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WCCW- August 13, 1983
by erick von erich

This month "The History of World Class Championship Wrestling" features an intro with Kevin Von Erich and Michael Hayes pumping up Jose Lothario. Like pretty much everyone else they've talked about recently, Jose was a "nice guy who did a lot for the business". Cut to 1983, where Bill Mercer runs down tonight's card, as we have expanded video graphics of each wrestler in tonight's double main event; "Iceman" King Parson will get another shot at Buddy Roberts, while Kerry Von Erich will take on Michael Hayes. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: Mike Reed vs. Mr. Ebony
Skandar Akbar isn't at ringside for this episode, once again. Reed proves that old adage about mustached wrestlers resembling 70's porn stars. Reed starts off with a go-behind waistlock and tries a full-nelson, but Ebony powers out and clubs away. He whips Reed to the ropes a shot to the tummy, then cranks on a reverse chinlock. Reed is tossed out through the ropes and tries to shoulder-block his way back in. Ebony catches him, clubs again, then comes off the second rope with a forearm. Ebony whips Reed to the ropes for a backdrop, then clamps on his swining full nelson hold to get the submission win.

A Very Special Bill Mercer Ringside Interview with the Fabulous Freebirds
Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts (w/headgear) are out to deny allegations of the recent Freebird slump. Hayes threatens Fritz Von Erich and warns him to stay away from the Freebirds' business. Roberts then gets the mic and hollers, claiming he's not bald amid chants of "baldie" from the Sportatorium faithful. Lord help 'em, they can't change.

Match 2: Jose Lothario and "Gentleman" Chris Adams vs. The Mongol and (El) Gran Marcus
First time we've seen Marcus in a few months. To refresh, he's a masked luchador. Adams starts out with the Mongol, as they criss-cross (JUMP! JUMP!) with Mongol landing a clothesline for a quick 2 count. Marcus comes in and misses a kick. ALl four men briefly enter the ring, but the good guys are sent into other. Adams hits Mongol with a super-kick, but Marcus soon takes over. Mongol tags in to pound the external occipital protuberance, then electrifies the crowd with a reverse chin-lock. To mix it up a bit, Marcus comes in and works a shoulder stretcher on Adams. The bad guys work over Adams for awhile, until he ducks a Mongolian Clothesline and tags Lothario. Lothario goes into boxer mode, but follows Mongol to the opposite side of town and is summarily double-teamed. More brawling, but Lothario manages to tag Adams. Marcus then shoulder-blocks Adams out through the ropes. Adams leaps over the ropes with a nice armdrag on Marcus, sends him to the ropes, kicks the wheels away and gets a 2 count. Super-kick from Adams sends Marcus to the outside. Adams pulls him back in for a suplex and another 2. Adams slams Marcus, then tags Lothario who comes off the top with a stomp. Lothario backdrops Marcus, then pummels the Mongol and hooks a sleeper. All 4 men enter once again, with the good guys controlling most of the action. The bell sounds to signal a 15 minute time limit draw. Uck...a pretty worthless time filler match.

Match 3: "Iceman" King Parsons vs. Buddy Roberts
Both guys start off with some boxing and juking. The crowd starts chanting "we want the wig" as this soon becomes all angle and very little match. Roberts gets a shot or two, then Iceman tries going for the headgear/wig. At one point, Roberts rolls outside and threatens to bring a chair into the ring. Roberts stalls like mad, then tries to hide in the ropes. Iceman wheelbarrows him off and gets a 2 count. They brawl to the mat and Roberts bails to the apron again. Iceman springs him back in with the ropes and delivers a shoulderblock. He tries another, but Roberts dodges and tosses him outside. Iceman returns and Roberts tries to hit him from the top rope. Iceman counters, but Roberts goes to the eyes and throws him outside again. They fight on the apron, until Iceman clotheslines/hangmans Roberts with the top rope. Iceman whips Roberts for a backdrop, but Roberts kicks him in the noggin on a second attempt. Roberts goes for a suplex, but Iceman counters and cleanly pins him with a small package. Like I said, it was mostly angle development, but it did prove that Iceman could beat Roberts fair n' square. I have to wonder; why didn't Roberts make any attempt to use his "loaded" headgear in this match? Logic in Wrestling.

Match 4: Kerry Von Erich vs. Michael Hayes
At this point, I've finally realized that WWE Classics OnDemand has been editing out each wrestler's crowd entrance, complete with theme music. So we missed Rush's "Tom Sawyer" and Skynyrd's "Freebird". It's not really an issue, since the official in-ring introductions are still intact. Anyways, Kerry actually looks a little slim for this match. Hayes starts with a waistlock, but Kerry counters with a sit-out as they grapple on the mat briefly. Hayes takes some time to work the crowd and complain about a trunk pull. Kerry applies a twisting wristlock, but Hayes bails and struts around ringside. Hayes returns with a headlock, which slows things down and brings out chants of "Go Kerry, Go!" Kerry powers out, hiptosses Hayes, slams him, then follows up with an armdrag. Hayes makes the ropes to break, then goes on the attack with a flying reverse elbowsmash. Kerry comes off the ropes with the CLAW, but Hayes reaches the ropes again and ducks down to send him flying outside. Hayes flies off of the apron and blasts Kerry with something (camera missed it, but we see both guys tumbling to the floor). The make it back in, where Hayes eats turnbuckle. Kerry charges, but Hayes get his knees up. Hayes works a quick reverse chinlock, then goes all punchy/kicky. After some criss-cross ropeage, Kerry comes off with a flying bodypress. Hayes reverse the momentum and turns into a pinning predicament. Hayes gets 2, but referee Bronko Lubich stops the count when he sees his feet are on the ropes. Hayes gets up, thinking he's won, so of course Kerry suddenly rolls him up with an underhook from behind to get the pin. Hayes is pissed that he's lost and lays out Kerry with a jumping piledriver ("it's doomsday for the skull"!) Match was given way too much time, but still entertained on some levels.

After a final break, Mercer quickly wraps up the show. Chris Adams joins him at the set, refreshing his feud against the Mongol, while also challenging Jimmy Garvin again. The DRUMS hit and we're out for another month!

Why'd You Tape This??
The Freebird slump continues and I honestly don't recall where they went from here, in a booking sense. A final blow-off to the Mongol/Adams feud needs to happen soon. They obviously have bigger plans for Adams and his recurring matches against the Mongol are becoming annoying. Especially since the two don't have any chemmistry together. Yet while the first half of this show is a stinker (along with the first 3/4 of the Iceman/Roberts match), the results of the two main events make it worth watching.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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