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TNA Impact! - October 16, 2008
by Jillie

Bound For Glory Aftermath

You will have to forgive my rather sparse commentary today. Now that Canadian Thanksgiving is over, I have to work on my Halloween costume. I could only spare to put down the needle and thread for the really important stuff. So here ye be…

Motor City Machine Guns vs The Guru Sonjay Dutt and Sheik Abdul Bashir
The first part of this match is GREAT. Guru and Sabin put on a great, back and forth, agile and athletic set. As the match progresses, Bashir is definitely overshadowed by his talented partner and opponents. Sabin makes a great suicide dive to the outside, taking out Guru and Bashir. Shelley dominates against Guru on the inside and Bashir on the outside with speed and agility. Sabin hits a great hurricanrana off Guru, who is sitting on the top turnbuckle. Shelley gets the win with a frog splash on Bashir.

This match was hands down the match of the night. What a way to open the show!

Angle comes down to the ring and beats up MCMG, following up with an Angle Slam for Guru. Angle gets on the mic, saying Jarrett is sneaky and hasn’t won the war. He says he will beat up everyone in his path until he’s in the ring with Jarrett again.

We cut to the back where Nash has just shown up. He tells JB that Joe lost his title at BFG because he disrespected Nash and Hall 10 months ago. Hey…is that arm sleeve new?

A recap of the Sting/Joe BFG match plays. TNA seems to be doing with Sting and Bound For Glory what WWE has done with the Undertaker and Wrestlemania…Sting has quite the winning streak.

Sting comes out to the ring. He is the champ, but Joe should be the champ. Joe was the better wrestler. Joe could have made the pin in 10 minutes but Joe chose to beat Sting up instead (did I mention Joe!?). After the show, some guys shook Stings hand and others didn’t. AJ didn’t. Cue AJ Styles’ music. AJ says that he and Joe are friends and that Sting should listen for his respect. AJ proclaims that Sting can’t come into the house that he and his fellow “Originals” have built and hang a new, expensive chandelier and expect respect. Sting insults AJ’s dad or something and AJ slaps Sting, follows it up with another slap, and a fight ensues.

Angle is seen beating up Curry Man, Shark Boy and Eric Young backstage.

JB is in Booker’s lockeroom. I can’t bear to listen to the worlds Booker is actually saying because I’m too consumed trying to stop the pain in my skull caused by his silly accent. When Sharmelle starts talking, we learn the contents of the briefcase will be revealed next week.

Booker T vs Hernandez

Both men go back and forth with their respective power games. Booker finally gets solid control with a rest hold (of all things), but misses the Axe Kick. Hernandez takes the upper hand with a series of power moves. He slingshots off the apron over the ropes with a shoulder block. Booker T is hit with a Boarder Toss, but Sharmelle distracts the ref and Booker hits a low blow. Hernandez is hit with the briefcase and an Axe Kick for Booker to take the win.

Angle is backstage beating up Rock (who West clearly calls “Big Lance Hoyte”) and Rave.

Lauren is with a foul-mouthed Roxxi. Roxxi has lost a lot, but she’s survived. Roxxi swears some more, before apologizing to Spike TV.

The Beautiful People interrupt Hemme on her way to the hospital. I am so distracted by Hemme’s crappy acting and screaming that I miss what the BP ladies say (something about doing an HD camera test and Hemme taking up their camera time, I think).

Angle is approaching the announce booth. Fortunately, instead of beating up Tenay or West, he beats up the ring announcer, and slaps on the Ankle Lock. Several security and official personnel are in Angle’s path of destruction. Finally, Jarrett comes down to the ring. Jarrett says let it go. Angle says no. Jarrett says let it go. Angle says I’m coming for your kids! A brawl ensues and we’re sure to see Angle vs Jarrett at the next PPV.

It’s time for Mick Foley’s farewell. He’s a rollercoaster junkie, apparently, and TNA was his break. He’s ready for more thrills, he has loved all his time here, but unfortunately he can only be the Ringside Special Enforcer so many times. There is much hugging and camaraderie. I am waiting for someone to jump Foley from behind (someone like….Angle?). Instead, it seems, I get Jarrett standing at the top of the ramp saying “I need a moment of your time.” Where is the fun in that?

Raisha Saeed vs Roxxi

I’m glad Roxxi dropped the last name. It was hard to spell. Saeed starts out in control until she misses a missile drop kick. Roxxi turns it around but gets distracted by Kong on the outside. Roxxi gets a clothesline for her trouble, but manages to get in some good shots before returning to the ring and hitting Saeed with the Cajun Drop (which West clearly calls the Voodoo Drop). Roxxi isn’t free of pain, yet, because, although she doesn’t have implants, she suffers the Implant Buster thanks to Kong.

Lauren is with Matt Morgan in the back. Morgan is sad because his pal Parks is feeling a bit crispy these days. Angle is going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Lauren is now with Hemme (after a commercial break). Hemme is angry, but she’s still a bad actress.

JB is with Creed, who clearly needs more caffeine. Now for a word from our sponsors: Hogan’s CCW? WTF? And these “cities near me” are actually no where NEAR me. The folks at TNA must be geographically challenged.

Kevin Nash vs Consequences Creed

Nash dominates the first part of this match, but Creed quickly reverses with a dropkick to the knees. Creed uses his speed to get the better of the big man, but is eventually clotheslined. Nash slaps on a Cobra Clutch variation (which looked VERY cool). Nash hits the Jack Knife for the win.

This match was so slow and so very sad. Nash is so out of breath, which amuses me. Nash has a mic now and says the young’uns are arrogant and/or stupid. Nash insults the fans, and praises himself.

Jarrett and Mick are wrapping up their meeting, and apparently Jeff is mavericky.

And now another word from our sponsors: I don’t know about this here Max Payne movie, but I will be downloading the new Marilyn Manson song. I will not be downloading this “Cross the Line” song by AD/AM. I think if you watched the show, you’ll know what I mean.

3D is with Lauren. Abyss got hurt and what did you expect.

Finally, we have Kurt Angle vs Matt Morgan

Morgan has the initial edge with his power game. After some shots, Angle is caught in a fallaway slam and a guillotine-esque leg drop. We go to commercial and come back JUST in time to see Morgan hit a cross body from the top rope (what great timing!). Angle, however, sneaks his way into the advantage and works down Matt’s legs. Morgan fights off some leg submissions and after a back and forth exchange of fists, Morgan hits Angle with a side slam and a near fall. Angle tries and fails to hit Matt with an Angle Slam and is hit with a Footprint for his trouble. After nearly getting the three count once again, Morgan finds himself in an Ankle lock, which he successfully fights off. Matt hits the Hellevator, but doesn’t get the pin. Morgan tries a second time for the Hellevator, but Angle reverses it into an Angle Slam for the win.

This was a great match! I knew Angle was going to win, but it was great that they at least made Matt look really good in the process. Morgan, IMO, has come a hell of a long way from when I first saw him in WWE and even when he first started in TNA. He is impressive in size, skills, and he’s kinda cute.

Anyway, back to the task at hand, and that task is the continuing beat down of Matt Morgan by an angry Kurt Angle. Abyss comes out to make the save. Luckily, just at the moment I am about to wash my eyes out with soap at having to see Abyss without his shirt, we switch away from the action in the ring to JB chasing down Jarrett and Foley.

Foley says he has an Earth-shattering announcement for us next week in Vegas.

So, all in all, this was a great show! I mean, if you took the Hemme out of it, it was great. As I mentioned before the tag match to start the show was my favourite match of the night, but Angle vs Morgan was great, as well. Nash in the ring amounts to nothing less than a joke. I wish Roxxi vs Raisha could have gone a little longer. All in all a great show, and I am looking forward to seeing what transpires next week.

Until then,

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