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TNA: Turning Point, December 2, 2007
by Sassy

Broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Backstage interviews: Jeremy Borash & Crystal Loutham

Ringside valet: So Cal Val

First Match:
Six Man Tag Team Table Match
Brother Ray & Brother Devon, Team 3D, from New York City
& Johnny Devine from Calgary, Canada
Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley, The Motor City Machineguns, from Detroit, MI
& Black Machismo Jay Lethal from Elizabeth, NJ

Referee: Slick Johnson
This is a great match to open this pay per view. Devine brings his kendo stick to the ring Ė always a bad sign Ė and I thought he was going to smack one of the audience that was giving him lip. Sabin and Shelley came to the ring fired up. So Cal Val is shown applauding Lethal as he enters the arena. The bell rings as Devine and Shelley prepare to face off in the ring. Before the action begins, Ray grabs the mic and is shouting at the audience. The ref tells Ray to get off the ring apron but he is still telling everyone they suck, including the crowd. Devine shoves Shelley, Shelley shoves back, Devine takes a swing at Shelley and then Shelley over his head before stomping him with a few boots. Shelley comes back up with chops and takes Devine down to the mat. Shelley tags in Sabin and all three wrestlers come over the top ropes to land on Devine. Sabin is now the legal man and he punches on Sabin then delivers a few chops before Devine dives to tag in Devon. Sabin takes Devon down with a drop toehold, comes off the ropes and gets taken down by a shoulder block. Sabin is now in the corner at the mercy of Devon. Devon sends Sabin across the ring, but Sabin is faster and delivers a hurricanrana that sends Devon to the mat. Sabin tags in Lethal who comes off the top ropes and delivers a blow to Devon as Sabin holds on. Lethal gets power slammed to the mat by Devon who then tags in Ray. Ray sends hard open handed slaps to Lethalís chest before delivering a few fists but Lethal fights back. The ref nearly gets caught in the middle. Ray has Lethal down on the mat and is working on his arm and shoulder. Lethal gets Ray in a wristlock and then goes over the top rope, hanging on to Rayís arm as he goes. Lethal is back in the ring and he takes Ray down with two arm drags and then comes off the ropes but gets caught and is slammed to the mat. Ray picks Lethal up and sends him across the ring but Sabin and Shelley come through the ropes and take Ray down to the mat with some nicely placed kicks. Devine and Devon are in the ring and they are sent to the canvas with back body drops courtesy of The Motor City Machineguns. Devine and Devon are sent over the top ropes and Shelley and Sabin go over the top ropes to slam into Ray and Devon and send them back down to the floor. Shelley is outside the ring working on Ray as Lethal and Sabin work on Devon. Iíve lost sight of Devine. Devon is sent into the guardrail and Ray is sent into the steel steps outside the ring. Sabin is now working on Devon but Ray nails Shelley with a fist and he is down on the floor. Devon has sent Sabin down to the floor and we see that Lethal is working on Devine. Ray and Devon are at the announcerís table swearing at either Tenay or West or both of them. Ray and Devon have a table and they slide it into the ring. They send it all the way across the ring to take out Lethal on the outside. Ray and Devon now go after another table but Sabin and Shelley come at the table with baseball slides and actually break the table as it slams into Ray and Devon. The crowd appears to be on its feet. Devine is alone in the ring with Shelley and Sabin and gets double-teamed all over the ring. Ray and Devon are coming back in to take down Sabin and Shelley. Shelley is now at the mercy of Ray and Devon and then they go after Sabin. They are down inside the ring and Lethal is still out on the floor. Again Iíve lost sight of Devine. Ray and Devon set a table up in the corner before Devon goes back to work on Shelley choking him on the floor. Lethal is back on the ring apron and he goes after Ray. The ref is trying to get Devon off of Shelley. Ray and Devon pick Shelley up and send him toward the table in the corner but Sabin dives into Shelley taking him out of harms way. Lethal comes off the top ropes and sends Devon crashing to the canvas. Ray charges at Lethal, Lethal gets out of the way and Ray goes crashing through the table in the corner. Does that count as sending your opponent through the table? Tenay and West say NO! Devine is back in the ring and he goes after Lethal and drops him to the mat. Devine is now blatantly choking Lethal. Sabin and Shelley are trying to get a table in the ring, Devine slides to take the table into Sabin and Shelley but they lift the table out of the way and then bring it down and send it into Devine who is sent into the guardrail. Sabin and Shelley are the only ones on their feet. Sabin and Shelley take Devine up to the apron and Sabin and Shelley try to set Devine up to send him through the table but Devon is back to his feet and he sends Sabin and Shelley down to the floor. Devon slams Sabinís head into the steel steps Ė not a pleasant sound Ė and then Devon goes after Shelley. Devon is picking up a table and is setting it up against the guardrail. Devon sets Shelley up on the table as Devine goes over the top rope and goes through the table. Once again, it was Shelley getting out of the way and not putting Devine through the table so it doesnít count. Thatís two tables down and no winner. It was a sweet dive by Devine, though, even if he did miss. Devon has another table and is trying to get it in the ring when Sabin, in the ring, charges him. Devon steps out of the way and Sabin goes head first into the table. Lethal is on the other side of the ring trying to put a table in on the mat. Devon is working on Shelley in the ring but Shelley gets his boots up as Lethal comes over the top and hits Devon with a double slam. Shelley and Lethal get the table set up in the ring and then go after Devon. As they prepare to send Devon through the table, Ray is back in the ring and he shoves the table out of the way. Devon does hit the floor, but not the table. Ray takes Lethal down with a clothesline and then goes after Shelley. Ray and Devon are sitting up the table again and they have Shelley. As Devon picks up Shelley to set him up for the 3D through the table, Shelley drops Devon with a DDT. Lethal takes Ray down with a high kick to the head as Tenay tells us that the ref has been knocked out Ė Iím not sure when that happened Ė I wasnít watching the ref! Sabin goes over the top rope to take out Ray. Devine enters the ring with the kendo stick but Lethal takes it away from him and slams Devine in the head with the stick. Lethal sets Devine up in the table and then goes to the top turnbuckle the FARTHEST away from the table. Lethal dives onto Devine with an elbow drop and sends Devine through the table. Unfortunately, the ref is still out on the mat . Ray enters the ring with the X Division belt and takes out Sabin and Shelley with shots to the head. Devon then hits Lethal who is still on top of Devine who is on top of the broken table. They put Lethal on the table and Devine on top of Lethal then go to wake up the ref. The ref comes to, rings the bell and awards the win to Team 3D and Johnny Devine. Devine has the kendo stick in hand and Ray still has the X Division title belt on his shoulder (we know it wonít fit around his waist!)

Iím not surprised that Ray and Devon used treachery in order to cheat their way to a win but this match was a great match. I didnít expect any over use of wrestling holds by any stretch of the imagination but Sabin, Shelley and Lethal used their high-risk tactics to keep the match going. Devine didnít have a bad showing in this match either. It will be interesting to see him in one on one competition with Sabin, Shelley or Lethal.

Crystal is in the back with Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe. Crystal tells Nash that Scott Hall has not shown up yet. Nash trash talks Angle by talking about Kurtís Mrs. but Joe takes the mic away and asks Nash if he is serious. Joe tells Nash that when he gets serious and finds his partner, to come get Joe who will be in his locker room. As Joe puts it ďWe are about to go to war and we are one soldier short.Ē

Second Match:
Roxxi Laveaux from New Orleans, LA
OBD, from Minneapolis, MN
Velvet Sky from The Big Apple
Angelina Love from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Referee: Andrew Thomas
The match begins with Love facing Roxxi. Roxxi backs Love into ODB but Love nails Roxxi and sends her down to the mat then hits her with a low dropkick. Love goes for the cover but canít get the three count. Love tags in Sky and they go for a double team toss. Sky goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Roxxi tags in ODB and the audience is chanting ODB loud and clear. Sky drops ODB with a dropkick and then gives her a wedgie? ODB tries to get the ref involved but he isnít having any of that so ODB gives the ref a wedgie. Sky goes for a roll up but canít get the three count. ODB sends Sky into Roxxi who nails Sky in the back. ODB goes for a cover but only gets a two count. ODB tags in Roxxi and she goes to work on Sky. Roxxi gets a boot to the face but she delivers a spine buster and covers Sky for the pin. Roxxi gets a two count. Roxxi picks Sky up by the hair and hits her, sending her down to the mat. She sets her up upside down in the corner, ODB is tagged in and goes after Skyís legs. ODB goes for the cover and gets a two count. ODB tags in Roxxi and they deliver the dirty dozen but only get to four before Sky fights back. ODB is sitting on the top turnbuckle and Sky sends Roxxi into ODB. Sky is trying to get the tag and she does. Love takes Roxxi down and delivers an inverted atomic drop to ODB who has entered the ring. Love takes Roxxi down with a hurricanrana and then delivers a neck breaker to ODB. Sky is back in the ring to help her partner as Love is trying to pin ODB. Sky and Love send ODB and Roxxi crashing into each other and then Love sends ODB out to the floor through the ring ropes. Love delivers a kick to Roxxiís head, covers and gets the three count.

I wasnít as impressed with this match as I thought I would be. There was a little high flying action but not enough to keep the match from being a little on the stale side.

JB is in the back with Angle who is outside Christianís door. Christian and Robert Roode are in the office. Angle says he wants to talk but Christian doesnít want to talk to Angle. Angle wants Christian and Roode to join up with him and the leader should be Angle. Although Christian isnít interested in Angle being the leader. Christian says there is only one boss of Christian Cage and that Ďs Christian Cage. Angle tells Christian he is going to regret it. Roode is proud of Christian. Christian tells Roode that as long as he listens to him everything will be just fine. Christian leaves and Roode calls Christian an asshole. Roode then turns around to Ms. Brooks who has been sitting behind him and asks her what she just said. Ms. Brooks said ďIt takes one to know one.Ē Roode is not having a good night.

Gee, we had a whole room full of Ďem!

Crystal is in the back with Cowboy James Storm and tells him that Eric Young is looking for revenge after the beat down Storm gave Eric last week. Miss Jackie shows up as Storm is looking in the refrigerator. It seems Storm canít find his beer. Jackie tells Storm he needs to take Eric seriously. Storm says he needs his beer and he grabs Jackie who slaps him in the face and tells him to calm down. Jackie tells him he canít have any alcohol. Sorry about your damn luck Storm.

Third Match:
Cowboy James Storm from Leeburgsport, TN
accompanied to the ring by The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore
Showtime Eric Young Residing at an Undisclosed Location

Referee: Rudy Charles
Storm enters the arena without a beer in his hand. Jackie is carrying a bottle of beer. Stormís going to have to fight sober. He could be in serious trouble here! Eric does not enter via the entrance ramp but comes from the back past the announcerís table to attack Storm in the ring. Storm still has his coat on but Eric takes it off for him. Storm tries to bail out of the ring but Eric is right there with him. Storm is on his feet headed up the entrance ramp with Eric hot on his heels. Eric tackles him, ducks Stormís clothesline and delivers a dropkick that sends Storm down to the floor. Storm is back in the ring and crawling to the other side but Eric has him down on the mat and is pounding on him. Storm is out to the floor again and running around the ring with Eric right behind him. Storm is back in the ring and as Eric tries to get in the ring, Jackie grabs Ericís arm. Storm goes for a baseball slide but misses Eric and sends Jackie down to the floor. Eric sends Storm back first into the guardrail and then slams his head on the ring apron. Eric sends Storm back into the ring but Storm is begging for a time out. Eric has Storm in a wristlock and then drags him down to the canvas. Iím not sure Iíve ever seen Eric quite so focused in a match. Eric is now stomping on Storm then he sets him up against the ring post to deliver some shoulder blocks to the abdomen. Eric backs up and charges into Storm with his shoulder. Jackie is back on her feet outside the ring as Eric charges at Storm again. This time Storm sidesteps and Eric goes shoulder first into the ring post Ė hard. Eric is out on the floor. Storm comes out of the ring and goes for the beer. Jackie takes the beer away and Storm goes after Eric. Storm slams Ericís arm and shoulder into the guardrail and then slides back into the ring to break up the refís count. Storm wraps Ericís shoulder around the ring post and delivers full boy pressure on Ericís arm and shoulder. Storm rolls Eric back into the ring and then goes after him. Jackie is up on the ring apron pulling on Ericís injured arm. Eric has blood on his elbow but Iím not sure how he got cut. Storm heads back to work on Eric but he stops to argue with the crowd first and the ref is down checking on Eric. Storm drops an elbow across Ericís chest then backs up and drops a knee in Ericís chest. Storm has Eric in a headlock on the mat. The crowd is behind Eric, encouraging him to get back to his feet. Eric is trying to get up and he does and he delivers a few fists to Stormís midsection. Storm breaks the hold but then bites Eric on the forehead. The ref breaks it up and Storm comes back with a fist to Ericís head. Storm keeps hitting Eric and then sends him across to the opposite ropes. Storm charges Eric and Eric sends him over the top rope. Storm lands on the ring apron and as Eric turns back around, Storm delivers a boot to the side of Ericís head. Storm goes up to the top turnbuckle and hits Eric with a cross body block but rolls over and off of Eric. Eric flips over on top of Storm, covers him but only gets a two count. Both men back to their feet, Storm grabs for Eric and Eric delivers a jawbreaker. Storm drops Eric down to the mat face first. Storm is back to his feet first and he goes for the pin but Eric kicks out at the count of two. Storm sends his knee several times into Ericís injured arm and shoulder. The crowd is giving Storm a lot of trouble and he gets up to argue with the fans again. Storm goes back after Eric who is trying to get to his feet and sends a couple of week boots to Ericís skull. Storm picks Eric up, delivers a boot to Ericís abdomen and sends Eric down hard to the mat with the eye of the storm. Storm gets up on the top turnbuckle and lays across the ropes to take a breather while the ref is checking on a still down on the mat Eric. Storm gets down and goes for the cover. Eric powers out at the count of two. Storm goes back to work on Ericís arm and shoulder. Eric is screaming in paid but he will not give up. Eric tries to get back to his feet but Storm jumps on Ericís back sending him back to the mat. Storm then stomps on Ericís arm and goes back for a stretch hold on the shoulder and arm. Once again Eric tries to get to his feet and does. Eric picks Storm up and slams him to the mat but Eric is holding his arm and shoulder and canít get to Storm to go for a pin. Eric sidesteps Storm as he charges and when Storm comes off the ropes, Eric sends him to the mat with a back body drop. Storm is back to his feet and Eric drops him with an elbow. Storm up again and this time Eric takes him down with a clothesline. Eric goes out of the ring and up to the top turnbuckle and comes off with an elbow to Stormís chest. Eric is slow to go for the cover and only gets a two count. Both men are back to their feet with Eric still holding his arm. Eric charges at Storm and meets Stormís elbow. Storm sets himself up on the top turnbuckle, grabs Eric but Eric starts throwing punches to fight back. Eric has Storm up on his shoulders, sends him to the mat and covers with a bridge. Storm kicks out at the count of two. Storm delivers a kick to the back of Ericís head brings him down with both feet to the back and goes for the cover. At the count of two, Eric shoves Storm off. Eric is down on the mat, Storm back to his feet. Storm goes for the super kick but Eric ducks out of the way, sends Storm off the ropes, catches him as he comes off and slams him to the mat, but he canít get the cover right away because he grabbed his injured arm and shoulder. Eric finally gets to Storm for the pin but Storm gets a shoulder up at the count of two. Eric is back on his feet, goes for the roll up, gets a two count and Jackie is up on the ring apron. Jackie has the beer opened and as Eric gets set across to the ropes, she tries to spit beer in Ericís face, Storm comes up behind Eric, Eric gets out of the way and Storm catches the beer to the face. As Eric heads for Storm, he sends an arm out and knocks Eric to the canvas but Storm is after Jackie. Storm grabs the beer from Jackie and starts to drink with the ref trying to get him to stop. Storm downs the entire beer and he still has the bottle in his hand. As Storm charges Eric, the ref grabs the bottle out of Stormís hand. Eric comes up behind Storm and rolls him up to get the three count and the win! Eric quickly bails out of the ring as Jackie bails into the ring. Eric stops to celebrate with the fans outside the ring. Storm is not a happy boy.

It was a great match for Eric to showcase his abilities even in pain from his injured arm. The hit to his arm on the ring post doesnít appear to have been a direct hit but it was a hit nonetheless. Storm is more of a brawler than a wrestler but he did a good job as Ericís opponent. I always have to mention Jackie when she is involved in a match. The girl certainly takes a lot of hits even when she is not wrestling!

Tenay tells us it appears Hall has still not shown up at the arena tonight. He discusses the massive egos of Christian and Angle and then tells us the four cases are being set up for the 15 man battle royal match, Feast or Fired.

West tells us that Rhino has been taken out of the Match of 10,000 Tacks after being kicked in the head by Rellik on the last iMPACT. He tells us that Abyss has a new partner but no one seems to know who it is.

Crystal is in the back with LAX, Homicide and Hernandez. Homicide is upset about LAX not getting a title shot.

Fourth Match
Feast or Fired
One of three title shots hangs in each case above the ring:

Particpiants: Senshi, Primetime Elix Skipper, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, The Guru Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy, Jimmy Rave, Lance Hoyt, Petey Williams, Wildcat Chris Harris, BG James, Kip James, Homicide, Hernandez, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner
Referee: I donít see one near the ring but I think Andrew Thomas is up on the ramp.

Tenay tells us that he has received word from Jim Cornette that you must have the case in your possession and your feet must be on the floor.

Iím only counting 14 participants. I thought it was advertised as 15.

The bell rings and we have a big brawl in the ring. Hoyt already has his hands on one of the cases but Hernandez sends him back down to the mat. Scott is outside the ring working on Kip. Senshi is up to one of the cases but Shark Boy brings him back down. Hernandez and Homicide are working together in the ring. I donít know what the rules are here but Scott is outside the ring with a chair taking out anyone and everyone.

Tenay now tells us that the contents of the four cases will be revealed on next weekís iMPACT. Here, let me say it for you West: ď You have GOT to be kidding me!Ē Petey goes of the top rope and takes down Daniels with a hurricanrana. Thatís nice Petey, now get BACK in that RING! Actually it was a nicely executed maneuver and Petey stopped to show his muscles off to the audience, which they seemed to very much appreciate. Sonjay is headed for a case but Senshi is climbing over the top of him. Senshi has a grip on Sonjay and they are now hanging upside down by the top turnbuckle as Petey climbs over them and goes for the case. GO PETEY GO! Senshi is back up after Petey but Petey sends him down to the mat with a boot to the chest. Petey has the case now he has to get to the floor. JUMP OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE TO THE FLOOR PETEY! DONíT GET BACK IN THE RING! He goes down to the floor andÖ

Petey Williams has a case!

Back in the ring, BG is going up but gets sent down to the floor. In the meantime Wildcat Chris Harris is over at the announcerís table again. We have boxing matches going on with the four men in the ring as Scott enters the ring again. Wildcat tells Tenay and West he is the only smart one in the battle. He is not going for a case because he doesnít want to get fired. BG has not gotten back to his feet since he went out of the ring but security has showed up and they are helping him to his feet. Sonjay goes up after a case but four men bring him back down. Harris is back at the announcerís table. BG appears to have an injured knee. He is down on the ramp and Kip is up trying to get down one of the cases. Kip has a case and he is back down in the ring Ė DONíT GO BACK IN THE RING! Ė and finds himself surrounded. BG is up on one foot and hopping back down the entrance ramp waving his arms in the air to get Kipís attention. Kip sends the case out of the ring and BG grabs it.

BG James has the second case!

We have more brawling going on in the ring. Wildcat is back over to the announcerís table. Senshi goes at Hernandez, Hernandez throws Senshi up in the air and Senshi lands on the top turnbuckle under one of the two remaining cases. Senshi has the case and he goes out to the floor with the case.

Senshi has the third case!

Only one case left. Homicide and Hernandez go to work on Rave but Christy is in the ring. The masked member of Latino Nation enters the ring behind Christy and takes her out with a slapjack. One of the male wrestlers takes a swing at the masked intruder but they duck under the punch and get out of the ring. Daniels takes Shark Boy down in the middle of the ring and suddenly Wildcat has entered the ring and delivers a clothesline to Daniels. Wildcat is being buddies with Shark Boy and he tells him to go up and get the third case as Wildcat guards Shark Boy. Shark Boy climbs up but Harris puts him on his shoulders and drops him to the canvas. Steiner is still out on the floor cleaning house and using the announcerís table as a battering ram. Wildcat is starting up for the last case but changes his mind and comes back down to deliver the catatonic to Shark Boy. Shark Boy manages to get out of the hold and bites Harris in the backside as Sonjay comes in to take Harris down and out of the ring. Shark Boy goes over the top rope and takes down Wildcat and Rave. Hernandez sends Sonjay over the top rope and into a crowd of wrestlers outside the ring. Kip is going up for the last case and as Hernandez goes to dive over the top rope into the pile of men on the floor, he sees Kip and drags him down off the top rope. Kip and Hernandez exchange shoulder blocks off the top rope but both men stay on their feet. Kip comes off the ropes and delivers a dropkick that sends Hernandez down to the mat. Kip goes up again but Scott is in the ring and puts a stop to Kip going up after the case. Senshi is up on the top rope and he dropkicks off the top into Scott taking him down. Daniels is headed up for the to the case. Daniels has it but heís back in the ring and Hernandez takes him down. Daniels takes Hernandez down with a low blow and then with the case to the head. Scott has the case and gets to the floor.

Scott Steiner has the fourth and last case!

And we wonít know anything about who has what until next week on iMPACT!

Winners: Petey Williams, BG James, Senshi and Scott Steiner.

Crystal is backstage with Gail Kim. Gail tells Kong that Gail cares about being the champion but all Kong cares about is hurting people.

Fifth Match:
TNA Womenís Championship Match
Awesome Kong, 6í1Ē, 272 3/8 lbs., Residing in Japan
Gail Kim from Tampa, FL
TNA Womenís Champion

Referee: Andrew Thomas
I hope Gail can stay air bound (editor's note: "air bound"?). If she has to work on the mat she will be in serious trouble.

Kong knocks Gail off the ring apron before the match begins. Gail is getting tossed around on the floor. Kong sends her into the guardrail and then sends Gail head first into the announcerís table. Kong picks Gail up and sends her stomach first onto the guardrail. Kong charges Gail but Gail sidesteps Kong and Kong goes arm first into the ring post. Gail is in the ring but not moving fast. As Kong tries to get into the ring, Gail stops her and works on her injured arm. The bell finally sounds as Gail continues to work on Kongís arm. Kong sends Gail down to the mat but Gail is back up and working on the arm again. Kong gets Gail in a headlock and then throws her down on the mat. Both women are back on their feet and is keeping Gail on the ropes. Kong rakes Gailís eyes and now she has her by the hair. Kong slams Gail face first into the mat and then goes for a camel clutch type maneuver. Kong picks Gail up in a chokehold but the ref makes her break the hold. Gail canít get a foothold in this match and Kong is beating down on her all over the ring. Gail repeatedly tries to clothesline Kong but Kong sends Gail down to the canvas with a head butt. Kong has Gail up on her shoulders but Gail grabs the ropes. Gail is up on the top turnbuckle and Kong knocks her off but she hands on to Kongís arm. Gail goes back to work on Kongís arm but Kong delivers a butt (not the head, the backside) and sends Gail across the ring. Gail goes to work on Kongís leg, climbs up on the top turnbuckle, delivers a flying dropkick and Kong is still on her feet, Gail goes back up and takes another shot at a dropkick and Kong goes down. Gail flies off the top turnbuckle to moonsault on top of Kong and goes for the cover but she canít get a three count. Kong is back to her feet. Kong is standing with a boot on Gailís neck and the ref has trouble getting Kong off. Kong gets in the refís face and then shoves him back to the floor. Kong is back standing on Gailís neck and the ref rings the bell to disqualify Kong. Kong power bombs the ref to the floor and heís out. Kong then decides to go after Gail in the ring again and the bell is desperately ringing in the background. Velvet Sky enters the ring to stop Kong, but Kong has her by the throat and she picks her up and slams her to the mat. Again Kong goes after Kim. She picks Gail up by the hair and Angelina Love comes down the ramp with a chair. Love tries to nail Kong with the chair but she knocks the chair into Loveís face. Kong lays the chair down in the ring and she power bombs Gail onto the chair. Security shows up in the ring and Kong leaves the ring.

Gail Kim wins the match by disqualification and retains the TNA Womenís Championship.

JB is backstage with AJ, Angle, Tomko and Angleís Mrs. AJ is going to leave but the Mrs. has an idea and she thinks that they need to turn Joe against his partners. Tomko decides that she may have a point. Angle is going to talk to Joe. AJ laughs and says he couldnít persuade Christian and he wonít be able to persuade Joe. AJ doesnít know what a mate is.

Crystal is backstage with Black Reign. Black Reign introduces himself and Rellik and Misty the Artic Fox (Sheís a RAT!) but Black Reign says the only rat he sees around the area is Crystal. He also speaks to Abyss and Raven, which would indicate that Raven is taking Rhinoís place in the Match of 10,000 Tacks.

Sixth Match:
Match of 10,000 Tacks
No Disqualification
Black Reign from The Deepest Darkest Corner of his Mind
accompanied to the ring by Misty the Artic Fox (itís a RAT!)
Rellik from The Depths of Hell
Raven from the Bowery
The Monster Abyss, 6í8Ē, weighing 350 lbs.

Referee: Shane Sewell
I know, I know, it sounds absolutely bad but Iíve been looking forward to this match. Prior to the beginning of the match, we see the head kick Rhino received courtesy of Rellik. This is a brawl and the audience is into it. Raven slingshots over the rope and takes down all three men outside the ring. Raven and Rellik are battling it out outside the ring and Abyss and Black Reign are battling in the audience area. Rellik is taking Raven into the guardrail with shoulder blocks. Abyss delivers a knee to Black Reignís midsection and Raven is sending Rellik head first into a wall. Abyss is setting up a table and putting the tacks but Black Reign is behind him. Black Reign sends Abyss in to the ring post as Raven is working on Rellik on the opposite side of the ring. Rellik picks up Raven and drops him back first onto the guardrail. Abyss and Black Reign are back in the ring. Abyss picks up Black Reignís darkness falls and works on Black Reignís head in the middle of the ring. The ref is in Abyssís face and then is down checking on Black Reign. Rellik comes in with a chair but Abyss sends an elbow into the chair and sends the chair into Rellikís face. Abyss sets up the chair in the ropes but Rellik avoids it. Black Reign delivers a low blow to Abyss and sends him face first into the steel chair. Raven is outside of the ring and Abyss is down inside the ring. Rellik and Black Reign are working on Abyss who is bleeding profusely from the head. Raven is back in the ring but heís down on the mat. Rellik is after the tacks and he sets them inside the ring. As Raven goes after Rellik, Rellik nails Raven with a fist. Rellik is back in the ring and attacks Raven with a hand full of tacks putting them into Ravenís face. We have a woman screaming so loud in the audience through this match that Iím having trouble hearing Don West. Black Reign is beating on Abyss with a chair outside the ring. Sheís as annoying as Karen Angle. Rellik nails Raven with a kick to the head. Rellik is beating on Ravenís head with his right hand. Raven manages to throw Rellik back down to the mat. Black Reign is back in the ring. He is bleeding from the forehead. Raven hits Black Reign with a DDT and goes for a cover. He gets a two count before Rellik breaks it up. Now itís a double team on Raven but Abyss is back in the ring and he takes Black Reign and Rellik down with a double clothesline. Raven hands Abyss a kendo stick and then Raven enters the ring with another kendo stick. Black Reign delivers a low blow to Abyss and takes his kendo stick the goes after Raven. Black Reign has the darkness falls and he climbs up on the top turnbuckle to attack Raven, but Raven grabs the weapon and sends Black Reign down onto the table full of tacks. Raven is now beating Rellikís head into the table outside the ring. Raven goes up on the top turnbuckle to come down on Rellik but Rellik rolls out of the way and Raven goes through the table and down to the floor. Rellik is back in the ring with Abyss. Rellik begins throwing right hands at Abyss and then he goes up to the top turnbuckle to get the bag of tacks hanging up above. Rellik has the bag and heís opening it and dumping the tacks across the middle of the ring. Abyss has Rellik by the throat to try for the black hold slam but Rellik spits something into Abyssís eyes and Abyss drops Rellik. Rellik delivers boots and comes off the ropes but Abyss grabs Rellik and sends delivers a black hole slam sending Rellik down into the tacks. Abyss goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Winners: Raven & The Monster Abyss

Every man in this match has bled, Abyss appears to be the worst. This was not a wrestling match, this was a brawl and it was very much appreciated by the fans. Iím sorry Rhino was not able to be in the match but I felt Raven stepped in and did a great job.

JB is backstage with, you guess it, Angle again. They are Joeís locker room and Angle finds Joe. Angle bad mouths Nash and Hall and hints that Joe should think twice in the match they have coming up against the Angle Alliance.

Crystal is in the back with Booker T and Sharmell. Crystal welcomes them to TNA and then mentions that Booker has a bulls eye on his forehead. Booker tells us that he and Christian Cage already have a history together. And Booker is here to ultimately gain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Sharmell is looking good again. Booker tells Roode heís going down tonight courtesy of Booker T.

Seventh Match:
Robert Roode from Wall Street in Manhattan, NY
accompanied to the ring by Ms. Brooks
The Instant Classic Christian Cage from Tampa FL by way of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Kaz from Anaheim, CA
Booker T from Houston, TX
accompanied to the ring by Sharmell

Referee: Rudy Charles
I have to admit Iím ready to see this match. Christian will always be a favorite of mine and Roode does have great wrestling talent. Booker T, well that goes without being said Ė heís great Ė and Kaz has been allowed in recent weeks to show us his in ring talent. This should be an awesome match. Will Christian want to face Booker in the ring or will he try to send Roode to handle Booker?

Before the match begins, Christian and Roode appear to be having some problems deciding who is going to go first. Christian enters the ring to face Kaz. Kaz defeated Christian at Genesis in one spectacular ladder match. They begin with a little trash talking and Christian trying to get Booker T to enter the ring. Christian doesnít try to ďwrestleĒ Kaz but immediately sends a boot to his midsection and then delivers chops to the chest. Christian sends Kaz into the ropes, Kaz comes off the ropes and slides under Christian. Kaz back to his feet delivering chops to Christianís chest. Christian goes down to the mat. Christian is back to his feet and Kaz charges toward him but is met by an elbow. Christian goes up to the top turnbuckle and comes off with a corkscrew elbow to send Kaz crashing to the mat. Kaz gets back to one knee and Christian comes at him with boots to the abdomen. Christian then delivers some slaps to Kazís face, backs up, comes off the ropes and Kaz is to his feet to meet Christian with a knee to the midsection. Kaz goes up in the air and delivers a nicely placed boot to Christianís head. Kaz springboards off the second rope and lands with a leg drop on Christianís chest. Kaz goes for the pin but only gets a two count before Christian powers out. Both men are back to their feet, Christian sends a knee into Kazís abdomen, then a fist to the back of the neck. Christian tags in Roode and ask Roode goes after Kaz, Kaz takes Roode down with an arm drag. Roode comes at him again and again Kaz takes Roode to the mat with an arm drag. Kaz has Roode in a wrist lock, Roode tries to reach for Christian to make the tag but Christian is a long way off, Kaz tags in Booker and holds Roode until Booker enters the ring and delivers a boot to Roodeís midsection. Booker sends Roode to the mat with a chop and then nails him with an elbow when he gets back to his feet. Booker now has Roode in an arm lock but Roode breaks free and delivers chops to Booker. Booker sends Roode into the ropes and takes him down to the mat. Booker goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Booker power slams Roode to the mat and again goes for the pin Ė another two count. The camera pans toward the back and Robert Roodeís Number One Fan is hanging out in the back of the audience again. NOT NOW! I CANíT SEE WHATíS GOING ON IN THE RING! As the camera moves back to the ring, Kaz is coming through the ropes into the ring but the ref sends him back. One the opposite side of the ring Roode and Christian are beating down Booker. Christian is now in the ring as the legal man so we must assume a tag was made WHILE THE CAMERA WAS SOMEWHERE ELSE! Christian is stomping on a downed Booker and the ref gets in the middle to break it up. Christian shoves Booker up against a corner post and starts trash talking him while delivering some shoves to the face. Christian sends Booker to the opposite ring post but Booker goes up and over and then sends Christian over his back in a back body drop. Booker tags in Kaz and the send Christian into the ropes and then take him down to the mat. Kaz immediately goes for the cover but does not get the three count. Kaz sends Christian across the ring to the opposite post and then delivers an elbow. Roode comes through the ropes but Kaz sees him and nails him with a boot to the abdomen, then sends him flying into Christian who is down on the mat by the ring post. Kaz backs up to the opposite side, takes a run and delivers both boots to Roode, nailing both Roode and Christian with the same blow. Kaz does a little showing off in the center of the ring for the fans Ė NOT NOW KAZ! GET THE WIN BEFORE YOU START SHOWING OFF! Ė Christian and Roode take themselves out of the ring and to the floor outside. Kaz comes off the opposite ring ropes and over the top, missing Christian who moves out of the way but taking Roode down to the floor. Kaz smacks Christian in the back and then rolls back into the ring. Christian is now walking up the entrance ramp and out of the arena but Booker catches up with him and brings him back down the ramp. Booker rolls Christian into the ring and Kaz goes up to send fists into Christianís skull. The ref is busy talking to Booker who is outside on the floor and walking back to his side of the ring but Roode is now up on the ring apron and he grabs Kaz and jumps off the apron hanging Kaz up on the top rope. Christian is sitting on the top turnbuckle. He takes Kaz down with a neck breaker to the mat. Christian goes for the cover but Kaz gets a shoulder off the mat. Christian stomps on Kaz several times as Roode on the ring apron appears to be having some problems with the crowd chants. Christian sets Kaz on the ropes and stands on his back before walking over to mouth something at Booker. As Christian heads back to Kaz, Kaz comes up with elbows to Christianís gut and backs him off. Kaz comes off the ropes but is met by a clothesline courtesy of Christian. Christian picks Kaz up and sends him over to Roode so that Roode can keep Kaz on the wrong side of the ring as Christian wanders over to antagonize Booker. Booker immediately starts to come through the ropes but the ref is there and he stops him from entering the ring. Roode enters the ring as Christian exits the ring. Roode sends boots to Kazís midsection. The ref comes back over to stop Roode from choking Kaz with a boot to the throat. The ref then questions whether or not a tag was made. Roode claims there was but no one else agrees with him. Roode sends Kaz to the mat and goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Kaz needs a tag in the worst way but heís too far away from Booker. Roode has Kaz in a headlock down on the mat and the camera again pans back to Roodeís Number One Fan. Kaz is up to a sitting position and then is back to his feet. Kaz sends an elbow into Roodeís ribs to make him break the headlock. Kaz and Roode exchange punches in the middle of the ring before Kaz backs up and comes off the ropes. Roode is ready for him and tries to take him up over his head, but Kaz slides down and lands on his feet behind Roode. Kaz sends Roode chest first into the ropes then brings him back and goes for the roll up. Kaz gets a two count before Roode shoves him off. Kaz goes back into the ropes and comes off with a bridge and he gets a two count before Roode literally brings Kaz up and both men are now standing. That was a great move, Roode! Roode delivers a backslide and gets a two count before Kaz breaks free. Kaz tries a side roll up and gets a two count before Roode kicks out. Both men are back to their feet and Roode delivers a boot to Kazís midsection then sends him over the top rope. Kaz lands in a sitting position on the ring apron, gets back up, tries to get back in the ring and Roode charges at Kaz but Kaz delivers a shoulder block to Roode. Kaz springboards off the top rope but Roode catches him and slams him to the mat. Roode goes for the pin but Booker is through the ropes and delivers a stop to Roodeís back to break it up. The ref sends Booker back outside the ropes as Christian enters the ring. OKAY REF THATíS TWICE YOU HAVENíT SEEN ROODE AND CHRISTIAN MAKE A TAG! Christian is standing on Kazís face with one boot. The ref makes Christian break it up. Christian backs Kaz up to the ropes and starts mouthing at him but Kaz comes back with a hard right that sends Christian backward before sending an elbow to Roode. Roode doesnít go down and Kaz turns his back on Christian to deliver another shot to Roode but turns in time to send Christian to the mat with a fist. Again Kaz steps back and nails Roode with an elbow. Christian is back to his feet and he charges Kaz, Kaz drops to the mat, hits Christian with a drop toe hold and sends Christianís head into Roodeís abdomen. Roode is now down to the floor and Kaz is going for a cover in the ring. He gets a two count before Christian powers out. Kaz sends Christian to the mat with the wave of the future and now both men are down in the ring. Booker is begging for a tag but Kaz is too far away to reach Booker. As Kaz gets to Booker, Roode who has come around behind him yanks Booker off the ring apron. Booker is now after Roode on the floor outside the ring and Kaz doesnít have anyone to tag! Halfway around the ring, Booker changes his mind and goes back to his side of the ring. Kaz is up leaning over the ropes and looking for a tag as Christian comes up behind him. Christian pulls Kaz off the ropes as Booker gets back on the ring apron. Gee, Booker, go on in and pretend you make the tag, thatís what Christian and Roode do! This time as Christian nears Roode, he does tag him into the match. Christian hangs onto Kaz as Roode enters the ring and they try for a double team, sending Kaz into the ropes. Kaz comes off the ropes and flips up over their backs. As they turn around, Kaz has Christian by the neck and he delivers a boot to Roodeís gut and when Roode doubles over, Kaz has him by the neck. Kaz drops to the mat and delivers a double DDT. All three men are now down on the mat and Kaz has GOT to get a tag. Booker works the crowd to get them to chant louder. Kaz makes it across the ring on his knees to finally tag in Booker. Booker is in the ring and he sends both Christian and Roode to the mat with right hands, he takes Christian down with a clothesline and then starts pounding on Roode. Booker sends Roode into the ropes and then up and over in a back body drop. Christian is back to his feet and he takes a swing at Booker but Booker blocks it and delivers some forearms to Christianís neck and chest before sending him into the ropes. Booker tries to send Christian into the ropes but Christian makes the switch and sends Booker across the ring. Booker comes off the ropes and ducks Christianís clothesline, hits the opposite ropes and comes off with a body block that sends Christian down to the mat. Christian gets back to his feet and Booker nails him in the abdomen with a boot, then comes off the rope with the axe kick but Christian gets out of the way. Christian comes off the ropes and Booker catches him in a spine buster and goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Booker goes up to the top turnbuckle but Roode catches Bookerís leg. Booker manages to send Roode down to the floor but now Christian is up top and looking to toss Booker off onto the mat. Booker fights him off and shoves Christian down to the mat. Booker is back up top and as Christian gets back to his feet, Booker flies off to deliver a missile dropkick. Booker is back to his feet and is looking for the spinarooni but Roode is back in the ring and he kicks Booker in the back. Roode follows up with a fist to the face, tries to send Booker across the ring but Booker grabs Roodeís arm and delivers an awesome back kick to Roode that sends Roode crashing down to the mat. Christian has made it back to his feet and he jabs Bookerís eyes. Christian nails Booker with a few chops before sending him into the opposite corner post. Booker goes up and over and brings Christian down in a roll up. He gets a two count, but it was close. Booker nails Christian with a fist and sends him back into the corner. Booker comes at him with a leg up in the air but Roode grabs Christian and pulls him out of the way hanging Booker up on the ropes. Roode enters the ring and as he and Christian start across the ring Kaz comes from out of nowhere with a dropkick that sends both men down to the canvas. Kaz then delivers an inverted atomic drop to Roode, comes off the ropes and delivers a kick to the side of Roodeís head. Kaz comes off the ropes again and seems to be having trouble getting a hold on Roode locked in. He sends Roode into the corner and then goes across the ring to nail Christian with a high boot to the head. Kaz tries to send Christian across into Roode but Christian gets the switch and sends Kaz flying at Roode who sends Kaz over the top rope and directly onto the floor. It looked as though Kazís skull bounced off the floor and he is now up against the guardrail. Roode and Christian come at Booker with a double clothesline but Booker ducks under and comes back to take both men down with one high flying leg. You have to watch Bookerís legs, boys! Christian is down on the mat and Roode is out of the ring. Booker hits the spinarooni and is back to his feet to deliver a boot to Christianís abdomen and then goes into the ropes but Roode is on the ring apron and he appears to have head butted Booker. Roode is back out on the floor pulling Ms. Brooks out of her chair at ringside and the two have words before Kaz get in between and shoves Roode backward. The ref is now on the floor breaking up Kaz and Roode and Roode walks away still carrying the chair.

This was one spectacular match! Kaz took some really heavy hard hits and even heavier hard falls in this match but he was in it one hundred and ten percent (at least!). Roode got a chance to shine as did Booker and Christian. Nice win for Kaz and Booker T. Bad news for Christian who appears to be having problems forming a new coalition. I really would like to go into my spiel about the greatness of the wrestler who work so hard to put other guys over. Christian did his usual fantastic work and Roode seems to have been right in there with Christian. Roode is now in the ring with the chair and heís got Booker in his sights. Roode comes up with a chair shot but Booker ducks and Roode nails Christian in the head with the chair. Christian is down on the mat and Kaz is back in the ring to deliver a drop kick that sends Roode over the top rope and down to the floor.

Booker is back to his feet, comes off the ropes and nails Christian with the axe kick, goes for the pin and gets the three count! Sharmell makes certain both Booker and Kaz are in the ring (You go, girl! Nice touch!) to celebrate their victory. Sharmell has on one of the most stunning outfits. As Booker, Kaz and Sharmell are on the ramp celebrating with the crowd, Roode is back in the ring trying to get a dazed Christian back to his feet. This is sort of like watching AJ and Christian in the ring when AJ messes up. Poor Christian just canít catch a break with his partners. Christian is back to his feet in the corner and he shoves Roode back away from him and we may be having another match between these two partners! Suddenly AJ Styles runs past the announcerís table and gets in between the two men. Neither man is impressed by AJ appears to be there to assist Christian knowing that he has been injured. AJ follows Christian up the entrance ramp even though Christian doesnít want AJís help.

Crystal is backstage with Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash and Joe is pissed. Scott Hall is NOT in the building and will not be there for their match tonight. While Nash says he is worried about Hallís health, Joe says Hall not showing up doesnít surprise him. Joe asks Nash if Hall couldnít pass the Breathalyzer so he could start his car and get to the arena. Oops. Nash claims that just the two of them can take on their three opponents but Joe says he will not be coming to the ring alone. I thought Joe was going to run over Crystal on his way out of the room.

I hate to say this but if Joe really IS mad he may have every right to be. While I have never been in a ring it is safe to assume that these guys have their game plan worked out prior to the match and this is considered an important match Ė not only is it a pay per view, it is the MAIN EVENT of said pay per view. To have to find someone else at the last possible second who has no knowledge of what was planned or how the match will be worked could spell disaster for the entire match, which in turn could spell disaster for the entire pay per view.

Eighth Match:
Main Event
Six Man Tag Team Grudge Match
The Phenomenal AJ Styles from Gainesville, GA
Tomko from Tampa, FL
TNA Tag Team Champions
Kurt Angle from Pittsburgh, PA
TNA Heavyweight Champion
Kevin Nash from Detroit, MI
The Submission Machine Samoa Joe from American Samoa

Joe does not enter the arena when his entrance theme starts and finishes. Nash is looking a little worried although the Angle Alliance is looking a little bit pleased. The second time Joeís music begins, Joe enters the arena with a mic.

Joe delivers one hell of a speech. I will try to catch the highlights:

He says they gave him a mic and told him to come out and explain to the crowd what was going on but Joe is still very angry. Scott Hall no showed the event tonight, he punked out on Joe and he punked out on every single fan in the building tonight and Hall is a punk. Joe says he thought that maybe he could just come out and he and Kevin could make the best of it but Joe also realized they just gave him a live mic on pay per view. Joe wants to get a few things off his chest. In TNA in there are two types of wrestlers. There are diehards that come to entertain the fans and bust their ass every night of the week and then there are the Superstars that think they can come in and do whatever they want whenever they want Ė understand with the exception of the ďpadding pensionsĒ Joe makes, he spends most of his time looking directly at Kurt Angle during his little speech. Superstars that screw the hardworking wrestlers of TNA but they screw each and every fan who paid to see them no matter how old they are. Joe says that TNA is The Motor City Machineguns coming out here and busting their ass and trying to make a break in this business. TNA is Black Machismo doing his damnest to entertain every single fan in the building. TNA is Samoa Joe coming in and doing what he does best, coming in and being the best professional wrestler in the world. TNA is a bunch of hard working young athletes who are looking to change the wrestling world, guys who held down this business while other guys profiteer from it. TNA is the men who come in here and put their lives on scaffolding and wires while others show up and pad their pension Ė this remark was made directly at Kevin Nash. Joe tells Scott Hall to kiss his ass and refers to Hall as a Punk. At this point, Joe looks over the side of the ring and looks down at someone (I donít know who it is, I caní see) and says ďare you mad? No, go ahead, fire me. I donít care.Ē Joe says that tonight he went into the locker room and they said they called everyone in the world and tried to get Joe a new partner but Joe says we donít need anybody. We have everybody we need in the back so Joe walked to the back and asked who wants to go out and be in the main event tonight and get into a fight and every damned one of the X Division wrestlers stood up. Every single young wrestlers who got their first TV contract with TNA stood up and said ďmeĒ. One in particular who is bloody, beaten, battered, bruised and overlooked by everybody in the world looked at me and said ďJoe please give me the shotĒ. Without further adieu, I announce my partner. A man who will show up. A man who will be here and do what he needs to do. A man who is ready for a fight and a man who will be even when he is an old man. Without further adieu, I bring out my tag team partner, SHOWTIME ERIC YOUNG get out here and kick some ass!

I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN ONE DAY. I JUMPED UP AND MY LAPTOP HIT THE FLOOR. It is difficult to catch said laptop when both hands are in the air! Dude, I thought for a minute there I was going to have to get myself a new Dell!


SHOWTIME ERIC YOUNG! Residing at an Undisclosed Location

Referee: Earl Hebner

Eric has his left elbow taped and has a bandage across his forehead. He whupped on a and got whupped on even harder earlier in the evening during his match with Cowboy James Storm and yet here he stands in the ring with five guys who have done nothing all night. If that isnít guts, boys and girls, I donít know what is. Yeah, I wanted to see Scott Hall do something in the ring but I canít think of a better replacement anywhere in the wrestling world. NOW GO GET ĎEM, ERIC! The match opens with Joe facing off with AJ in the ring. AJ is smiling Ė OMG is he an idiot? Not only is Joe great in the ring when heís in a good mood Ė HEíS MAD! The match begins as a wrestling match and Joe rolls him up but AJ is too close to the ropes. AJ charges Joe and gets sent head first into the turnbuckle and then delivers a knee drop to AJís skull. Joe turns, looks at Nash but tags in Eric who goes for the cover. Eric gets a one count before AJ powers out. Both men back to their feet and AJ takes a swing but Eric ducks and delivers an atomic drop and then a clothesline sending AJ to the mat. He goes for the pin but doesnít get the three count. Eric has AJ in a headlock but AJ gets back to his feet and nails Eric in the rib with an elbow. AJ charges and Eric sends him up and over in a back body drop. AJ is back against the ropes yelling something at the referee. AJ tags in Angle. Eric looks a little confused but he faces Angel and gets caught in a headlock. Eric sends Angle into the ropes and Angle comes off with a shoulder block that sends Eric down to the canvas. Angle goes for the pin but Eric kicks out. Angle delivers uppercuts to Ericís jaw and then sends him across the ring to the opposite ring post. Eric goes up and over the top rope, lands on the ring apron and then delivers a shoulder block through the ropes to Angleís gut. Eric slides under the bottom rope and under Angle then takes Angle down to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Eric goes for the cover and gets a two count before Angle powers out. Both men are back to their feet and Eric has Angle in a wristlock. As Eric gets close to his side of the ring, Nash reaches out and slaps Eric shoulder tagging himself into the match. Eric tries to hold Angle but Angle gets free and crawls across the ring to tag in Tomko. Nash canít decide whether to watch Tomko or watch Angle behind him on the ring apron. The two men lock up and Nash shoves Tomko back into the ropes. They lock up again and Tomko shoves Nash into the corner and delivers some right hands. The two are back in the center of the ring and Tomko comes off the ropes to deliver a clothesline but Nash is still standing. Tomko comes off the ropes again and again hits Nash with a clothesline. Nash is still standing. Tomko comes off the ropes a third time and runs into a big Kevin Nash boot, which lands right in Tomkoís face. Tomko does go down Ė hard. Nash picks Tomko up and pushes him into a corner so that he can deliver a series of back elbow hits. Nash then switches to right hands as the ref admonishes Nash for the closed fists. Nash then switches to knees to Tomkoís midsection. Nash takes a boot and places it on Tomkoís neck and uses the ropes for leverage to choke Tomko. The ref is trying to get Nash to break the hold and AJ has entered the ring. Nash is distracted and gets a fist to the face delivered by Tomko and then another that sends Nash crashing to the canvas. Tomko continues with a series of blows to Nashís skull. Tomko backs up and tags in AJ who runs at Nash, gets caught and is sent to the mat with a sidewalk slam. Nash tags in Eric who sends AJ into the ropes, AJ comes off the ropes and Eric hits the mat. AJ comes off the opposite ropes and Eric flies at him and takes him down to the mat. Eric then proceeds to deliver a few right hands until the ref breaks it up. Both men back to their feet but Eric delivers a leg lariat that drops AJ. Eric takes AJ up and delivers what appears to be a neck breaker, then goes for the cover. Eric gets a two count. Both men back to their feet and AJ sends fists into Ericís abdomen, then rakes at his eyes, sending Eric into Tomko and Angleís side of the ring. Joe attempts to come through the ropes to help Eric but the ref stops him and sends him back out on the ring apron. Angle grabs Ericís injured arm and shoulder and drops off the ring apron hanging the injured arm up on the top rope. Eric is holding his arm and he bumps into AJ who is still standing in the middle of the ring. AJ sends a fists to the side of Ericís skull, staggering him. AJ then sends Ericís head into the top turnbuckle and continues to land shots to the face and head of Eric. Eric fights back but AJ delivers a shoulder block to the abdomen and then sets Eric up on the top turnbuckle, climbing up after him. Eric fights back and sends AJ to the mat. AJ lands on his feet and comes back with a high flying foot that nails Eric in the side of the head. AJ climbs back up to the top and is trying for a suplex. Eric is trying to fight back and he manages to deliver a front suplex taking both men down to the mat. Both wrestlers are heading for tags. AJ tags in Angle and Eric tags in Nash, much to the dismay of Angle. Nash takes Angle down with a clothesline and then sends him into the ropes. As Angle comes off the ropes, Nash greets him with boot to the face. Tomko is in the ring going after Nash with a fist to the face and AJ is back on his feet in the ring. AJ and Tomko double team Nash and they go across the ring to come off the ropes but are met by clotheslines courtesy of Nash. Joe taps Nash to tag himself in and Eric enters the ring to help Joe take care of AJ and Tomko. Joe tosses AJ out of the ring and Eric tosses out Tomko (no easy feat when one arm isnít working well!). Joe point to the outside of the ring while looking at Eric and Eric slingshots himself over the top rope but is caught by Tomko and AJ but Joe is through the ropes in a suicide dive that takes all three men down to the floor. Nash has Angle up on his shoulders inside the ring but Angle breaks free and goes for the ankle lock. Joe, who has walked back around to his side of the ring comes through the ropes and stands there looking at Angle and Nash. Joe turns his back and walks away but that really doesnít work for Joe so he turns back around and delivers the loudest sounding kick of the night to Angle. Angle doesnít just break the hold on Nash's ankle, he hits the mat on his back. Joe goes back out to the ring apron and calls for Nash to tag him in. Nash delivers the tag and Joe meets Tomko who Angle has tagged in. The two of them exchange fists in the middle of the ring. Tomko hits Joe and sends him back into the ropes. Joe comes off and nails Tomko sending him to the mat. I hope the doctors in Japan super glued that muscle tear back in place or Tomkoís going to be back in surgery after this match. Joe comes off the ropes and nails Tomko with a clothesline and then hits Tomko with another clothesline. AJ enters the ring and Joe picks him up and drops him face first to the mat. Joe has Tomko in what appears to be the rear naked choke but Tomko comes back with elbows to Joeís ribs and Joe has to release his hold. Tomko comes off the ropes but Joe catches him and power slams him to the mat. Joe goes for the cover but only gets a two count before Angle is in to break it up. Angle delivers a release German suplex on Joe but now Nash is back in the ring. He turns Angle around and delivers a knee to the gut and then drops Angle to the canvas with the jackknife power bomb. AJ comes off the top ropes and delivers a fist to Nashís head dropping him to the canvas. AJ goes after Nash again as Nash is getting to his feet but Nash sends him over his shoulder and to the ring apron. AJ is back up to springboard off the top rope but Nash knocks him down and AJ gets hung up, midsection first, on the top rope. AJ is down on the floor but Tomko is back to his feet and he delivers a blow that sends Nash down to the mat. Joe is back to his feet and Tomko goes after Joe with a boot but Joe ducks under and comes up with a high flying kick that staggers Tomko but he doesnít go down. Eric is back in the ring and he has Tomko on his shoulders and he slams Tomko down to the mat. Joe motions for Eric and Eric whips Joe across the ring so that Joe can land a high knee on Tomkoís chest. Joe sets Tomko up on the top rope and sets him up for a muscle buster. Joe hits the muscle buster, covers and gets the three count. Nash goes up the ramp ignoring the victory after the three count but Joe and Eric are still in the ring.

As much as I hate to see Joe put on a big ďJoe ShowĒ Iíll be darned if he wasnít great in this match and Eric Young took even more punishment to take this pay per view to the end. No one should ever doubt Ericís abilities in the ring. Heís good and thatís all there is to it. AJ and Tomko didnít do too bad either but I wasnít overly impressed with Kevin Nash or Kurt Angle in this match up. Keep in mind that Eric had already been in a tough match this evening and Tomko is recovering from surgery when you take into account their performances in this match. And itís ABOUT TIME Eric got to be in a main event. He is definitely a hard worker and gives his best in every performance. I also know from doing Indy reports that Eric, Joe and AJ all do Indy work and Tomko wrestles in Japan. These guys certainly are not lazy.

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