitminut: I thought we were getting Michael Hayes?! Ring announcer Marc Lowrance informs us that due to travel troubles, Hayes is not here. For lumberjacks, it looks like we have the Irwins, Jake Roberts, Skip Young, Chris Adams, Buck Zumhofe, George Wengroff, Koko Ware and Norvell Austin. Kerry is quickly tossed out, but he sprints right back in and clubs away on Gordy. Whip to the ropes for a big backdrop and Kerry tosses him out for good measure. Gordy gets tossed right back in and wobbles around on the ropes to create some tension. Gordy clothesline Kerry, but some miscommunication results in it being a grazing blow. Yet Kerry still sells it like an anvil. Gordy takes over and punches Kerry over the top, for a quick toss-back-in from the Irwins. Kerry stumbles around, misses a drop-kick, and gets tossed into the turnbuckles by Gordy. Piledriver scores 2 for Gordy. He tries again, but Kerry turns it into a backdrop, then delivers his own piledriver for 2. Back-and-forth animated brawling, until Gordy tapes up his thumb and applies the Oriental Spike. To the mat as "Go, Kerry, Go" eminates from the crowd. Suddenly, Killer Khan runs in to attack Gordy-- apparently upset over the use of the Spike. That triggers a disqualification and we instantly get a mini battle royal as everyone enters the ring to brawl! Kevin Von Erich then arrives and goes after both Khan and Gordy. The faces eventually clear the ring as it's announced as a double disqualification at 9:20. Well, not amazing, but it was something.

Why'd You Watch This?
Match-wise, there's not much to see here, as it's another of those "day at the office" episodes that all wrestling shows have. Yet in the bigger story-telling side of things, we get the debut of Jake Roberts and the surprise return of Gary Hart. Hart as a face? We'll see...

With the announcement of Hayes's travel woes, I full expected him to do a run-in. Yet the timeline tells us that this period (August 1984) is when the Freebirds had their brief WWF sojourn, so I wondering if that had anything to do with it.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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