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TNA: Final Resolution, December 7, 2008
by Jillie

I was fortunate enough to be born on a national day of recognition; Pearl Harbor Day. But I was also fortunate enough to be born in Canada, where Pearl Harbor Day, unfortunately, isn’t recognized. Luckily for me, 25 years after that glorious day on which I came into the world, Total Nonstop Action decided to hold a Pay per View event and schedule some of my favourite wrestlers to appear on the card. Furthermore, there are no ridiculous gimmick matches (Flaming Thumbtacks on a Thousand Ladders! Yeah!), no bikini contests, no blatant excuses for profuse bloodshed, and plenty of great looking matches. It’s like they looked at the calendar, saw it was my birthday, and said, "Here, Jillie, is a show just for you. Short of bringing your favourite wrestlers back to life or out of retirement, this PPV includes none of the bullshit you don’t like about wrestling, and all the things you do! Happy Birthday!"

Just like my review, Final Resolution starts with a reminder about Pearl Harbor Day and the involvement of America in the second World War. TNA’s historical references do not always fit so nicely with the theme of the PPV they’re about to air, but this time the reference is quite appropriate. Just like the Main Event Mafia, superpower in the global backdrop of TNA, didn’t want to go to war with the Front Line, repeatedly saying that all they want is the respect they feel they are due, America, too, didn’t want to go to war with the Axis Powers. However, just like America had little choice after Pearl Harbor was attacked, so too does the Mafia have no choice if they are to keep their spot on top.

Feast or Fired
Cute Kip vs The Guru Sonjay Dutt w/SoCal Val vs Jimmy Rave vs Lance Rock vs Alex Shelley vs BG James vs Black Machismo Jay Lethal vs Chris Sabin vs Consequences Creed vs Curry Man vs Hernandez vs Homicide vs Shark Boy

Because of the nature of the match, I will, of course, give you the highlights.
Several people are going tor the briefcases right away. Shark Boy pants Sonjay. I really didn’t need to see that. Curry Man and Shark Boy work together to take MCMGs out while everyone brawls on the outside. Curry Man and Shark Boy try to take down a briefcase but are pushed to the outside by Sonjay. Hernandez joins Sonjay in the ring now. After a quick exchange, Sonjay jumps on Hernandez’ back to a briefcase. Lethal makes the save. Homicide hits a suicide dive to the outside, knocking over several competitors. Hernandez boarder tosses Rave to the outside, knocking them all over again. Hernandez gets a case down and leaves the ring, winning Case #1.

Cute Kip and BG go at it against each other. BG tries for a case, but Shark Boy Stunners him. Shark Boy botches a second Stunner to Kip horribly. Creed is the next victim. Lance Rock is now clearing the ring, beating up X Division guy after X Division guy. Lethal almost gets a case, but Rave interrupts. Curry Man and Homicide fight on the top turnbuckle for another briefcase. Curry Man wins the duel and gets the case. Cornered by Creed and Kip, he flips to the outside, knocking over some competitors and winning Case #3.

Lethal is close, but Rave makes the save. The two square off and Lethal goes for a Lethal Combination. He only gets one half of it in before Rave hits him with the Rock the World. Rave is hit with a Fame-asser. Kip is taken out by a springboard move by Sabin. Sonjay is in the ring with an amazing series of moves. He hits Creed with a wicked looking hurricanrana before being Full Nelson Suplexed by Lethal. Sonjay’s performance right there was so crisp and clean – a thing of beauty. Lethal is up top again, but Homicide makes the save this time, hitting a Gringo Cutter off the top rope. Homicide goes for the case and Sonjay meets him. Sonjay is crotched (which was also botched badly), and Homicide stands on him to get the case. He makes it to the floor with Case #4.

BG and Kip are back at it in the ring for a bit. They fight to the outside and Sonjay suicide dives them out. MCMGs are now working together against Lance Rock. Shelley almost has the case, but Rave interrupts. Sabin interrupts, setting up for a Powerbomb, and Shelley, with Rave’s head in hand, flips over to the mat with a Sliced Bread as Sabin follows through with the Powerbomb. That was ridiculous. Lethal is back up for the last case. Shelley stops him. Shelley puts Lethal on his shoulders while Sabin goes to the top rope and dropkicks him off Shelley’s shoulders. Sabin gets Creed set up for a DDT, and uses Shark Boy to turn it into a Springboard DDT. That was cool looking, as well. Sabin watches Shelley’s back while Shelley grabs the last case. Shelley gets the case and takes Creed and Shark Boy out with it. Sabin and Shelley both hold the case high into the air, celebrating.

Jay Lethal springboards off the top rope and in one smooth motion, grabs the case right out of MCMGs’ hands, rolls out of the ring with it, and runs away. Lethal has won Case #2.

That match was AMAZING! Between Sonjay’s slick moves, MCMGs ridiculous team moves, LAX’s power and high risk moves, and Lethal’s surprise ending, this was a great way to start the show.

JB is in the ring and announces that they are going to open a case right here. He gives them an opportunity to forfeit their briefcase. Curry Man thinks about it, but decides not to. Case #2, which is Lethal’s case, is randomly chosen to be opened. JB tries to talk to Lethal while they unlock the case, but Shelley interrupts. JB snaps and gives him the what for and where to, lecturing him about the rules of the match. JB goes back to Lethal. They open the case and…TAG TEAM TITLE SHOT!! MCMGs freak out. JB snaps on MCMGs once again. He tells Shelley exactly what he thinks of him. That was so funny, I choked on my popcorn.

I LOVE Shelley’s character.

Lauren is in the back with the Beautiful People and Sharmelle. If they win, BP get Booker’s locker room. I’m so glad they made this a tag match. I had no desire to see Sharmelle in a one on one match. Sharmelle says she’s ghetto. BP do their typical promo. Sarah Palin is going to be at the Impass Zone next week.

Sharmelle and The Beautiful People vs ODB, Taylor Wilde and Roxxi
After Sharmelle gets scared of ODB and hides behind Kip, Love and Roxxi square off. Wilde is quickly tagged in, and Roxxi tags back in once again. After Wilde tagged in yet again, Love gets the upper hand and tags in Sky. Wilde gains back the upper hand and tags Roxxi back in. Roxxi slams Sky and tags in Wilde. They set up a tag team move but Sky rolls out. Roxxi grabs Love and tries to drag her into the ring to no avail. This leaves Sharmelle the only option. ODB is tagged in and Kip jumps into the ring to challenge ODB. While the ref is distracted, Love and Sky blind side ODB. Sky and Love double team ODB while Kip helps out on the outside. Love hits a nasty looking dropkick to the sitting ODB. When ODB is sufficiently beaten down, Sharmelle tags in. She takes advantage of the hurt ODB, but as soon as ODB starts to recover, Love and Sky are tagged back in. ODB turns things around with a double clothesline on the girls and makes the hot tag to Wilde. Wilde cleans house with matching drop kicks and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Love. Wilde goes for a cover, but Sky breaks it up. Roxxi sends Sky out and follows her out. Wilde is beating on Love on the outside. Sharmelle is alone in the ring with ODB. Again, Kip interferes and ODB slaps him. Kip charges, but ODB ducks and rolls out of the ring, chasing Sharmelle up the ramp. Kip follows them as Wilde rolls Love into the ring. Love gets the advantage and hits a cross body. Love goes for the cover, but Wilde reverses it for the three count.

That was a surprisingly good match. I had visions of Sharmelle bringing the quality of the match down, but I like how they used a clearly inexperienced Sharmelle in this match, and I also like how they continued with Taylor Wilde’s “Upset Queen” thing. Another really solid match from the Knockout Division.

JB is with Eric Young. I love this serious EY. Even his hair looks better. Shelley interrupts and calls Canada “America Junior.” EY tells him off. Shelley tells EY they are on the same team and sends him off to his match with luck. Shelley pushes JB up against the lockers. He tells JB he’ll let him off the hook this time for mouthing him off if he tells them where Foley is. JB, of course, does.

X Division Championship Match
Eric Young vs Sheik Abdul Bashir
Referee: Shane Sewell

Only in pro-wrestling would management look past a conflict of interest like this. Bashir and Sewell start with a pushing match almost immediately before the bell rings. Sewell calls for the bell and the Bashir and EY tie up. They are going move for move with off the rope combos and corner assaults. EY finally gets the upper hand, knocking Bashir down with a flying move and getting a near fall. EY continues his assault until Bashir whips him into the ropes and EY goes over, hitting the floor hard. Bashir goes to the outside and slams him several times into the stairs. He rolls EY back in and gets a near fall. It’s rest hold time, while the crowd gets behind EY. He turns it around, but not for long. Bashir taunts Sewell and goes for the cover. EY kicks out and finds himself in a surfboard. Don West somehow thinks he knows how that feels. Bashir hits a dropkick to EY’s apparently injured back and after another near fall, puts him back in the surfboard. EY powers to his feet and hits some flippy move out of the surfboard, catching Bashir in the chin with is feet. That looked awesome. EY is back in control once again, hitting Bashir with a backdrop suplex and a flying elbow. Bashir manages to get a shoulder up on the cover. He levels Bashir with a clothesline for another near fall. EY goes to the top and misses a Moonsault. Bashir gets a near fall and tries for a WMDDT, but EY reverses it. EY hits Bashir with a combo move for a near fall. Bashir gets a boot on the rope and Sewell has to break up the count. Bashir throws EY to the outside and tries to follow him out, being stopped by Sewell. Oh, here we go, folks. Bashir shoves Sewell and the ref tries to keep it together. EY tries for a Sunset Flip roll up but Bashir holds the ropes. Sewell kicks Bashir’s hands, allowing EY to flip him over for the three count.

This was a decent match. I really love EY’s new direction, moving away from the silliness. I would love to see Super Eric now and then, don’t get me wrong, but I really think the silliness was holding him back. I hope we continue to see this Serious Eric.

As EY is celebrating in the ring, Bashir attacks. Sewell pulls him off and Bashir shoves him. Sewell composes himself but Bashir slaps him. Sewell snaps and takes it to Bashir. Bashir levels Sewell with the title and EY tries to make the save, but is thrown over the top rope. Sewell gets to his feet and he’s been busted open. Bashir continues his beat down. Bashir leaves Sewell for dead in the ring and makes his way up the ramp with the title. Cornette meets him with security and wrestles the title away from him.

TNA Knockout Champion Awesome Kong w/Raeesha Saeed and Rhaka Khan vs Christy Hemme
I can’t tell you how not excited I am for this match. I like Kong, a lot. But I loath Hemme. I have disliked her since the first time I laid eyes on her in the WWE Diva Contest (or whatever that was called). There is a sign in the crowd that says "If Hemme Wins We Riot." I agree. I’d also like to know how Khan has a job. Aren’t they cutting back on useless talent? A member of the US Military comes down to introduce Hemme.

Hemme does her best to get the advantage, but, surprisingly, Kong is clearly in control. Kong dumps herself to the floor and Hemme hits a cross body to the outside. Kong slams her head into the concrete for her trouble. Kong gets Hemme back onto the ring and continues the assault. Somehow Hemme gets back with the advantage (I’ll admit I don’t know how that happened. I was watching my snake trying vainly to escape his terrarium and when I turned back, Hemme was kicking Kong in the head. I would have hit rewind, but I don’t want to have to endure any more of Hemme than I have to). Hemme slaps on a sleeper and Kong shakes her off. Hemme goes to the top and hits a DDT. She goes up again for the FFG. Saeed pulls her off the cover. Hemme brawls with Saeed and Khan on the outside before escaping back into the ring. Saeed follows her in and the ref calls for the bell.

Hemme drops Saeed and clears Khan out. Kong is back on her feet and goes after Hemme after pushing the ref away. Security comes out but they can’t keep the women apart. The fans chant “let them fight.” I really disagree. They could like Kong fight. Someone else.

JB is in the back with Angle. Kurt has ecstasy. He has also “lost it.” Angle burns for, is obsessed with, and can’t stop thinking about Jeff Jarrett. Angle says that “Mick is taken care of.” Hrm…

TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money Inc vs Matt Morgan and Abyss
I must say, I like Jacqueline’s new look. She looks a hundred times better dressing like this.
Abyss immediately makes a break for James Storm, chasing him around the ring. Morgan and Abyss take it to Beer Money, and Abyss can’t help himself and goes after Storm again. They run through the crowd with Roode following. Morgan is left alone in the ring for a minute, until he sees Beer Money being herded back to the ringside area. He gets on the top rope and splashes onto Storm and Roode on the outside. Morgan and Abyss double team Beer Money and the champs decide they’ve had enough and start up the ramp. The ref declares that after the official bell ring, Beer Money has until 10 to get back to the ring or they loose their titles. They slide in to break the count but then slide right back out. The teams square off for a few minutes until Storm and Abyss officially start the match off. Abyss charges and Storm bails. The ref makes Roode get in the ring and he, too, bails upon Abyss charging. Abyss really just wants to beat someone up. Morgan tags himself in and he and Roode square off. Morgan uses his size and power advantage to maintain control of Roode, but Roode manages to tag in Storm. Storm tries to turn things around for his team, but Morgan hits him with a back body drop. Morgan tags in Abyss and Storm bails once again. Abyss drags Roode in and takes it to him with a side slam and a near fall. Roode goes for the tag, but Storm ducks out to grab a beer. Roode turns back around to find Morgan has been tagged in and receives double clotheslines from his opposing team. Morgan is stopped by Jacqueline, who grabs his ankle, and Beer Money takes advantage with a double team. Storm is back in as the legal man and starts working on Morgan’s knee. Roode gets his shots in as well as Storm distracts the ref. Roode is tagged in and continues with the assault. Morgan, from his knees, fights back, but can’t get the tag in before Roode gets a near fall. Roode continues to work on Morgan’s knee. Storm is tagged back in, perpetuating their plan to take out Morgan’s knee. Storm and Roode continue to tag back and forth, isolating Morgan and further injuring his knee. Storm throws Roode with a Rocket Launcher on Morgan for the near fall. Morgan finally gets Roode and Storm over with a double suplex. They charge, Morgan summersaults for the tag. Abyss runs in, Storm bails, and Roode is on the receiving end of an angry assault from the masked man. Abyss sets up for the Shock Treatment and Storm interferes. He lets Storm drop with an elevated slam. Roode tries for a move from the top but is caught with a choke slam. Storm is hit with a Shock Treatment for the cover, which Roode breaks up. Morgan comes in to look after Roode. While the ref tries to deal with Morgan, Jacqueline rolls Storm a beer bottle and Storm goes in for the smash. Abyss catches his wrist and he gets the bottle away. He goes to smash Storm instead, but Jacqueline jumps in the way and Abyss backs off while Storm slips something around his fist. Abyss is hit with brass knuckles, Storm throws the brass knucks away, makes the cover and retains his team’s titles.

This was a great match! I love the way they played Storm’s character. There was lots of action and lots of intrigue in this one.

Lauren is in the hall with Foley. Foley starts talking about his role tonight when MCMGs interrupt. Shelley asks for Foley to make things right. Foley says he will “take it under advisement.” He tells Lauren that Shelley will get what is coming to him on Thursday.

Shelley and Sabin come out to the ring and Shelley grabs the mic, insulting the fans. He insists that Foley is going to come out and give them Lethal’s case. Sabin grabs some chairs (“with excellent lumbar support,” no less) and Shelley says they are going to sit in the middle of the ring until Foley comes out. This brings us Jim Cornette. He says Foley has better things to do, and tells MCMGs to leave the building. Shelley asks what Cornette’s going to do about it, and Cornette threatens with security guards. Cornette retreats. The lights go out suddenly and it’s…Suicide! Sabin goes at Suicide with a chair, but Suicide dodges him, Sabin hits the ropes and, thus, himself in the head. Suicide hits Shelley with his finisher (I believe), drop kicks Sabin, then DDTs both men.

THAT was cool. I was totally not expecting that. Suicide looked great in the ring, and I like how he took it to the two men that are so crazy in the ring. Furthermore, I LOVE Shelley’s character right now. How long is it going to be before he pisses Sabin off, because THAT would be a great feud.

Lauren is with Rhino. Rhino grabs the mic. He doesn’t like Angle’s words. He’s fighting for Jarrett’s three little girls. Wow. That promo was intense. You should watch it. I’m a little creeped out right now. It wasn’t the usual yelling and shaking with rage. It was calm, cool, collected, and delivered with a soft tone. Intense.

Kurt Angle vs Rhino
Special Enforcer: Mick Foley

The men tie up a couple of times before Rhino starts to get the upper hand and Angle rolls out of the ring to clear his head. As they tie up once again, the fans start opposing “Let’s Go Angle/Let’s Go Rhino” chants. The match is focusing mostly on submission holds and technical wrestling to start, with Rhino barely having the upper hand, using his weight advantage. Rhino gets three near falls and looks very methodical and focused. Every time Angle tries to steal the advantage, Rhino is ready for it. Rhino goes to the top shakily and Angle shoves him off to the floor. Angle goes to the outside and resorts to brawling and dirty tactics to maintain his advantage. Angle gets a couple of near falls himself now, and puts on a head lock. Rhino powers to his feet and Angle holds on. Angle continues to hold on when Rhino falls on him. Rhino finally powers out, but Angle hits him with a belly to belly overhead release suplex. Angle gets two near falls in a row before picking Rhino back up to wear him down with right hands. Rhino battles back and Angle rakes his eyes. Angle applies another head lock. Again Rhino powers up, and the men come off the ropes to collide in the center of the ring. The men get back to their feet and meet move for move with several shots, slams and a spinebuster from Rhino. After a near fall, the two square off evenly once again. This time Angle gets the advantage, reversing a belly to belly attempt. Angle tries for an Angle Slam, but Rhino connects with a belly to belly this time. Rhino sets up for the Gore, but Angle dodges and slaps on an Ankle Lock. Foley is urging Rhino not to tap. Rhino reverses it and sets Angle up for a powerbomb. Instead of slamming him down, Rhino tips back, causing Angle’s head to hit the top turnbuckle. That was an interesting move. Rhino tries for the Gore once again, but is met by Angle’s boot. Angle connects with an Angle Slam this time for a near fall. As Angle beats down Rhino, the announcers note that Angle told JB that he had someone to look after Foley tonight, just as Rhino inadvertently Gores the ref. Well, that should pick things up. Foley rolls in as Angle goes for a chair. Foley tells Angle to ditch the chair and he does. Rhino surprises Angle with the roll up and Foley counts the near fall. Foley rolls the ref out of the ring while Angle goes to the top. Rhino meets him and throws him with a Superplex. I would like to note that Foley has not yet removed the chair. Both men are down. Woah! Al Snow is walking down the ramp! He slaps Foley and, as Foley goes after him, Angle nails Rhino with the chair and an Angle Slam. He beckons Foley to make the count and gets the three.

Angle grabs the mic and reminds everyone that he gets Jarrett at Genesis, and that Foley is next. This apparently amuses Foley. Foley is putting two and two together right now.

Although this match was “slow,” I liked the psychology of it. Everyone knew Angle wasn’t going to lose, so this match had to be about furthering the storyline and being entertaining. Rhino got a chance to show off his more technical side, and Angle, of course, was great. There were no hectic Mafia run-ins, no gratuitous blading or over dramatized injuries. It was a simple, effective and entertaining match with just enough of a surprise to keep the story rolling into the New Year.

Lauren is with MEM. She asks Sting how he feels. He feels this was exactly what he wanted. There is still almost an hour left in this PPV. This match is going to be crazy, I know it.

JB is with The Front Line. JB asks if 3D can be trusted. Ray freaks out, and AJ does too, saying he trusts 3D like brothers. Joe and Styles leave and Ray repeats AJ’s words. Interesting. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if 3D has turned on Styles and Joe by the end of this match.

The Main Event Mafia (Nash, Booker, Steiner and Sting) vs The Front Line (3D, Styles, Joe): If Front Line wins, AJ Styles will win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
AJ looks really out of place with all those big boys. Nash is from Detroit, as well!? What is with all the Detroit….uh…Detroitonions? Sabin, Shelley, Rhino, Nash, Steiner…that can’t be a coincidence, can it? It’s AJ and Booker to start this match. AJ uses his speed to dodge several of Booker’s attempts. Booker finally gets some shots in, but AJ won’t let him keep the advantage. The crowd is SO loving this match. AJ nails a drop kick after dodging several of Booker’s off-the-rope moves. Brother Ray is tagged in, and he gets Booker in an arm bar right off the bat. Booker gets some knees in the corner and tags in Steiner. Booker side slams Ray before leaving him to Steiner’s assault. Ray rolls out of the way of an elbow and catches Steiner in a Rock Bottom variant. Joe is tagged in and he and Ray double team Steiner. Joe prevents Steiner from tagging and overwhelms Steiner. Joe motions for Steiner to tag in Nash, but Sting is tagged in instead. Joe takes it to Sting, but Sting turns it around with an eye rake. He slams Joe and connects with an elbow. He tags in Nash, who continues the beat down. Nash beats Joe down in the corner, but shows off and Joe takes advantage. He tags in Devon after rushing Nash into the FL corner. Devon levels Nash with a shoulder block. Steiner and Booker try for the save, but Devon ploughs them over. Devon gets Nash with a spinning clothesline like move for the near fall. Devon is caught in the MEM corner by Sting, allowing Nash to get Devon down with a Big Boot and a side slam for the near fall. Steiner is tagged in. Devon swears loudly when kicked in the ribs. Steiner drops Devon with a belly to belly release slam for another near fall. Booker is tagged in. He uses cheap tactics and underhanded moves to keep the control. Booker locks Devon into a chin lock and taunts him. Sting tags in and kicks Devon while Booker holds him. Sting tags in Steiner again and hits Devon with some chops. He sets him up for a move from the top, but Devon head butts him off and hits a diving head butt. Devon gets the hot tag to Ray and Steiner to Nash. Ray is in charge with a Stinger Splash and a backdrop suplex. Booker breaks up the pin. Joe is tagged in and gets in a few shots of his own. Booker again breaks up the pin, sending Joe to the corner. Booker heads over to the FL corner to taunt his opponents, distracting the ref. Steiner pulls Joe down and crotches him on the post. Nash, still the legal man, clotheslines Joe for the near fall. Elbow drop for another two. Nash tags in Sting, who continues the assault with a couple of drop kicks, and tagging in Steiner. Steiner shows off, gets nailed by Ray, and slaps a rear choke on Joe. Joe powers out but is caught in a drop toe hold. Ray breaks up the tag and encourages Joe as Steiner tags in Sting. Sting hits a suplex and tags in Booker. Booker hits several knees to Joe’s head and several chops. Joe answers but is hit with a heel kick when coming off the ropes. Steiner is in now. Steiner hits Joe with a belly to belly release overhead suplex off the top rope for the near fall. Steiner locks him into a head lock and tags in Nash. Nash wears Joe down in the MEM corner. Ray, Devon and AJ are flipping out as Booker takes some shots from the outside. Sting is tagged in and goes for the splash, but Joe gets his knees up. Joe still can’t catch a break and Booker is tagged in to continue the wear-down. Joe fights to reverse his luck but Steiner is tagged in. Steiner throws Joe around and Joe catches him with a surprise slam. Joe gets the tag to AJ, and Sting is also tagged in. AJ levels Sting over and over with clotheslines, then levels Booker and Steiner, as well. He tries to get Nash down, but it takes an enziguri to bring him down. AJ splashes Sting, Steiner, Booker and Nash respectively. Sting charges but AJ dodges and slams Sting for a near fall. Sting rakes the eyes and throws AJ into his own corner where Joe makes the blind tag. He surprises Sting with a T Bone suplex. Steiner and Booker break up the cover while Ray and Devon run in to make the save. Chaos! Devon and Booker are left in the ring and Ray runs in for the 3D. Steiner clotheslines them, and ends up with a Full Nelson Slam from Ray. Nash choke slams him, and AJ, in turn, hits a flying forearm on Nash. Sting catches AJ up in a Sharpshoo…I mean Scorpion Deathlock, and Joe kicks him in the face. Joe gets Sting up for a Muscle Buster as Nash throws AJ to the outside and low blows Joe. Sting hits the Scorpion Deathdrop on Joe for the cover.

Woo! That was a great match!! Fast paced, exciting, and chaotic! This is a great one to watch, because I left a lot of detail out. All eight people in this match did a great job. I must say, I don’t like MEM’s music. Sting walks away from the ring, leaving his team mates to celebrate in the ring. Interesting.

The Genesis Preview plays, suggesting that Foley is going to “make history in the six sided ring.” Interesting, again.

Well, what a freaking awesome PPV! There was only one match I was not thrilled with (I’ll let you guess which one that was). If the other matches weren’t amazing, they were solid. Every match was entertaining, and every match accomplished its goal – to entertain, develop characters, and further storylines. I am very interested to see what will happen with Shelley, Foley, Sting, and the last three Feast or Fired cases on Thursday.

The backstage segments were great and most notably different – Eric Young and Rhino in particular showed us a side they don’t usually. Finally, the surprises were surprises for once (but that might just be because I have been slacking on my internet wrestling rumour reading). All in all, this PPV was well worth the money (had I paid for it).

Until next time;

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