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World Class Championship Wrestling - March 17, 1984

by Erick Von Erich

The traditional DRUM intro hits, as we uncork another bottle of vintage 1984 World Class Shenanigans. Bill Mercer welcomes us and runs down tonight's card, which will feature a big tag team main event! But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

"Hacksaw" Butch Reed vs. Mike Bond

Mercer spends most of the math gushing about Reed's physique. Hey, I'll admit that I wish I had shoulders like Reed. Another squash for Reed as he tosses Bond around the ring. They fight over a hammerlock for awhile. Bond gets a few elbows, but makes the mistake of trying to attack Reed's charging knee with his chin. Big gorilla press-slam and a flying shoulder-block score the easy 3 for Reed. Immediately, "Iceman" King Parson runs into the ring to check on Bond. Errr, it's not like Reed was doing a post-match beatdown or anything. Parsons challenges Reed to go one-on-one, but after teasing a confrontation, Reed brushes him off and heads to the back. So, yeah, Reed's a heel. It's weird that Mike Bond was a heel, last week, but apparently became a face and befriended Iceman in one week.

Mike Von Erich vs. Michael Hayes

This is a "special challenge match", which I guess means it's not affected or set-up by championship rankings, at least in kayfabe terms. Hayes gets the house mic and says to Mike: "just so I don't get accused of beating you up: are you SURE you still want this match?" Mike quickly counters Hayes' initial lock-up attempts with armdrags. Hayes goes for a single-leg takedown, but Mike kicks him away. Merer mentions a somewhat noteworthy sublplot: Skandor Akbar is putting together a team to go after the World 6-Man Tag Team Championship. Hayes with a slam, then they hit the ropes and Mike connects with a charging drop-kick. A few more armdrags, until they hit the ropes, once more. Referee Bronko Lubich gets bumped, so Hayes takes the opportunity to chuck Mike over the top rope to the floor! Hayes rolls him back in, hits a bulldog, then does the nonchalant "Barbarian cover". You KNOW what's going to happen. Mike kicks his legs up, hooks Hayes' shoulders and get the upset 3 count! Lots of heat for this one, as it was mostly Hayes selling like mad and working the crowd.

Missing Link Music Video

Originally set to the tune of Quiet Riot's "Metal Health (Bang Your Head)". See, cuz' Missing Link likes to BANG HIS HEAD. So here is he, in the ring, throwing headbutts! Quiet Riot's album was still doing pretty well (and I think "Metal Health (Band Your Head)" was re-released around this time), so this is an admirable effort by WCCW to "be cool n' hip". Oh, the WWE Network version has it dubbed over with some.... bad... 80's wannabe tune. If this replacement music offends you, just MUTE it and queue up the original track on Spotify via your personal portable cellular device (I'm assuming they still make those...)

Special Update on "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin and "Gentleman" Chris Adams

We get an interview from shortly after last week's Garvin/Adams confrontation. Garvin is at Mercer's broadcasting desk, screaming: "I want my stuff!" Up next is a replay of last week's big incident after the Adams/Kelly Kiniski match-- wherein Garvin ended up on the business end of a super-kick and Adams stole his ring gear.

"Iceman" King Parsons & "Gentleman" Chris Adams (w/Sunshine) vs. The Missing Link & "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/Skandar Akbar and Precious)

Adams enters the ring in Garvin's jacket, mimicking his strut and signature poses. Garvin has a hissy fit, standing at ringside and shaking the bottom rope. Starts out as a four-way brawl, with Adams and Garvin rolling on the mat, while Iceman and Link punch away. Order is restored, as Garvin takes Adams on a Tour de Turnbuckles and a backdrop. Adams is trapped on the wrong side fo the ring, getting pummeled by both guys. Adams with a headbutt to Garvin's tummy, then the lukewarm tag to Iceman. Punching and boogey-ing ensues, then Iceman drops an elbow for 2. Sunshine and Precious attempt a cat-fight at ringside and everybody quickly hops out. Back inside, Link and Garvin try to work over Iceman, but heel miscommunication occurs. We get mostly brawling with some turnbuckle bumps. Adams misses a super-kick, but they cover it up by quickly brawling to the mat. Garvin keeps yelling "I want my stuff"... which, surprisingly, didn't get over as a catchphrase. Reverse seated chinlock is applied, to cue up the "Go, Chris, Go" chants. Link comes in for a headbutt to the throat and his own seated chinlock. Adams powers up and plants Link into the corner. Hot tag to Iceman, who goes to town on a returning Garvin. Backdrop gets a 1 count for Iceman, then it's a 4-way brawl. Link headbutts Adams over the top to the floor, then they work on Iceman. Bronko Lubich tries to calm things down, but eventually has no choice but to disqualify Garvin and Link.

Afterwards, Garvin tries to get his "stuff" back, but Adams fights him off and drop-kicks him to the floor. Adams and Ice clear the ring and stand tall.

Bill Mercer has his final segment, summing up what we saw, with special emphasis on the Von Erich/Hayes match. See you next week, when our main event will be Kerry Von Erich & Iceman taking on the American Tag Team Champions, the Super Destroyers!

Why'd You Watch This?:
This episode was all about angles and very little actual wrestling. There's only so many times I can type "throws a punch". Yet these are two very hot angles. So if you're into the Von Erich/Freebird and Adams/Garvin angles, you'd be into this episode. If you're more into technical mat wizardy, look elsewhere.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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