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TNA Impact Wrestling
by Kieren Lucas

April 15, 2014

Taped from the Impact Zone

The new TNA World Champion Eric Young makes his way to the ring and his promo gets stopped by Dixie Carter. She goes on to talk for ages about garbage and this could be in the top ten for worst segments of all time. Bully Ray, though, comes out to save the segment and he says that Eric Young is a role model and makes Carter leave the ring. Thank you, I was close to turning this rubbish off and he also goes on to say that he likes and respect EY. What is this bullshit, no reason for this segment at all, why do I still watch this?

Street Fight
Madison Rayne (Knockouts Champion) vs Velvet Sky

Right, the opening segment made me realise that I am hear to watch some wrestling and then knockouts come out and I immediatly put my head into my hands. This match starts off with Madison Rayne attacking her from behind and hits a shoulder block. Velvet hits a tray to the head and launches her into the steel steps. Madison boots a trash can into Velvet and also hits her with a trash can. Love hits Madison with a kindo stick and Madison wins the match with a spear. *

We come back from the advert and MVP is in the ring. He talks about Eric Young's World Title win and talks about Samoa Joe. Austin Aries comes out and he rants about not doing anything for several weeks and they tease having a match but Aries walks away and says they will have a match next week. Finally something good has happened!

TNA World Tag Team Championship:
The Wolves vs The BroMans (C)

This match has happened two times in two weeks which just proves how poor the tag team division is. This championship match starts off with a double dropkick from The Wolves and Davey hits another dropkick and rolls him up but only gets two. Both members of the Wolves hit a suicide dive and Robbie conects with some strikes. He also hits a spear in the corner and Jessie hits a gorrila press. Eddie gets the hot tag and hits three clotheslines, then a double hurricanrana and vicious chops in the corner. Eddie also catapults him and Davey conects with a kick. Richards hits a footstomp of the top but DJZ comes in and hits him with a laptop which causes a disqualification and The BroMans retain their Tag Belts. **

Willow vs EC3 and Rockstar Spud

This handicap match starts off with Willow hitting a clothesline and a standing splash. Spud pushes Hardy off the top rope and Carter hits a suplex. He applies a goddamn chinlock and Spud nails a superkick. Carter also hits a dropkick to the knee and a big kneckbraker. Willow is on the comeback and he hits a jawbraker and a enzigury. He hits the Twist Of Fate to get the win. After the match EC3 starts beating down on Willow until Angle comes out to make the save and he hits a lovely German suplex. Ethan though runs away and Angle says he is back and threatens EC3! ** Only give it two stars is because of Angle returning.

Match 2 in the best of 3 series for the X Division Championship
Sanada (C) vs Tigre Uno

This is something TNA have been doing right and that's their relationship with Wrestle-1. Sanada is one fall up and this match starts off with some nice fast paced action and a armdrag from Sanada. Both men also attempt a dropkick and Sanada hit a dropdown leapfrog Into a dropkick. Tigre misses a springboard moonsault but hits a huricanrana and Sanada hit a TKO but only got a two count. Tigre drops him right on his head with a modified suplex and hits a twisting 450 splash to get the win. **1/2

Tables Match:
Bobby Roode vs Gunner

This was a open challenge which Gunner accepted and this match starts off with Roode attacking him from behind. Gunner starts the match off by hitting a big back elbow and strikes in the corner. Roode hits a nice kneckbraker and Gunner hits a clothesline on the ramp. Gunner launches him into the steel steps. Back in the ring and Roode hits a nice dropkick and a float over neckbraker off the top rope. Gunner hits a back body drop and a running high knee. Roode hits the double A spinebuster of DOOM and Gunner responds with a decent suplex. James Storm comes out to distract Gunner, which leads to Roode hitting a Roode Bomb through a table to win the match. **1/4

TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Monsters Brawl Match:
Eric Young (TNA World Champion) vs Abyss

Typical TNA and that's having a World Championship match with close to no build. The match starts off with Young hitting Abyss with a trash can to the head and he also bites Abyss. Young goes to hit a suicide dive but in mid air Abyss hits him with a trash can and the camera view made it look awsome. Young hits a dropkick and Abyss catapults him into a chair that was setup in the corner. Young hits a flying forearm but Abyss hits a back body drop. Abyss chokeslams him into thumb tacks and his back is pouring with blood as Young dropkicks him into a barb wired board. Young hits a elbow drop off the top to get the win and retain his World Championship. **

Overall - 5/10

A very average episode of Impact with every match just being acceptible with nothing boring about it. The one thing that let this show down was their boring long segments, as Dixie Carter needs to stay off TV.

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