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World Class Championship Wrestling - January 7, 1984

by Erick Von Erich

It's more from Reunion Arena's "Holiday Wrestling Star Wars". It's a new year for World Class, so I guess you could be a wisenheimer and say: "this supercard spanned two years!" This time out, in the WWE Classic studio, Michael Hayes asks Kevin Von Erich about little brother Mike's perceived "lack of passion". Kevin says that Mike was passionate, but yet nervous and worried about actually belonging in the ring. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: Jose Lothario vs. Black Gordman

Really? I swear, I keep thinking we've seen the end of Jose, then ZAP, he's back on these shows. I could probably track down a 1987 WCCW show and see him in yet another preliminary match. This match may be a blow-off for their recent feud (at least it was "recent" to WCCW), but I make no guarantees. It's a slow brawl with both guys running at about 60%. Lothario fakes Gordman out with the threat of an elbowsmash, so Gordman finally charges and he goes flying out of the ring when Lothario dodges. It's mostly headlock and punches for about 7 minutes. Big ending has them bounce off the ropes and Lothario applies a backslide to get the 3 count. They have a little skirmish after the match, but Lothario comes out on top again. We see that ringside Santa Clause, again.

Pre-taped promo time, as we hear from the Brothers Von Erich: Kevn and Mike. Kev promises they'll come out with "fire and brimstone" against the Freebirds. He says: "isn't that right, Mike?" Mike simply says: "right". *snicker*

Over to the Freebirds locker, where they shout Fighting Words at the Von Erichs. In a Significant Moment, Buddy Roberts takes off his wig to reveal that his hair has grown back!

Match 2: Kevin & Mike Von Erich vs. Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts (Fabulous Freebirds)

But first, Marc Lowrance is on-hand to tell us about stipulations galore for this match. If a Freebird loses, then that particular 'Bird cannot wrestle in Texas for one year. However, if the Freebirds wins, then Michael Hayes will be allowed to return to Texas and Kevin Von Erich cannot wrestle in Texas for a year. Mike is exempt, because he's just starting out. Although it would've been a helacous dick-move if the 'Birds insisted he could leave Texas as well!

Kevin and Gordy start out...and I notice that while the 'Birds are in their matching red trunks, Mike made the mistake of wearing the same colored trunks. Sheesh. They criss-cross (JUMP! JUMP!) the ropes. Gordy misses a flying bodypress, but Kevin connects on his. He runs over and drop-kicks Roberts for the hell of it. Roberts tags in and gets caught in a headlock. Kevin works the arm, including a step-over armbar/flip to the mat. Mike tags in, leaps off the top rope with a forearm smash, then continues the headlock portion of the show. Gordy is pacing on the apron and hollers to Mike: "I'ma gonna' beat your brains in, boy". Awesome. Mike and Roberts hit the ropes, as Mike hits a drop-kick, then more headlock. They hit the ropes again and this time Mike blindsides Gordy on the apron with a drop-kick. Again to the ropes and now Gordy gets a cheapshot in on Mike. Gordy tags in and sorta' proceeds to "beat (Mike's) brains in", with a one-armed slam, drop on the ropes and an elevated choke hold. Roberts quickly returns to deliver a swinging neckbreaker. Gordy slams Mike again, but misses two elbowdrops, which allows Mike to make the Hot Tag to Kevin.

Things pick up again, as Kevin and Gordy exchange whips to the turnbuckles. Kevin tries his reverse-bodypress from the top, but misses. Gordy capitalizes by applying the THUMB OF DEATH, errr, the Oriental Spike! Kevin manages to reach the ropes with his feet and kicks back into Gordy to break the hold. You tried your best shot, foul villain, now feel the CLAW! All 4 guys enter and Mike drop-kicks Roberts again. Roberts manages to toss Mike ove the top rope... when all of a sudden SANTA CLAUS strikes!! "Santa" proceeds to beat away on Mike as all HELL HECK breaks loose. Gordy suplexes Kevin, then tries a slam. Mike runs back in to drop-kicks Kevin in the back, sending him into a cover on Gordy. But referee Bronko Lubich has been knocked out and can't make the count. Ref David Manning runs in, just as Kevin gets a sunset flip (with a little help from Mike) to pin Gordy with a 3 count!

But, as usual with the Von Erichs and Freebirds, that's not all. "Santa" runs into the ring, beats the tar out of Mike and plants him with a piledriver ("It's Doomsday for the Skull"). Bill Mercer picks up that it's not Santa at all, rather Michael Hayes. Hayes does some more damage, then runs off to the exit. Kerry Von Erich runs in, as Gordy and Roberts parade around thinking they've won via DQ or something. Lubich and Manning have a conference, then announce the decision: Kevin is the official winner and a Freebird must leave the state. All three Von Erich boys clear the ring as the two remaining 'Birds depart. It's a little weird that they're now saying "One Freebird has to leave", whereas it was billed that the loser of the fall (Gordy) would. We'll see how that pans out.

More promos, now with Chris Adams and Sunshine, and the counterpoint from Jimmy Garvin and Precious. They basically refresh the feud, but Garvin takes a shot at Sunshine's "Dale Evans" wardrobe choice.

Match 3: NWA American Heavyweight Championship
"Gentleman" Chris Adams (c) (w/Sunshine) vs. "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/Precious)

Rematch from the previous (Thanksgiving) Holiday Star Wars, but a stipulation has been added: if Adams wins, Sunshine will get five minutes in the ring with Precious. Match starts fast, as the two guys swap holds. Adams with a drop-kick and a sunset flip for 2. Garvin keeps locking up, then delivering a series of knees. They whip themselves to the turnbuckle, where Adams climbs and misses a bodypress from the top. Garvin with a suplex for 2, then they hit the ropes. Adams ducks down and delivers a monkey-flip, then SUPER-KICKS Garvin to send him to the outside. Precious checks on Garvin, while he drops down from the cameras to blade. Adams pulls him back in, blasts him in the forehead, then lands a flying clothesline for 2. German (or would it be English) suplex gets another 2 for Adams. Legdrop for yet another 2 count. Adams misses kneedrop from the top and Garvin whips him to the ropes. Adams manages to counter, then rolls-up Garvin from behind for 2... but Garvin reverses things, grabs the tights and steals the 3 count victory. Garvin has regained the American Championship.

Afterwards, Sunshine enters the ring to protest to the ref. Precious suddenly attacks her and the catfight is on. Sunshine gets the upper hand and begins ripping off Precious' shirt. The heels manage to escape, though. I give them credit for this decision, because it was Adams' first official title defense and it's one of the few times I can recall in wrestling where the obvious stipulation did NOT happen.

Final sgement has Bill Mercer reviewing the finish of the Adams/Garvin match and signing off. Next week, we'll see an NWA World Championship match as Ric Flair will defend against the Lone Star State's own David Von Erich. However, I think the rumor is that we'll only see highlights of that match; or else WWE Classics doesn't have that partiuclar episode. Nonetheless, come back soon for more Texas 'Rasslin.

Why'd You Tape This?:
This second half of "Holiday Star Wars" saved the day. OK, so we can skip over Lothario/Gordman. Mike was actually quite credible in the ring and more than held his own in the tag match. The Adams/Garvin match had a rapid pace and a surprising decision. This episode was defintely better than the last. Overall, I'd say this edition of Star Wars was somewhere in the everlovin' MIDDLE, in terms of satisfaction.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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