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WCCW- May 19, 1985
by erick von erich

Picking right up from last week's episode, this installment continues with the second part of the 2nd Annual David Von Erich Parade of Champions. When we left last time, we were right in the middle of the big 12-man Tag Team Challenge bout. Marc Lowrance quickly recaps the events of the first three falls and how the Dynamic Duo and their team is currently up 2-1. Plus, can Kerry Von Erich continues after being splashed by over 1,000 pounds of the One Man Gang, Kimala and Rip Oliver?! But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: 12-Man Tag Team Challenge Match-- 3/5 Falls
Kerry Von Erich, Kevin Von Erich, Mike Von Erich, Buddy Roberts, Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes vs. "Crippler" Rip Oliver, Kimala, One Man Gang, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, Gino Hernandez & Chris Adams (w/Skandar Akbar, Gary Hart & Jim Cornette)
It's cool to see this entire match, but it is a little strange having it stretched over two shows. I think when World Class re-aired this episode under the ESPN "Legends of World Class" syndication package, they shuffled things around so it aired on one episode. Regardless, we continue on into the second fall as Kerry Von Erich will, in fact, continue. Buddy Roberts squares off with Gino Hernandez and cranks on a standing side headlock. Chris Adams tags in and hawks a loogie at Michael hayes, pissing off the entire Freebird crew as they explode on Adams. One Man Gang turns the tide by suplexing Terry Gordy. Meanwhile, over in the other ring, Mike & Kevin Von Erich team up to pound on Dr. Death. Dr. Death makes a comeback with a stiff clothesline on Mike. Roberts buldogs Gino, then hooks a small package for 2, while Kimala and Mike Von Erich go at it. Mike actually turns in a decent performance in this portion as he leg-drops Kamala and finally mixes in more than punches. The Freebirds finally get their revenge on the Dynamic Duo as Roberts bearhugs Gino so Hayes and Gordy can attack with a double clothesline. Roberts then covers Gino to even the bout at 2-2.

Fifth and final starts as Kerry pummels Dr. Death, sending him into the "alley" between the two rings. Dr. Death stumbles into the other ring, where Kevin charges, leaps from the first ring, and hits him with a flying bodypress to score the decisive 3 count. Wow... I know Dr. Death has his fans, but he sold for EVERYBODY and was pretty much a tackling dummy in this match. As the Von Erichs celebrate, the Freebirds simply depart without basking in the glow. So I'm guessing they were uneasy allies.

But there's more! Since Kevin scored the final fall, he gets rewarded with a brand new car. There it is, sitting in the Cowboys' endzone. Gary Hart gets the house mic and barks: "Moon! Moon.. One Man Gang-- destroy that car! Right now!" OMG picks up his lump o' chain and walks over to the endzone, intent on busting the thing up. Mike Von Erich sprints over and cuts him off with a flying bodypress! Referees David Manning and Mark Hazzard, along with the other Von Erichs arrive to restore order. Manning walks away with the Gang's chain...but the Dyanmic Duo had been quietly watching the whole thing from the stadium tunnel. Just when everyone thinks the day is saved, Gino runs out, steals the chain from Manning and proceeds to shatter the car's windshield! Adams runs out and get a few kicks in, as well. The Von Erichs are pissed... but a slew of officials prevent them from pursuing the Duo. Overall, a fun match with an EVIL ending. Good way to keep the Dynamic Duo's heat as slimy heels.

Match 2: NWA World Heavyweight Championship:
Ric Flair (c) vs. Kevin Von Erich

Set up to be a sequel to Kerry's big win the previous year. It even has the same stipulation: if Flair gets disqualified, he'll lose the title. Match starts off clean, as they fight over a wristlock. They criss cross (Jump! jump!) the ropes until Kevin rolls up Flair off the ropes for a quick 2. The Penultimate Knuckelock Challenge occurs, with Flair eventually going into slappamania mode. Kevin reverse a suplex into a sleeper, but Flair makes the ropes. Kevin backdrop Flair, then punches him to evoke the Flair Flop. Basic brawling goes on for about 5 minutes until things begin to pick up. Flair shoves the ref aside and (illegally) tosses Kevin over the top. Kevin responds by climbing to the top turnbuckle and landing a bodypress for 2. Flair dives out of the ring, but catches Kevin on re-entry and plants him with a reverse atomic drop, followed by a snapmare and a kneedrop for 2. Suplex from Flair gets another 2, then it's time for the abdominal stretch. Kevin muscles out, so Flair whips to the ropes and tries to apply it again, but Kevin snakes around and cinches his own version. Break, so Kevin flies off the second rope with a forearm.

Flair is tossed around and Flops his way into ring #2. Kevin follows up immediately by climbing the top and launching himself into the other ring for 2. Fun way to utilize the double-ring set-up. Flair fights off a CLAW attempt and turns it into a belly-to-back suplex. Flair hooks his own sleeper, but Kevin breaks it in the corner and applies a suplex. They chop away at each other, eventually tumbling out to the floor. Right back in and Flair tosses Kevin out through the ropes. Kevin sunset flips his way back in and scores a 2 count. Flair slams him, but gets halted while climbing the turnbuckles. They go to the mat with a waistlock, where kevin bridges out and turns it into... a backslide pinning predicament! The fans recognize the same hold that Kerry used to pin Flair, last year, and go apeshit. But it's only a 2 count as Flair gets his foot on the ropes. Kevin then applies a VERY weak version of the claw, which Flair sells like mad.

With the claw still applied, they tumble out of the ring and brawl to a LAME double countout. Fans hate that... and so does Kevin. He snaps, tosses the refs and won't break the hold on Flair. Flair blades and "passes out", while more Von Erichs and referees arrive to calm Kevin. He still doesn't break it..until Fritz comes in and tells him: "you'll KILL him". Fritz grabs the house mic and says that he's proud of his boy, but that "there will be another day, Mr. Flair". Like all sequels, this tried for the spirit of the original and tried to amp things up, but fell flat in the end. After it spilled into the second ring, the match became quite good, but the ending and the incredibly weak claw killed any real drama.

Match 3: Mike Von Erich vs. "Crippler" Rip Oliver (w/Jim Cornette)
A blow-off for a minor feud the two had, spurred on when Oliver slammed Mike's hand into a door at Will Rogers Arena. As a result, Mike is wearing a cast for this event (which I failed to notice in the 12 man bout). They start off bouncing around on the ropes, but Mike blows...something...so they tumble awkwardly to the mat. Back to a vertical base where Mike correctly applies a hiptoss and an armbar. They slip out to the floor, where Cornette distracts Mike and gets him to give chase. It leads into the ring, where Oliver ambushes Mike, targets the arm and tosses him into the ringpost. More punching and locking up, until Oliver tries a slam. Mike wiggles out, hits Oliver with his cast and scores the 3 count.

American Tag Team Championship:
Fantastics (w/Little John) vs. The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette)

(Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers vs. "Loverboy" Dennis Condrey & "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton)
The title is currently held up, over the constant brouhaha between both teams. Cornette, ever the leech of Momma Cornette's funds, has a new suit for this bout. Shocker: another match with stipulations! First, Little John; an obscure 8-foot tall hillbilly; is seated next to Jim Cornette to keep an eye on him. Second, all four men are legal at all times and the match can take place in both rings. Two referees are on hand, as well. Eaton squares off with Fulton, while Condrey locks up with Rogers, with each tandem in separate rings. Rogers manages a sunset flip for 2, while Eaton slams Fulton for a deuce. Fulton uses the rope's leverage to catapult Eaton out onto the floor. Everyone ends up in the same ring and they switch dance partners. At this point, it's apparent that the two ring set-up hurts the match as it's mostly brawling with no double-team manuevers. Just as I say that, the Midnights whip the Fans into the center of the ring, where they do-si-do and come back with drop-kicks. Rogers then goes up top for a flying drop-kick on Condrey. Eaton counters with a top rope elbow on Fulton. Eaton brings a chair in and begins blasting both Fantastics. Eaton then press-slams Fulton into the gap between the two rings. Rogers whips Eaton into the ropes and delivers a NICE powerslam for 2. Eaton bumps ref David Manning and squashes him into Rogers in the corner. Little John walks over to check on Rogers, eventually slugging Eaton. Rogers then rolls up Eaton for 3! But just moments earlier, Jim Cornette had been unattended and blasted Fulton with the trusty tennis racket. Condrey had also rolled up Fulton and scored a 3 count from referee Mark Hazzard! The Midnights celebrate with the belts, thinking they've regained the championship. But Manning and Hazzard confer and award the titles to the Fantastics, as we have NEW American Tag Team Champions!

Marc Lowrance quickly signs off and previews next week's return to the Sportatorium.

Why'd You Tape This??
Once again, the only disappointing aspect is how it's okay for the babyfaces to cheat. Mike Von Erich's cast was okie-dokie by the ref, and so was Little John's interference. But the good guys get their comeuppance as Gino Hernandez and Chris Adams spoil their reward. The 12 Man Tag Match is really the highlight of this event, but Kevin/Flair is worth one watch. Same for the Fantastics/Midnights, although they had much more exciting matches against each other in Mid-South and JCP. Final scorecard reads; 12-Man Match: Good. Rest of the Card: Average.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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