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TNA: Turning Point, November 9, 2008
by Jillie

I liked the Main Event Mafia recap of the issues at hand. I still hate Booker’s fake accent though.

I also enjoyed how the members of the Mafia wouldn’t give JB the time of day. Except Steiner. Haha.

TNA Championship Seeding Match –
Note: I am unclear as to if there were actual teams here or not. Anyway, I gave as many highlights as I could given the fast pace of the match.

Consequences Creed vs Sonjay Dutt (w/SoCal Val) vs Petey Williams vs Jimmy Rave vs CMLL’s Volador vs Eric Young vs Doug Williams (you’ll remember him from the World X Cup) vs Tanahashi vs Homicide vs Jay Lethal
Played with Lucha Libra tag rules (if someone gets to the outside, he can be replaced without a tag)

Creed vs Rave – very back and forth

Rave vs Dutt – Dutt takes immediate control, and throws Rave outside

Lethal vs Dutt – Dutt gives up to the outside, Lethal follows him out with a suicide dive

Homicide vs Tanahashi – again, very back and forth

Doug vs Petey – Petey overcomes strength with speed and agility. Petey hits a hurricanrana to the outside on Doug.

Young vs Volador – Very agile and fast contest, with a nice show of strength from Young

Volador vs Lethal – The agility and pace of this exchange was great; the two matched each other move for move.

Dutt vs Volador – Dutt does an amazing flip off a standing Volador’s chest. Volador takes control and almost makes the pin.

Volador takes Dutt off the top rope with a Super hurricanrana for the first pin. Dutt is eliminated.

Volador vs Rave – Rave comes off with a missile dropkick, but Volador dropkicks him out of the air! Volodar is amazingly agile, hitting a great suicide flip dive to the outside. Rave hits Volador with a Rock the World for a pin. Volador is eliminated.

Rave vs Doug – intense and very even match up. Doug pins Rave with a backward roll into a bridging German Suplex – very pretty. Young throws Young and Creed to the outside, resulting in mayhem.

Homicide hits a suicide dive to the outside, but hits the barricade and slams into the wall behind the audience. That looked super ugly, and the refs eliminate him.

Back in the ring, it’s a basic free-for all.

Creed vs Petey – move for move exchange, ending with a Canadian Destroyer out of nowhere. Creed is eliminated.

Tanahashi vs Petey vs Doug – Petey is getting double teamed and Tanahashi eliminates Petey with a Frog Splash.

Tanahashi, Doug Williams, Lethal and Young are left. Lethal is getting double teamed now by Tanahashi and Doug. Tanahashi hits a lovely somersault leg drop for a near pin. Lethal finally gets Tanahashi in a small package to eliminate him. Doug catches Lethal with a wicked clothesline for a near pin. Young surprises Doug with a neckbreaker and eliminates him.

Lethal vs Young – This is a very evenly matched exchange, both men being very fast and agile. Young gets a surprise bridge on Lethal for the pin, and wins the match.

Eric Young is now the #1 Contender for the X Division Title. I’m not sure how making a clear Canadian the #1 Contender furthers this America vs Bashir storyline, but hey, what do I know?

Young has a mic now and addresses the Main Event Mafia. He stresses that they are wrestlers, not entertainers, etc, and that they are fulfilling the dream of themselves and everyone in the Impact Zone.

Lauren is with Foley and Jarrett. She asks them about the Mafia vs Young’uns situation. Jarrett is going to talk to the Mafia, and asks Foley to talk to “the Kids” to try to settle things down.

Raisha Saeed and Awesome Kong w/Rhaka Khan vs Roxxi and Taylor Wilde
Kong and Roxxi start the match after a quick skirmish from all five women. Kong tags Saeed in quickly and Roxxi takes control, tagging in Wilde quickly, as well. Wilde and Roxxi tag in back and forth over and over to injure and isolate Saeed. Saeed finally gets a quick upper hand, but Wilde doesn’t let her keep it for long. Wilde hits a hurricanrana, and Saeed bails, tagging in Kong. Roxxi and Wilde team up on Kong with double drop kicks and Roxxi throws Wilde on Kong. Khan gets involved, holding Roxxi’s leg and allowing Kong to get the advantage. Kong tags in Saeed and she continues to keep Roxxi in the opposing corner and out of reach of a tag. Roxxi fights back, but before she can get the tag, Saeed knocks Wilde off the apron. Saeed tags in Kong after a few more shots. Roxxi is getting her ass handed to her in a little bitty box. Roxxi finally fights back but again, Khan gets involved preventing the tag. Roxxi somehow evades a pin after a flying Kong lands on her. Saeed and Kong double team Roxxi in their own corner. Saeed is now legal and continues the beat down of Roxxi. Kong is tagged back in, dominating. Saeed climbs on Kong’s shoulders and flips on to Roxxi. Kong is back on the second rope, but Roxxi moves and Kong eats canvas. Kong makes the hot tag, Saeed tries to interfere, but Roxxi also makes the tag. Wilde is a woman possessed and takes it to Saeed with several shots, kicks, and a drop kick. She takes out Khan on the outside, beats on Kong on the inside, but ends up on the wrong end of another Saeed-Kong double team. Roxxi comes in to help out with a double clothesline. Wilde beats on Kong while Roxxi handles Saeed. Somehow a double team move results in Saeed and Wilde being whipped into each other. Kong is on the outside now and Roxxi climbs to the top, diving to the outside. In the ring, Wilde and Saeed are duking it out. Wilde gets Saeed into a bridge for the win.

That was a great, fast paced match! Sometimes when they play the “isolate and destroy” card the match can get tedious and repetitive, but these ladies managed to keep the interest and excitement going – between the four of them, someone was always moving, creating chaos, and grabbing the attention of the viewer and audience members. This was not the best show of the Knockout Division’s talent, but it was very entertaining and definitely worth the air time.

JB is with the Main Event Mafia. Jarrett interrupts JB’s questions. Jarrett asks the Mafia to be professional and don’t let things get out of hand. Angle snaps and gives Jarrett the what-for. Nash breaks up the argument and suggests that Jarrett look after the “children” in the other locker room.

Rhino vs Sheik Abdul Bashir
Once again, we have a war vet introducing Bashir’s opponent. Rhino starts of the match in control, playing the power game. Bashir bails the ring after only a few minutes and Rhino follows him to the outside, continuing the beat down. Bashir gets control somehow, but I’m not sure how, as I was busy trying to figure out why on Earth the crowd on the camera side on the floor was cheering for the entering Insane Clown Posse. As Bashir beats up Rhino in the ring, a member of ICP throws water from his spot against the barricade into the ring. Bashir doesn’t notice. Bashir manages a couple of near-pins before throwing Rhino to the outside. I think Bashir fingered ICP! Rhino tries to take advantage of the distraction, but Bashir gets the better of him, rolling him into the ring after pushing around an unpainted JWO shirt wearer from the audience. Rhino reverses a rest hold, but Bashir won’t let him have the upper hand. Rhino kicks out of yet another pin and finds himself back in a rest hold. The ref gives Rhino the old raise-the-hand treatment and, of course, Rhino turns it around after almost letting his hand drop for a third time. Bashir is on Rhino’s back as he stands up, and Rhino falls back, squishing Bashir. Both men are down. When they both get up, they trade shots. Rhino gets the upper hand with some Irish whip combos, a shoulder block and a belly to belly. Bashir fights back with a jawbreaker. Both men are going back and forth, almost move for move. Bashir finally gets levelled by a spinebuster, and Rhino sets up for a Gore. Bashir gets a boot up and pummels Rhino in the corner. The ref (that blonde one that wants to be a wrestler when he grows up) pulls Bashir off Rhino forcibly and Bashir shoves him, and spits in his face. Bashir turns around into a Gore for the cover and the win. Rhino stalks immediately out of the ringside area with little fanfare and almost no celebration.

That was an interesting match. I really hope they are not bringing ICP back in any capacity, as I have managed to avoid having to watch them on television or listen to their voices for some time, and I have no desire to break that streak. I don’t know why Rhino didn’t stick around and celebrate after his win, but it might have something to do with his suspiciously heel promo on last Thursday’s Impact. In any case, not the match of the night by any means, but it was acceptable.

Lauren is with the TNA Originals and Mick Foley. MCMGs are not paying attention to the conversation, and when confronted by Mic about it, Alex Shelley disrespects Foley. Lethal and Creed intervene, and Petey banishes them from the locker room.

TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money vs Motor City Machine Guns
The champions are introduced first for some reason, and Jacquie is wearing a suit! What the Hell? She actually looks half decent without all her assets hanging out. Storm and Sabin start out the match. Almost immediately, Storm runs for the comforting cover of his partner’s hug, before tying back up. Storm can’t get control of the match, however, thanks to Sabin’s agility. Sabin tags and he and Shelley double team Storm. After getting in a few shots of his own, Storm tags in Roode. Roode comes in and Shelley nearly pins him with a crucifix like move. He hits a spinning kick then set Sabin up for a running missile drop kick to Storm, who is still on the apron. Shelley throws Roode to the outside, as well, and come out to the floor with double suicide dives. MCMG team up on Roode first with a really fast combo of kicks, then take Storm out. The double teaming continues on Roode, and he still kicks out of a cover. Shelley is alone with Roode now, and Shelley tries to wear down his opponent with a series of kicks. He hits a lionsault and Roode kicks out. Storm tags himself in and reverses an attempted off-the-ropes combo of Shelley’s. Roode is tagged back in, and now Beer Money team up on Shelley with cheap shots and legitimate tag team moves. Shelley kicks out of a cover, as well, and finds himself in a head lock. Shelley powers out, but can’t get the advantage. Roode whips him into his own corner, but Shelley fights him and Storm off. Shelley goes for the tag but is stopped by a drop-toe hold. Shelley is flipped over with a double suplex. Storm is the legal man now, taunting Shelley with slaps to the face. Storm winds up to slam into Shelley, who is propped up in a corner, but Shelley ducks out of the way and Storm cans himself on the ring post. Both men are down. Shelley gets the tag, but the ref didn’t see it. Shelley is thrown to the outside as Sabin argues with the ref, and Jacquie wears down Shelley further on the outside. Shelley ducks a double team, leading Roode to punch his own partner. Shelley manages a double DDT on Beer Money. Sabin has finally been tagged in, and takes out Beer Money with power moves and agility moves. Sabin sets Roode up in the corner, puts Storm in a tree of woe off Roode’s shoulders, and he and Shelley wind up in the corner, hitting high and low dropkicks. Sabin hits a springboard DDT for the cover, but Roode kicks out. Storm tags himself in and they try to double team Sabin. Sabin fights them off, and uses their momentum against them. Shelley comes in, clotheslining Roode to the outside and following up with a suicide dive to follow him out. Sabin has Storm on the top rope, coming off with a Super Hurricanrana, and Shelley follows up with a Frog Splash. Roode comes in from behind after a failed pin attempt. Roode sets Sabin up and comes off the rope, but Shelley shoves Sabin aside and nails Roode in the face. MCMG hit Roode with double, sandwiching clotheslines. Sabin misses a springboard move, but Sabin hits a backbreaker and Shelley follows up with a top-rope senton. Shelley gets Roode into a hold and Sabin hits a springboard legdrop. Roode is being covered, but Storm makes the save. Storm takes it to Shelley, Sabin makes the save, but Roode takes Sabin out with a spinebuster. Shelley drops Roode’s head into a turnbuckle. Shelley gets Roode on the top, but he manages to reverse MCMG’s double team attempt. Shelley is tied up in a tree of woe and Storm slams Sabin to the mat. Roode goes to the top of the corner where Shelley is stuck but Sabin fights off Storm and comes to his partner’s aid. Storm also joins in. Shelley somehow gets up out of the tree of woe, causing a Tower Suplex. Everyone is down. Somehow, Sabin and Shelley get Roode isolated. Sabin make the cover after a couple of double team moves, but the ref is distracted by an apparently injured Shelley, allowing Storm to have a beer and Jacquie to get in some cheap shots on Sabin. Jacquie ends up on the wrong end of a scoop slam thanks to Sabin. Sabin tries to get the better of Roode, but, as the ref is now being distracted by Jaquie, Storm spits beer in Sabin’s face. Beer Money hit a suplex-powerbomb (Drinking While Investing) like move on Sabin for the cover and the win.

JB is with Booker T and Sharmelle. Sharmelle does all the taking, saying that Christian is going to lose.

TNA Legends Champion Booker T vs Christian Cage
What is with that silly hand thing Booker and Sharmelle are doing? And the silly dance? I don’t like it! It’s all silly! And why are we introducing the champions first this evening? That’s silly, too!! Booker and Christian jaw for a bit before Christian shoves Booker. Booker does some gay looking stretches on the ropes, the bell rings, and the two men tie up.
Hey! Where did ICP go?
Christian and Booker goes back and forth with little momentum. They tie up once again and Booker gets Christian in an arm hold. Christian reverses, but gets a few shots to the head by Christian. Christian once again gains control and Booker bails to the outside. This match is becoming painful, I’m disappointed to say. Booker is in control with punches, slaps and chops, but Christian reverses with some of Booker’s own medicine. Booker hits a Spinebuster for the near-fall. Christian gets his neck snapped on the ropes and falls to the outside. The two men brawl back and forth on the floor, ending with Booker catapulting Christian into the post on the outside. Booker gets Christian back into the ring and superkicks him. Booker wears Christian down with a submission hold. Christian powers out but, after a quick exchange, finds himself back in a rest hold. Christian powers out once again and Christian catches Booker with a slam. Booker gets back control with a poke to the eye. Booker tries a high kick but Christian ducks out of the way and Booker T crotches himself on the ropes. Christian gets in some shots in the corner, and comes off the second rope with a forearm. Christian sets up for the Unprettier, misses, and tries for a submission move, but Booker gets him in the eyes once again. Booker has the advantage, but Christian ducks two spin kick attempts, drops Booker on his head with an inverted DDT and gets a near fall. Christian goes up, Sharmelle distracts him, and Booker meets him on the top turnbuckle with a superplex. After a Spinneroni, Booker is hit with a but slam (?) for yet another near fall. Christian mocks Booker for a minute, but flings Booker into the ropes. Booker Ax Kicks Christian from the apron across the ropes. Christian gets Booker in a Sharpshooter, but Sharmelle gets on the apron. Christian gets in her face, but gets slapped for his trouble. Booker charges, Christian moves out of the way and Booker almost nails his wife. Christian tries to roll up Booker, but Booker reverses it with a roll up of his own for the win!

I like Christian, and while I don’t like Booker’s character, I don’t mind him in the ring. But this match was very boring. The ending seemed rushed. I was not really entertained. Christian is now a member of the Main Event Mafia, though, which not only means he’s not ditching TNA for the WWE any time soon, but this is going to make for some pretty interesting television.

Lauren is with Abyss and Morgan. Abyss is fine, is flirting with Lauren, and he’s thinking about Angle.

I would like to interrupt this regularly scheduled recap by asking why it is that every time I download a TNA PPV, the sound is off the video? I see everything happen before I hear it. Very annoying, not so much for matches, but for interviews. Anyway, a note to all of you that upload videos…make sure the sound and video match!

Falls Count Anywhere
Abyss vs Kurt Angle

Kurt bails before Abyss can even get a shot in. Angle gets back in tentatively but avoids Abyss’ tie-up attempts. Abyss finally overpowers Angle into the corner and pummels him over the head. The ref breaks them up and Angle takes the opportunity for a low blow. Abyss takes control once again and, although Angle continues to get the better of Abyss, Abyss fights back with power moves. Abyss hits Angle with a Shock Treatment for a near fall. Angle is clotheslined over the top to the floor and Abyss follows him into the crowd. There is someone continuously screaming and it’s really fucking annoying. Anyway, Abyss and Angle are brawling through the crowd. They are up on the first level above the floor, now, and have reached the end of the bleachers. Abyss almost dumps Kurt over the rail to the floor below. Angle escapes over the rail as Abyss makes his way down to the floor via the stairs. Abyss dumps Angle over the rail to the ringside area, and Angle grabs a chair after a few cheap shots. He nails Abyss in the gut and then over the back with the chair. Angle makes his way up the ramp, as if he’s giving up. Abyss is crawling alongside the ramp on the floor. Angle gets to the platform and Abyss is just under it when Angle comes off the platform with a gorgeous moonsault! Abyss and Angle duke it out now, and Kurt is once again on the run, around to the other side of the ramp on the floor. Angle is thrown into the platform. Abyss sets Angle up for a Black Hole Slam, but Angle hits another low blow. Angle spears Abyss through the wall of the platform.

Now, I have often said that TNA needs more expensive walls. They always seem to be breaking them! This is yet another example of how shoddy construction endangers all of us!

We come back from a replay or two to find that Angle and Abyss have mysteriously disappeared. Odd…how did we miss that? The fans think this is unacceptable, except for that one person who continues to scream. Eventually, Angle comes flying through the platform wall on the other side of the ramp, behind the announce booth. This still does not stop the one screaming person in the audience. Angle gets back into the ring, Abyss close behind. Angle takes Abyss out with a drop kick to the knee. Abyss is limping now and Angle continues to work on that knee, obviously setting up for an Ankle Lock attempt. Angle winds up for another shot, but Abyss hits Angle with a clothesline, hits several more, and follows up with a side slam. (WHY IS THIS ONE PERSON SCREAMING!? DOESN’T SHE KNOW SHE’S ANNOYING!?) Angle sneaks in an Angle Slam for a near fall. Angle goes to the outside for a chair, winds up for a shot, but Abyss punches the chair, thwarting Angle! Abyss has the chair now, wedges it into the turnbuckle, and goes for Angle. Angle fights back, avoids being flung into the chair, but can’t avoid it a second time. Abyss nails a Black Hole Slam for a very close near fall. Angle is laid out, Abyss puts the chair on top on him, and gets to the second rope. He comes off with a splash, which Angle avoids. Angle grabs the chair and hits Abyss in the head, then the torso with the chair. Angle lays the chair over Abyss now and comes off with a moonsault. Angle covers and Abyss kicks out! Angle goes up again, but is caught by Abyss, who sets him up for a piledriver. Angle reverses THAT and gets in an Ankle Lock. Abyss reverses this, hits another Black Hole slam, and does not get the pin! Angle rolls out of the ring and crawls away, trying to escape through the crowd at the Spanish announce table. Angle pushes Hector Guerrero out of the way and climbs up onto the scaffolding behind the Spanish announce table. Abyss follows. Abyss pulls him down and points down to the announce table below. He sets him up for a press slam, but Angle reverses and uppercuts him, sending him backward into the announce table. Angle covers and gets the three.

These fans were loving this match! They were the loudest for this match more than any other. It was a great match, but the ending was completely anti-climactic. I think they could have found a “bigger” move to end it on. Nonetheless, so far the best match of the night.

Lauren is with Joe. Joe never trusted Nash to begin with, but still didn’t expect him to come after him this soon, and he is ready to get even.

Kevin Nash vs Samoa Joe
Niiiiiice red pleather pants, Nash. Real classy. These two waste no time exchanging punches. Joe is clearly getting the upper hand, getting in a head but, a shoulder block, and a high kick. Nash is down and Joe is being relentless with punch after kick after knee. Nash rolls to the outside and Joe follows. Nash’s head is thrown into the announce table. Nash turns it around, throwing Joe into the post on the outside twice. Nish goes under the ring for some toys. He finds wire cutters to remove the padding on the turnbuckle. Nash comes back out to the outside, grabs a chair and swings, but Joe ducks and Nash nails the post instead. Joe gets Nash into the ring but is surprised with a knee. Joe once again turns it around and levels Nash with a series of punches. As Joe comes to follow up, Nash throws Joe into the exposed turnbuckle, then hits him with several knees to the kidneys. Nash lays Joe across the second rope and pounces on him, then tries for the cover. Nash keeps going with elbows to the kidneys. Joe somehow turns it around with some punches and a big boot. Joe hits a backsplash for a near cover. Joe goes to the second rope, hitting Nash with a boot to the head. Nash kicks out from the cover. Joe lays in some punches (interestingly, Mike Tenay mentions the MMA training of Samoa Joe, something that I’ve never heard him mention before). The ref pulls Joe off, allowing Nash to roll to the outside and grab a chair. Joe winds up for a dive but Nash catches him in the head with said chair. Nash tries for the cover, but can’t make it. Nash and Joe get to their feet, Joe hitting Nash with a couple of chops before bouncing off the ropes right into a big boot. Nash hits Joe with a Jackknife, but Joe kicks out! Nash, frustrated, slams Joe’s head into the exposed turnbuckle and Joe is busted open. Nash hits Joe with a second Jackknife and once again Joe kicks out. Nash gets caught up in an armbar and somehow the ref gets knocked out. Nash powers out and Joe staggers to his feet. Nash grabs a low blow and grabs the ref. Nash rolls Joe up and uses the ropes to get the win.

That was a surprisingly great match! The fact that Joe lost wasn’t a result of him being outwrestled, but outsmarted, which works for me. Nash didn’t have to hide his crappy wrestling skills; he instead used low handed and cheap tactics to get the advantage, which worked out really well.

JB is with Sting. Can Sting get past a very focused AJ Styles? Does he regret making this personal by bringing up AJ’s father? Sting says sometimes you have to bring up the past to help someone, and he has always wanted simply to help AJ Styles.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting vs AJ Styles
What is WITH the champions being introduced first!? Aren’t you supposed to introduce them last? Or is this TNA’s way of trying to be different? After a stare down, the men tie up. AJ gets the initial upper hand, breaking it up after driving Sting into the corner. After a second tie-up, AJ is again in control and it is once again broken up in the corner. Finally, on the third try, AJ gets Sting in a hammer lock. Sting tries to reverse several times, but AJ continues to get the control, working on Sting with various submission moves. Sting gets in some elbows to the face and Sting bounces off the ropes. AJ misses a splash move and Sting face plants AJ. AJ answers with a dropkick and Sting rolls to the outside. AJ chases Sting outside and Sting rolls back inside. AJ finally gets in, shoulder blocks Sting, slams him and hit s knee drop for a near fall. Styles has the advantage now, but Sting gets in a shoulder block and press slams AJ to the outside. Sting follows Styles outside and slams him into the guardrail before dropping him on the same. Sting rolls AJ into the ring and doesn’t let up. AJ fights back and manages a back breaker. He whips Sting into the ropes, and tries for a hip toss. Sting slaps on a submission move. AJ fights out, but finds himself dropped across the top rope. Sting nails a couple of shoulder blocks and kicks, and throws AJ from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Sting slaps on another abdominal stretch after a few more shots, working on the ribs. AJ powers out and the two trade shots. AJ hits a jump kick to the side of Sting’s head. AJ nails Sting with a couple of clotheslines and a back suplex. AJ hits a springboard forearm and a snap suplex, both for near falls. Sting tries for a Sharpshoo…I mean…Scorpian Deathlock, AJ counters, but is hit with a Scorpian Deathdrop. Sting gets a near fall and goes for the top. He misses a splash and AJ takes control. AJ sets up for a Styles Clash but Sting reverses it. AJ is hit with a Stinger Splash, then a second one. Sting connects with a third splash and puts AJ on the top rope for a superplex attempt. Styles rolls over and powerbombs Sting to the canvas. AJ moves Sting closer to the corner and comes off with a beautiful Spiral Tap! Instead of going to for the cover, AJ goes up again, and the rest of the MEM come to the ring. AJ is distracted keeping them out of the ring. Sting is on his feet and AJ misses a pele! Sting rolls him up for the win!

Holy crap! THAT was a good ending. Completely unexpected. The Main Event Mafia won every single match they were in, a perfect way to cement their position in TNA!

This was a great PPV, in my opinion. Well worth the effort I took trying to download and watch it.

Anyway, I will try to get Impact reviewed tomorrow night for you!

Until then;

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