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World Class Championship Wrestling - August 4, 1984

by Erick Von Erich

Chris Adams

Last time on World Class, the Von Erichs and Freebirds were still at war, and Gino Hernandez was a prick. This week, we're welcomed by our usual host, Bill Mercer, all decked out in a snazzy white linen buttoned shirt. Survival gear for Texas heat. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

WCCW Update: Killer Khan, Devastation, Inc. and the Freebirds

Nice how they're labeling this as "WCCW Update" in the upper-left of the screen. Recently, over in Fort Worth, General Skandar Akbar signed a tag-match against the Von Erichs with the Missing Link and the mysterious "Mr. X". Mr. X turned out to be none other than Killer Khan, who has signed on a full-fledged member of Devastation! Akbar takes the house mic and runs down the Freebirds for being "stupid" and allowing Khan to slip through their fingers; namely that "half-wit" Terry Gordy who was supposed to be tight with Khan. This brings out Michael Hayes, who demands Akbar take back those insults. Yeah, not gonna' happen, so a 3-way beatdown ensuses on Hayes. Khan's reluctant, at first, but threatens to go for the Oriental Spike, as Hayes rolls out of the ring.

Cut to later in the actual match (Kevin & Kerry Von Erich vs. Khan & Link), where Hayes returns, in jeans, and with Terry Gordy. A big 3-way battle ensues.

Fresh content has a studio promo from Akbar who says that Khan believes in the universal language of money. The Freebirds are idiots, and nobody can beat his new team of Khan and the Link. He suggest Hayes stop focusing on recording sessions and get down to business. This was awesome, but we get even more awesomeness...

Bill Mercer is on-location to visit the Freebird Van in a parking lot. Hayes pop out and says that Khan was a friend of Gordy's, which made him a friends of the 'Birds. They never owned Khan and were just trying to show him a good time, around the country ("Dallas, Nashville or even Boston"). He adds that the Freebirds have just signed a recording contract with "Dave Wolff, who manages Cyndi Lauper". Ahhh. Mercer persists in opening the van door and talking to Gordy...who tumbles out in a feverous tantrum. Maybe it's the video quality, but he looks sunburnt. He's ticked that Mercer had the audacity to touch the VAN! Gordy says he can do whatever he wants, even toss some snuff into his mouth (he does so). Khan may have been his friend, but that ends when you mess with his "brothers". Gordy continues hollering at Khan, rips off his shirt, and rolls on the ground! I know, I know... I'm sure we're all waiting for the moment when Gordy gets a mic and simply yells "KHAAAAANNNNN", but this was better. Angry Terry Gordy Promos rule.

Scott "Hog" Irwin (w/Gen. Skandar Akbar & "Wild" Bill Irwin) vs. Rick McCord

Second TV match for McCord and I'm not expecting much. Irwin with a quick slam, then rolls McCord to the mat with a front facelock. McCord tries an arm-wringer and dodges some of Irwin's offense. Irwin demonstartes a palm-strike to the camera and claims that everything's legal. McCord tries a backdrop, but Irwin sunset flips him for 2. More front facelock, because it's tradition. Headbutt, big boot, and a suplex scores another 2. Irwin goes for a backdrop, but the camera angle shows that it's McCord simply flipping over, while Irwin bends forward. Elbowdrop and a nonchalant cover gets another 2 for the big Hog. McCord reverse a whip into the corner, then follows it up with reverse chops and a drop-kick to get the crowd into it, a bit. Irwin kicks him in the sternum, and hits a running/jumping knee to the head. Irwin then sets up the super-plex, which scores the 3 at 8:05.

Kevin Von Erich vs. Killer Khan (w/Gen. Skandar Akbar)

Not a fresh match-up, but they are keeping things fresh, if that makes sense. Khan dares KVE to punch him, and gets surprised when he's kicked in the temple. KVE's in control, early, until he misses a dive into the corner, allowing Khan to jab and choke away. Big boot and Khan tries for the Oriental Spike, but it's fought off. KVE whips him to the ropes for a backdrop, then applies the CLAW! Crowd loves it, as the move is cinched in for a few minutes. Suddenly, Michael Hayes runs in, breaks the hold and wants Khan all to himself! The Missing Link arrives as Mercer sums it up best: "it's one of those wild brawls". KVE drop-kicks Khan out of the ring and LInk gets tumble over, as well. KVE stands tall... but Hayes attacks him from behind and is eventually tossed. Referee Bronko Lubich declares the official decision at 6:48-- the match has been thrown out and there's no winner.

Mike Von Erich & "Gentleman" Chris Adams vs. Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts

Well... there's an easy bet on who will do the job. Mike starts with Roberts and you can tell they've working together a bit. Mike works a leg takedown into a modified death lock, of sorts. Hayes comes in for a shoulderblock, but then gets trapped in the same leg takedown and lock. During the lull, Mercer drops the news about two new arrivals to World Class: "Sweet Brown Sugar" Skip Young and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Young is acknowledged as returning and while Jake was briefly here as "The Texan" in early 1983, this will be the debut for his "real" character. Meanwhile, MVE and Hayes get to a vertical base and we get a tag-off to each partner. Adams cleans house with two backdrops and hits a half super-kick on Roberts, followed by a big slam and kneedrop for 2. Adams slows it back down with a reverse chinlock. Mike returns with a fairly sloppy top rope elbowdrop, but Roberts rolls out to the floor. Mike suplexes him back in, from the apron then tags in Adams for a top-rope axehandle. Cheap shot to the throat from Roberts and Hayes returns. Nice reverse elbow-smashaputs Hayes in control for a bit. Swinging reverse neckbreaker scores 2 for Hayes. Vintage Freebird double-teaming on Adams and Roberts actually delivers a nice slam. They hit the hopes, but Adams drops down to monkey-flip Roberts, then send him back to the floor with a drop-kick. Adams charges, but gets crotched on the ropes. Cameras cut to a replay, so we miss Adams knocking Roberts down, again... but hear the crowd cheer as Hayes receives a super-kick, in the ring. Roberts gets back to the apron, but MVE uses a flying leg-scissors to pull him back in and down to the mat. Roberts kinda' wheelbarrows over to Hayes, who comes in with a clothesline, slam, and a flying second-rope elbow for 2. Adams returns for a backdrop, super-kicks Roberts and all 4 guys enter. The Birds are whipped for a center-ring collision, but soon recover with a double clothesline on Adams. Roberts slams Adams, twice, and Mike makes the save, twice. Roberts tries a third slam, but this time Adams reverses it into a small package and gets the 3 count at 12:18! You took that easy bet, right?

Afterwards, the Birds clear the ring and do a double-suplex on Adams. They set up for a spike piledriver, but Mike wiggles the top rope and sends Roberts flying. Good guys clear the ring in what was a very entertaining main event. Even if the outcome was obvious.

In-Ring Interview with Mike Von Erich

A somewhat stumbling interview, as he says Adams is icing his necks, they're gonna' get the Freebirds, they're gonna' get Gino Hernandez and they're all gonna' be here, next week. Kind of a weak way to close out what been a strong show.

Why'd You Watch This?:
I honestly did not expect this episode to be so good. About 4-5 episodes ago, I would've groaned at another KVE/Khan match, but this worked. I'm curious to see if they'll keep this feud going. Aside from one mention, Gino Hernandez was absent from this episode, but wasn't missed at all.

If 3-way dances or triangle matches were a thing in 1984, a Von Erichs vs. Devastation vs. Freebirds tilt would've been all kinds of awesome. Yet it would've used up about 75% of your relevant roster in one match. Khan jumping to Devastation was a heel turn on the heels, and somewhat unexpected. Yet consider that Kamala had recently left, so Devastation needed a new monster-type in their stable. It also brings Devastation back up the card, a bit. Just like back in the March 1984 episodes, I still love me some Freebirds/Devastation tiffs! They're both still heels--and hate the Von Erichs--- but hate each other, as well.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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