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WCCW- July 9, 1983
by erick von erich

World Class heads back to the Sportatorium, after the events of "International Wrestling Star Wars". Unlike the other "Star Wars" of 1983, at least this one didn't have Ewoks. Instead we got the return of Bruiser Brody and the Freebirds got slapped around. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: "Gentleman" Chris Adams vs. Johnny Mantel
Face-v-face, so they play nice with clean breaks. They three-peat a hammerlock and head scissors sequence. Admas then targets Mantel's left arm, even holding onto an armbar after a slam. Mantel works a wristlock to the mat, but Adams bridges out and goes right back to the arm. They bounce off the ropes, but Mantel's done his homework and dodges Adams' drop-kick attempt. Adams hits the mat and Mantel makes a quick cover for 2. Mantel applies a body-stretcher which brings out the "Go Chris, Go" chants. Mantel's backbreaker gets 2, but he misses a follow-up elbowdrop. Adams with a slam and a legdrop for his own 2. As the match enters its final minute, Mantel catches Adams in a small package. Each guy keeps reversing, as they trade two counts, then eventually tumble out of the ring as the time limit expires. The whole time they were rolling around in the small package, so I guess a bad joke would be to call it "A Rolling Package". Mantel looks a little peeved, but Adams offers him a handshake, and he accepts. Like most face-v-face matches, it was filled with lame rest holds and didn't seem marginally interesting until the final two minutes. Also, this was the second Mantel/Adams time limit draw we've had to witness over the last few episodes.

A Very Special Pre-Recorded Interview with David Von Erich
At Bill Mercer's intro desk, as they recap the events of the Harley Race/Kevin Von Erich match. David apologizes to Kevin for costing him the match, then officially challenges Race for the NWA title, "anytime, anywhere". They abruptly switch to the held-up Texas Title and the situation with Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine. David talks about their upcoming "Valet Match" where the loser will have to work for the winner for a day. David talks about putting Garvin to work on his horse farm. As for Sunshine, DVE says she can cook him a meal, do his dishes and his laundry. Gee, NO sexism at all!

Match 2: Chavo Guerrero vs. Rip Rogers
They start off with a handshake, but Rogers soon becomes something of a heel as he whines constantly. Rogers (in his PINK turnks, no less) is just passing through right now, but he'll become a World Class regular in about a year. Chavo somersaults out an initial lock-up. Rogers tries the same move, but can't hit it and gets frustrated. The story of the match soon turns into Chavo performing a quick n' nifty move while Rogers gets pissed. Chavo works him to the mat, performs a hand-stand, then kicks him in the tummy. Chavo goes right into a bow-and-arrow submission hold, then works a toe-hold. A befuddled Rogers fights back with a series of elbows and a flying clohtesline for 2. They brawl into the corner, where Chavo suddenly climbs up top and does a backflip to the center of the ring. Chavo attacks with a flying head-scissors, charging head-butt and a drop-kick to score the 3 count pin.

Match 3: Mike Bond vs. Mr. Ebony (w/Skandar Akbar and the Mongol)
Ebony just shoves Bond around, then no-sells his shoulderblock attempts, clotheslines and slams him. Bond gets in a few minor shots, but Ebony simply clubs his back as this quickly approaches the excitement level of a Boris Zhukov match. Ebony slams Bond, whips him to the ropes for a forearm shot to the tummy, then locks him in his swinging full nelson for the submission win.

A Very Special Ringside Interview with Devastation, Inc.
Flanked by his personal bodyguard the Mongol and Mr. Ebony, Akbar challenges Bruiser Brody; saying all members of Devastation are after the big guy.

Match 4: Lumberjack Match:
Kerry Von Erich vs. Terry Gordy

Somewhat surprising, but NO Von Erichs or Freebirds are among the lumberjacks. But I suppose you can kayfabe this and say it's in the interest of fairness. I might miss one or two 'jacks, but I spot Chavo, Mongol, Mr. Ebony, "Iceman" King Parsons, "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin, Chris Adams, Bruiser Brody and Rip Rogers. Some of them look like they've slept all night and worked all day. But they're all lumberjacks...and they're okay.

Gordy starts off with two armdrags as Garvin cheers loudly. Even though Garvin originally belittled the 'Birds, he's now become a big supporter. Kerry whips Gordy around and slams him twice. Gordy tumbles out and is immediately shoved back in by the faces. Kerry tries to work the arm, but Gordy reverses it and powers him to the mat. Kerry comes off the ropes with a flying bodypress to score a 2 count. Gordy responds by dropping him, neck-first, on the top rope. Kerry falls out and Garvin rudely shoves him back in. Gordy delivers a big vertical suplex and gets a 2 count. Kerry lands a sunset flip for a quick pin attempt, but Gordy stops his momentum and works a bearhug. They struggle for a few minutes, until Kerry manages the CLAW, as they tumble out to the apron. Garvin gets a shot on Kerry, while Brody blasts Gordy. The lumberjacks soon begin arguing, as Gordy brings Kerry back inside for a backbreaker. Gordy lifts Kerry up for a slam, but Brody reaches in and grabs his leg. Kerry falls on top and scores the pin!

After the match, all the lumberjacks enter the ring for extracurricular fisticuffs. Most square off with their expected opponent, while Iceman pairs off with Mr. Ebony. Adams, Iceman, Brody, Chavo and Kerry clear the ring and celebrate. Decent for a lumberjack match, as all the whole cast got involved.

A Very Special Ringside Interview with "Goregeous" Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine
Garvin calls all of the Von Erichs "chicken", as he'll face Kevin next week, but is upset that the American Heavyweight Championship is not on the line. Mercer quickly signs off and we're out! Unfotunately, WWE Classic On Demand does not have a copy of "next week's" show, so we'll have to skip ahead to the July 23 installment.

Why'd You Tape This??
The only match worth watching is the Lumberjack Main Event. The rest is total garbage. Even though he's supposed to be a big babyface, once again David Von Erich comes off like a complete jerk during his promo. Also, the audio on this episode is garbly at times, and out-of-synch at others. So unless you're a World Class completionist, skip this show.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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