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World Class Championship Wrestling - February 25, 1984

by Erick Von Erich

This particular episode of World Class was taped right after David Von Erich's death. As such, there are no Von Erichs on the card, so everybody else is stepping in to allow them a leave of absence, including our "double main event". In both the modern and retro introductions, Michael Hayes and Bill Mercer, respectively, mention that our next episode will be a special tribute to David. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Kamala (w/Skandor Akbar & Friday) vs. George Weingeroff

Weigneroff kinda' looks like "Oates" from "Hall & Oates". Probably most famous for being legally blind, Weingeroff gets a lot of acclaim from old school fans. However, he does nothing but sell for Kamala in this match. Kamala does his usual choppng and belly-slaps, then delivers two big splashes to Weingeroff's back to finish things. Referee Bronko Lubich makes the love-taps for 3. Yup, yet another Kamala squash.

Kelly Kiniski vs. Tom Renesto

We haven't seen Renesto in awhile. Yes, like most 70's wrestling holdovers, he looks like a porn star. In this case, Ron Jeremy. Kiniski's making his World Class debut and has on the famous "CANADA" jacket made famous by his daddy, Gene. Kiniski dominates the match, as he's basically a "stretcher", slapping on armbars, an abdominal stretch and a bear hug. Renesto escapes for a bit, chops, then comes off the ropes with a shoulder-block. They criss-cross (JUMP! JUMP!) the ropes as Kiniski catches Renesto with a side back-breaker and scores the pin.

Special Bill Mercer Ringside Interview with Kelly Kiniski

Kelly mentions the unfortunate passing of David Von Erich, but says he is "here for business". Daddy and former NWA Champ, Gene Kiniski shows up and gives his son a rub. I'm guessing Fritz Von Erich and Gene were buddies.

Penny Mitchell vs Leilani Kai

Ugh... womens' wrestling as I have a flashback to those creepy ads from the non-Apter magazines. Marshall gets the early advantage with a flying head-scissors and works and leg/headlock to the mat for a few minutes. Kai slips out, goes for headlock, but Marshall counters back into the head-scissors. Kai then tries an armdrag, but Marshall counters that into a hammerlock. Kai finally gets the advantage and applies a crossed-arm behind-the-back submission hold. Kai works the arm, including pump-handle over the shoulder. Slam from Kai only gets a 2 count. Underhook suplex from Kai gets another 2. Kai then whips Marshall to the ropes and lifts her onto her shoulder with....ummm.. a stomach claw, I guess. Marshall screams like crazy, making Sherri Martel seem quiet. Kai lets her down, drops a leg, then hooks her leg around Marshall's head. Both roll around the mat and over referee John Martinez. Hmm.. John Martinez? I don't think we've seen him before, but he works the rest of this show. Younger guy who's quite mobile and active. So, Marshall monkey-flips Kai off each corner, gets a 2 count, then misses a drop-kick. Kai whips Marshall to the corner and tries a charge, but Marshall gets her feet up. Marshall then comes off the second rope with seated drop-kick to score the 3. It was mostly Kai carrying this match and you can see why she had such a lengthy career.

"Iceman" King Parsons vs. The Missing Link (w/Skandor Akbar & Friday)

It's the battle of no-selling head-butts! Mercer cites Dr. Louis Leakey's research in Africa, while wondering about the Link's spot on the evolutionary chain. Ice gets in a few head-butts, but Link gets confused and wanders outside the ring to smash his own head on a chair! Link introduces the chair into the ring, but Ice intercepts it. After threatening, Ice advances and wallops Link with the chair, three tiems IN FRONT OF THE REFEREE. No disqualification? The chair gets ejected, so Ice punches to send Link out again. This time, Link wants to head-butt the ringpost, but Akar talks him out of it. Back inside, Link kicks and yup...headbutts. Ice whips him to the corner, chops away, but misses s splash. Link headbutts him outside, then misses one on the apron, falling to the floor. For no real reason, Kamala comes in from the side door and hops into the ring to attack Iceman. Bell sounds for the disqualification, as Iceman's the winner. He then hits Kamala with the Butt-butt and clears the ring. The match was nothing; just Link's "crazy" antics and a step in the ongoing "Iceman vs. Devastation, Inc." feud.

"Gentleman" Chris Adams (w/Sunshine) vs. Buddy Roberts

Second half of our "doule main event" as Roberts enters to "Badstreet". Adams is still the American Champion, but does not have the belt with him. This IS a non-title bout, so it makes sense. Before the match, Roberts makes a big deal of Sunshine, then Pearl Harbors Adams in the distraction. Roberts drops several knees to the jaw, followed by a snap-mare and head-scissors. Roberts works the head-scissors, allowing the crowd to stir up a LOUD chant of "Go Chris, Go". Adams kicks out of the hold, but Roberts bails. Adams thumps, whips, back-drops and drops a knee for 2. Roberts begs him off, but Adams kicks away until Roberts suckers him with an upper-cut and chokes him on the top rope. Adams gets several shots to the throat, a slam and a leg-drop. Roberts reverses a whip and gets a backdrop for 2. Roberts with a slam and a shoulder-block off the ropes. Adams stumbles; in either a blown-spot or near injury; and gets the super-kick! But a small package from Adams only nets 2.

Roberts is right back with a charging kick in another awkward spot. Roberts keeps working and delivers a drop-kick to send Adams out through the ropes and onto a table. Once on the apron, Roberts suplexes him in for another 2. Adams gets a head-butt to the tummy, then tosses Roberts out; who also hits the table and up-stages Adams by also hitting the floor. They're hardcore! They're hardcore! Up to apron and Adams hip-tosses him back in. Adams gets a slam, then comes off the second turnbuckle with a splash, but Roberts gets the knees up. Leg-drop, whip & knee-lift from Roberts, who splits the legs and squat-splashes Adams for 2. Finish has Roberts whips Adams to the ropes, but Adams ducks and rolls him up for 3. Probably one of the best matches I've seen from Roberts in World Class.

Immediately after, "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin and Precious hit the ring to spar off with their opposite numbers.

Mercer summarizes the show and signs-off at ringside. Once again, he promotes next week's special one-hour tribute to the late, great David Von Erich. Cue the DRUMS!

Why'd You Watch This?:
With the spectre of David's death, there's a very strange feeling to this episode. I don't know if an official announcement of David's passing was made to the live crowd. Regardless, they're completely fired up for each half of the "double main event". They're almost asleep for the other matches, but I can't say I blame them. Kelly Kiniski got a significant pop as his hand was raised, so I wonder if they were eager to cheer a new hero. Overall, the only match worth watching is Adams/Roberts. As we've discovered, NEXT episode is the special DVE Tribute (in the last episode, I speculated that it was this episode). Curious to see how that's presented and what World Class will feel like in two episodes' time.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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