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WCCW- March 26, 1983
by erick von erich

Time for our monthly dose of World Class flashback action. In a nifty bit of serendipity, the WWE 24/7 broadcast kicks off with a random snippet of Kerry Von Erich's NWA World Title victory over Ric Flair in Texas Stadium. That's followed up by the official World Class episode, with the usual host segment from Michael Hayes and Kevin Von Erich. This month, they pump up Jose Lothario a bit, as Kevin mentions he learned everything he knew in the ring from Jose...and Jimmy Snuka. Hmm, I never knew Kevin was trained by Snuka, but it makes perfect sense.

Anyways, this show originally aired on March 26, 1983. A day before my 9th birthday! I still vividly remember getting the brand-new GI Joe Polar Battle Bear and Falcon Glider (w/Grunt) as gifts. It was also the week we got cable, rented a jackhammer to put a hole in our basement, and I cut my Achilles tendon on a waterslide at Celebrity Sports Center. Turning 9 kicked ass! But enough of my yapping, let's rock!

A Very Special Interview with David Von Erich
As Bill Mercer previews tonight's card, DVE joins him to plead the fans for write-in votes so he can land a rematch against Jimmy Garvin for the Texas Title. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: WCCW Texas Heavyweight Championship:
"Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (c) (w/Sunshine) vs. Jose Lothario
As Sunshine performs her valet duties with Garvin's wardrobe, Mercer makes a point of describing "his interesting bow tie situation". Oooookay. Jose wins the initial lock-ups, while Garvin keeps bailing and working the crowd. Garvin finally settles in the ring, as Jose cranks away with an armbar, even elevating him with it. Garvin is proud of himself for cinching a standing side headlock, but Jose shoves him off, leapfrogs, performs a monkeyflip and two armdrags. Garvin bails again, then returns to try the headlock once more. This time, Jose counters with an atomic drop. Garvin hops out again and in a funny spot, asks Sunshine: "how's my hair?" Garvin gains the advantage with a kneelift, whips Jose to the corner and hooks a reverse chinlock to chants of "Go Home, Jim". They bounce off the ropes and Jose catches Garvin with a nice backbreaker. Garvin goes for a double-leg takedown, but Jose twists him off. Twice! He tries twisting a third time, but Garvin grabs the top rope to prevent it, and pins Jose for a count of 3. A jobbed Jose pounds Garvin out of the ring. This match looked like a stinker, but Jose really stepped up and gave a great showing. Nice booking too, as it looked like a easy squash for the egotistical champ, but he ran into a hornet's nest.

Bill Mercer visits Devastation, Inc. HQ
A pre-recorded bit as Mercer interviews Skandar Ackbar in the Devastation offices. King Kong Bundy is along, as Ackbar refers to him as "the Eighth Wonder of the World". Ackbar brags about his connection to OPEC and how higher gas prices are music to his ears. Damn, with that gimmick, he'd would be the #1 heel in any promotion, today! He then throws out a threat to Tola Yatsu, challenging him to meet the Great Kabuki in a "ninja stick match". Mercer asks just how deep the pockets of Devastation, Inc are. Ackbar answers by insinuating that he has acquired the services of the NWA World Champ, Ric Flair!

Match 2: King Kong Bundy vs. Tola Yatsu (w/Arman Hussein)
Before the match, Hussein cuts a ringside promo, accepting Ackbar's challenge...for a "kendo stick match", next week. Yatsu starts off the match with some sumo wrestling stretches, to needle Bundy a bit. The cameras cut to ringside to catch that crotchety old lady in the crowd who HATES Hussein. I think I referenced her before; she was apparently allowed to get up and walk around ringside whenever she felt like it. Hey, YOU try telling that bitch she has to sit down! Bundy works Yatsu's arm, drops a few knees and hammerlocks him to the mat. Yatsu is whipped to the ropes, but ducks under and delivers a nice reverse thrust kick. Since he's an Evil Oriental Guy, he proceeds to chop away on Bundy. Bundy clubs back and tosses him with a backdrop, followed up by an avalanche in the corner. Hussein reaches under and grabs Bundy's leg, then flings a kendo stick to Yatsu. Yatsu blasts Bundy with it, drawing the disqualification. The fans actually cheer for Bundy as he's announced as the victor.

A repeat of the Kamala video is aired. Same exact thing from a few episodes back.

Match 3: Texas Tornado Match:
Kevin & Kerry Von Erich (w/David Von Erich) vs. Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy (w/Buddy Roberts)

In this case, "Texas Tornado" means all four men in the ring at one time. Mercer mentions that Kevin has regained the American Title from Gordy. So either that happened in one of the February episodes that WWE 24/7 skipped over, or else it happened at one of the Reunion Arena or Will Rogers Arena shows. This match is a wild brawl with the fans eating it up like free Gummi Bears. Kerry hits a few discus punches on Gordy, while Kevin lands a flying dropkick on Hayes. The Von Erichs perform a double hip-toss on Gordy, but Hayes gets in a few shots as the Freebirds take over. The 'Birds do a cool little doubleteam where Gordy drop both brothers on Hayes' seated knee. Kevin fights them off, then flies off the top with an elbow for Hayes. Kerry hooks Gordy in a sleeper, but Hayes saves with an elbow smash to the noggin. Von Erichs get the upper hand again, as they Irish whip both 'Birds into each other. They follow it up with STEREO CLAW HOLDS! Gordy manages to toss Kerry over the top, while Hayes makes the ropes for a break. Buddy Roberts hops and enters the ring....so of course, David does the same. All 6 men brawl as it's a double disqualification. Not as pretty as their other matches, wrestling-wise, but it included some rather stiff brawling at times. In the pre-show segment, both Hayes and KVE mentioned that everyone received injuries from this match.

Bill Mercer wraps things up, as King Kong Bundy enters the soundstage with the Great Kabuki in tow! Kabuki's back and is ready for next week's contest against Tola Yatsu. Bundy barks out threats as it's officially a kendo stick match. So much for "ninja sticks", whatever those are. But yeah...kendo sticks?! More proof of why fans in the 90's would relate World Class to ECW. Cue the drums, and we're out!

Why'd You Tape This??
More continuation of all the big programs. Freebirds/Von Erichs is kept fresh by having a new gimmick and a new combination, once again. Ackbar and Devastation have character development, plus Jimmy Garvin continues his cocky heel-ish ways. The Devastation vs. Hussein thing is sort of confusing though...since it appears Hussein's other flunkies have disappeared (Checkmate and Magic Dragon). I've forgotten which side the Spoiler was on, too. It also seems that Bugsy McGraw has been phased out, as we haven't heard from him in quite awhile. Yet he still appears in the opening graphics. Anyways, a decent episode with no wasted space.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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