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TNA Impact Wrestling
by Kieren Lucas

November 7, 2013

-Live from Cincinnati, Ohio.

The show starts off with the Main Event Mafia making their way to the ring. Sting says there is no more Main Event Mafia and that he will fight anyone who doesn't pay their dues. Samoa Joe says that he has been denied a World title for too long. Magnus then says he will become World Champion and Angle says he must win the World title to be Hall of Fame material. Everyone has left the ring apart from Angle when Bobby Roode comes out and says he wouldn't mind kicking Kurtís ass for the third time. A big brawl starts between the two wrestlers and referees and wresters come out to separate them. Daniels and Kazarian show up but Pacman Jones and another NFL player jump the guardrail and slam Bad Influence (as crowd goes mental). Decent opening segment.

#1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship:
Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher vs. ODB

ODB starts things off with a double rockobuster and Velvet hits a neck breaker for a two count. ODB hits a power slam and Brooke hits an elbow drop off the top rope. Knockouts Champion Gail Kim comes out. All three Knockouts exchange strikes and ODB slams Velvet onto Brooke. Brooke then hits a nice double crossbody off the top. Gail Kim interferes in the match and hits an Eat Defeat on Velvet Sky to cause a disqualification. They didnít announce the winner of the contest, so I assume that Sky wins as she was the one who got hit with the move.
Winner: Velvet Sky (?)
Rating: 1.25/5

All of the Aces and Eights make their way to the ring. Knux, Garret Bischoff, and Taz all hand in their colours and walk out of the ring. Mr. Anderson comes out and challenges Bully Ray at the Impact Wrestling special, Turning Point. But out of nowhere, Knux and Bischoff start attacking Mr. Anderson. What a great swerve!

Ethan Carter III vs. Dewey Barnes

It wouldnít be an episode of Impact Wrestling if there wasn't a squash match with Carter involved. Carter starts things off with a belly to belly suplex. Barnes hits a dropkick and a neck breaker. The turning point of the match came when Barnes missed a drop-kick off the top and Ethan hit an inverted DDT to get the win.
Winner: EC3 Rating: 0.75/5

Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) vs. Eric Young and Joseph Park

The faces are in control at the start of the match with Young hitting a drop-kick and Park hitting a scoop slam. On the apron now and Daniels hits a drop-kick and Young goes head first onto the apron. Park gets the hot tag. But Daniels throws an Apple-tini into Parkís face and gets the win after a roll up.
Winner: Bad Influence Rating: 1/5

The Wheel of Dixie shows that next week it will be Austin Aries vs Kurt Angle in a submission match!

World Heavyweight Championship tournament: Quarter Final-
Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem Match

If you do not know what a Full Metal Mayhem match is, its a TLC match that ends via pinfall. The first decent move of the mach came when Sabin hits the ladder into Hardyís stomach. Hardy uses a bin to Sabinís head and hits him with a pair of crutches. Sabin has Hardy in a tree of woe position and Sabin drop-kicks a chair into Hardyís face. Hardy then hits a Poetry in Motion by using a chair. Hardy then puts Sabin on a table on the outside of the ring and hits a splash off the top through the table, but Sabin moved so Hardy went straight through the table. Sabin then puts Hardy on a table in the ring and splashes Hardy off the top, but Hardy put his knees up. Hardy then hit a Twist of Fate. Then, in the best move of the match, Hardy set up a ladder in the corner, climbed up to the top rope and flipped from the top rope over the ladder onto Sabin! That got the win for Hardy. Great match, both men risked their lives.
Winner: Jeff Hardy (advances tot he semi finals of the World title tournament)
Rating: 3.5/5

Overall: 5.5/10

The main event was good, and so were many of the segments, but the other matches were not that great. Overall, a watchable show.

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