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Ring of Honor
Take No Prisoners
Debut: May 30, 2008
Reviewed: June 2, 2008

by Sassy

I have been trying to do more play-by-play reviews of ROH events but there is so much action in and out of the ring in these matches, there is no way I could type fast enough to catch all the action! I did a preview of this event. No way would I miss it! And you shouldn't miss it, either. Reading the review is nothing like seeing the action.


Another A+ for Ring of Honor, the ROH Roster and "Take No Prisoners"! Rated R for language, A for action, and N for NEVER miss a Ring of Honor event!

In Philadelphia, PA, announcer Dave Prazak welcomes the audience and introduces his broadcasting partner, Lenny Leonard.


Nigel McGuinness is backstage watching the first match on a monitor. He had better be watching the match. He will be facing the winner of the first match and defend his ROH World Title in the main event.

Claudio Castagnoli
Tyler Black Representing Age of the Fall
Go Shiozaki

Delirious is busy with the referee and Castagnoli is all smiles. Castagnoli goes for an early pin but Delirious powers out. McGuinness is at the announcer 's table but I'm not really paying attention because Black and Shiozaki are now in the ring and I want to see them in action. Shiozaki goes for a cover and gets a two count. Shiozaki is big on chops. Castagnoli and Delirious enter the ring to take on Shiozaki but he takes them both out. The distraction gives Black enough time to take down Shiozaki and tag in Castagnoli. Shiozaki's chops aren't having the same affect on Castagnoli but he can't get Shiozaki down for the three count. Castagnoli delivers his swing, delivers a European uppercut and goes for the cover but Black is in to break up the pin. Shiozaki delivers a super kick and goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Delirious tags himself into the match and comes off the top turnbuckle to take down Castagnoli. Delirious has Castagnoli in the cobra clutch but Castagnoli takes Delirious down for the cover. Black and Shiozaki enter the ring to break up the cover and both end up out on the floor. Black is tagged into the ring and Delirious is ahead of the game until Shiozaki takes Delirious down. Now we have all four men on the mat. Delirious slams Black to the canvas and goes up to the top turnbuckle but Black gets out of the way. Black goes up to the top and comes off to get the three count. Time: 10 minutes.
Winner: Tyler Black with a Phoenix splash

I may have gotten a quarter of the action that went on during the match both in the ring and on the floor outside of the ring. I have to say it. Tyler Black is admirable in this match as was Shiozaki. I don't want to mention Delirious because I understood what he said before the match and I'm not certain that is normal. I was a little disappointed in Castagnoli. He should have been able to pull this match out. He spent too much time playing comic relief with Delirious. It was a great opening match with a lot of action and some suspenseful near falls. I think the audience was as surprised as I was that Black won but I'm not complaining except we have to wait until the main event to see if Black can take the title from McGuinness.

Prazak and Leonard inform the fans that Takeshi Morishima has been suspended due to his attack on a referee at Rising Above. He can be at the pay per views but he isn't allowed any airtime. Since"Rising Above", Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black defeated the Briscoe Brothers for the title belts and then Davey Richards & Rocky Romero took the titles from Jacobs & Black.

Jimmy Jacobs is in front of the camera. He is at an undisclosed location. Zack Gowen is with him. The camera switches to Black in the locker room. Necro Butcher and Joey Matthews appear to congratulate him on his win.

Roderick Strong
Kevin Steen

Steen works with the audience to give Strong a hard time by helping them chant"Rod-er-ick". The two men play shoulder block off the ropes but Strong wises up and delivers a leg lariat to drop Steen to the mat. Steen goes for a pin but Strong kicks out. Steen continues to pound on Strong to the enjoyment of the live audience. Another cover and Strong kicks out. Steen needs to stop showing off and start concentrating on his opponent. It catches up with him as Strong nails Steen in the gut with a boot. Forearm fight in the center of the ring but Strong uses a knee to the abdomen to back Steen up. Both men are taking some hard hits in this match up and Leonard tells the audience this is Steen's first singles match on an ROH pay per view. Steen needs to be able to keep Strong out of the air. Time: 11 minutes.
Winner: Kevin Steen with a pile driver

I like Steen and thought this match was a great way for him to be able to shine in a singles match. As much as I enjoy Steen and El Generico as a team, Steen can certainly do the job as a singles competitor. Both men took a lot of hard hits and kept the action flowing. There was a lot of wrestling and a little bit of underhandedness but both men are adept in either department. Strong may be one of the most hated members of the ROH roster but the fans like to see him in the ring especially when he is losing. Steen was definitely the fan favorite during this match.

Jacobs again appears on camera using his jaw muscles. He's talking to some guy in a wheelchair.

In Orlando, FL
Jay & Mark Briscoe
Necro Butcher & Joey Matthews
Representing Age of the Fall

The Briscoe Brothers are in the back of the building battling Necro Butcher and Joey Matthews. Lacey and Daizee Haze are somewhere in the mix. They appear to be using everything but the actual wrestling ring in order to take each other out. Prazak informs us this is a street fight rules, anything goes match. One of the Briscoe Brothers bleeding from the scalp, I think. Butcher is down and one of the Briscoes is down. Butcher sends the bleeding Briscoe over the guardrail surrounding the audience and they appear to be going at least outside the ring to continue the fight. The women are still fighting outside on the floor and Lacey seems to have the upper hand. The women are now in the ring and the men are out on the floor. Haze is down on the mat but manages to get back to her feet and continue fighting. Haze delivers a German suplex to Lacey. The two women are now out on the floor and Jay and Butcher are inside the ring. Mark makes it back up the ring apron and he is still bleeding from the gash in his skull. Butcher sends chairs into the ring to Matthews in order to double choke slam Jay on the chairs. Matthews uses his shirt to choke Jay. Mark is still missing in action. Jay makes it back to his feet and goes after Matthews as Butcher goes out to the floor to keep Mark busy. Jay uses the chairs to take out Matthews and Jay enters the ring to take out Butcher with a chair. Matthews is taking the hits as Butcher is still down on the canvas but the Briscoes haven't forgot about him. They toss Butcher out to the floor and Mark goes out to keep Butcher occupied allowing Jay to go one on one with Matthews. Jay sends Matthews out of the ring and onto a table outside the ring, catching Butcher's head in the process. Mark nails Matthews with the doomsday device but Butcher is back in the ring. Jay sets up a chair but Butcher rolls up Jay. Butcher gets a two count. Everyone is back on the floor. Mark and Butcher battle toward the back of the arena and the women are nowhere to be seen. Matthews has a table set up in the ring. Mark is outside the ring climbing up the scaffolding in the back to come off and take out Butcher as Jay delivers a death valley driver and a jay driller to Matthews, going for the cover and getting the three count. Time: 16 minutes.
Winners: Mark Briscoe with a Jay driller & Jay Briscoe

This was a long match with no time to look away from the screen. If you aren't a brawl fan, this might not have been the match for you but you can't deny that all four of the men and the two women gave this their all. Necro Butcher did a better job than I expected and I hope to see him in action again soon. Always a Briscoe Brothers fan, I'll be waiting to see them back in line for a chance to regain their tag team titles.

Black is now outside the building waiting for his chance at the ROH World title tonight against Nigel McGuinness.

Larry Sweeney is in the ring with Bobby Dempsey. Sweeney announces it's the Larry Sweeney Show starring Larry Sweeney. Nice earring, Sweeney. You should be able to afford a diamond stud in that ear. Sweeney calls out The Hangmen 3 (Adam Pearce, Brent Albright & BJ Whitmer) with Shane Hagedorn. And Pearce found the mic. Pearce informs the audience that the Hangmen 3 will now be a part of the Sweet & Sour family. Whitmer and Albright look a little surprised but Hagedorn hangs right in there with Pearce. Erick Stevens appears at ringside and enters the ring. Stevens tells Sweeney what the rest of the world wants to hear: Shut up, Sweeney! Stevens is looking for a match and since he can't have Daniel Puder, Albright attacks Stevens from behind.

Brent Albright
Erick Stevens

Once the match really begins, this is the kind of match I like to see. I like them both and Stevens goes for an early cover but can't get the three count. As I was saying, both of these men are great in the ring and they are so close in size and speed. When Albright delivers a chop to the chest, I'll bet you know you've been hit. Sweeney paces up and down outside the ring exercising his jaw muscles. Nice suplex by Albright and he goes for the cover but Stevens gets a foot up on the bottom rope. Power slam by Albright and another cover attempt but Stevens kicks out. Stevens ducks as Albright charges and Albright hits the ropes. Stevens is trying to get back to his feet and the fans are behind him. Stevens nails Albright with a release German suplex. Stevens backs up into the corner and Stevens nails Albright with a choo choo but Albright rakes the eyes. Stevens suddenly has to deal with everyone outside the ring before delivering a body slam. Sweeney gets involved, Albright delivers a half Nelson suplex and gets the three count. Time: 7 minutes.
Winner: Brent Albright with a half Nelson suplex

I was expecting a little more interference from Sweeney and his crew outside the ring. Stevens continues to look better and better in the ring although I have to say Albright would look better if he wasn't with Sweeney and his cohorts. A hard fought match and worth the watch.

ROH Tag Team Title Match
Jigsaw & Ruckus, representing Vulture Squad
389 lbs.
Davey Richards & Rocky Romero,
representing No Remorse Corps
398 lbs.
ROH Tag Team Champions

Jigsaw is working without a mask but that doesn't stop him from his high-flying maneuvers. Ruckus and Jigsaw are do a wonderful job working together in the ring. If they can keep Richards and Romero separated, they may just win this match. Jigsaw goes for a bridge pin with Richards but only gets a two count. All four men are battling outside the ring. Richards and Jigsaw make it back into the ring as Richards tags in Romero. Jigsaw is having a terrible time trying to get to Ruckus to get the tag. Jigsaw has to send both of his opponents out to the floor before getting the tag to Ruckus. Ruckus delivers a suicide dive to take both men out again before going back into the ring with Richards. Ruckus delivers a standing shooting star but only gets a two count before Richards powers out. Richards tags in Romero. Romero is upside down in the corner, Jigsaw and Ruckus go up to the top and the crowd is on their feet as they come off and nail Romero. The audience delivers a few"that was awesome " but no one seems to be able to get the three count. Jigsaw is in the ring with Richards, Richards ends up on the mat, Romero has Jigsaw in an arm bar but Ruckus is in the ring to make the save. Romero and Ruckus face off and Ruckus ends up on the floor and Romero goes out after him. Jigsaw and Richards are in the ring. Jigsaw delivers a backslide but only gets a two count. Richards and Romero deliver a spiked driver and get the win. Time: 10 minutes.
Winners: Davey Richards with a spiked driver & Rocky Romero

Black is pacing back and forth in the locker room as McGuinness sits in another room admiring his title belt.

BJ Whitmer and Sweet & Sour, Inc. seem to have had a disagreement during the time the fans were watching the tag team title match and Leonard says that Whitmer was attacked by his former stable mates and has been rushed to the hospital with a neck injury.

Bryan Danielson from WA, weighing 185 lbs.
Austin Aries from WI weighing 205 lbs.

Prazak doesn't have any hair and Danielson has hair again. I'm afraid to try to type and watch this match. Some of the readers may be under age and my language may not be suitable for a rated"G" audience. Aries certainly makes getting out of Danielson's cattle mutilation seems easy. I cant' tell who the favorite is in this match but the fans don't seem to want Danielson to lose. This is how a grudge match should be and this is how a wrestling match should go…there are fantastic moves and counter moves going on. ARIES GET UP! Sorry, couldn't help myself. But I did watch my language. It is constant action with no lag time and only minor non-wrestling moves. Aries is having trouble with his left arm and Danielson is taking full advantage. Aries delivers a small package and gets a two count. Darn it! Aries is really favoring that left arm. Danielson delivers a triangle choke from the top rope and doesn't let go until the ref makes him break. Aries goes up top and delivers a brain buster but can't get the three count. Danielson has the arm locked up again but Aries gets out of the hold. Danielson again has the arm in the middle of the ring and Aries taps. NO, NO, NOOOOOOO! Time: 18 minutes.
Winner: Bryan Danielson with an arm submission hold

Need I say it? This match was awesome. I am surprised that Danielson won with the submission move but the two men couldn't have worked the ring any better. A lot of action, real wrestling holds and counter holds from both. It was as close as you could get to a fair match up and either winner would have made the fans happy.

Jacobs is again on camera. He is pushing Age of the Fall to anyone who will listen but I'm too busy worrying about the ROH World Championship match coming up.

ROH World Title Match
Tyler Black weighing 225 lbs.
Representing Age of the Fall
Nigel McGuinness weighing 242 lbs.
ROH World Champion

As much as the fans seemed to have hate Black in the first match of the evening, they hate McGuinness more. Black has the fans behind him during the entire match. McGuinness is championship material but ever since Black appeared in the ROH ring, he's just had that something that makes me believe he will be a top ROH star. McGuinness shakes hands with Black and then waits till Black turns his back to deliver some major damage to Black's left arm. Black is going to have a tough time winning with only one arm to work with. I really thought Black would be the one who began the down and dirty tactics during his first championship match. Was I ever wrong and no wonder the fans are anti McGuinness. Black may be only 21, but he's good, ROH fans, he's very good. Even with one bad arm he is making it a fight for McGuinness. McGuinness continues to work on that arm but McGuinness -- who should know better -- needs to stop and get the fan reaction before he continues with Black. McGuinness sends Black out to the floor and again stops to get the jeers of the crowd before going out to the floor after Black. The battle is now on the floor and I could have sworn I saw blood on McGuinness but the camera doesn't stay on McGuinness long enough. McGuinness does have blood on his chest but I can't see where he is bleeding or if it is him or Black who has shed blood. McGuinness is out in the audience area as Black flies from the ring at McGuinness but McGuinness has a chair in his hand and he takes out Black. The audience is chanting" Tyler" but Black appears to be out on the floor. Black moves an arm but McGuinness says the match should be over. Black is trying to get up and the audience is doing their best to will him to his feet. Black is back to the guardrail and he makes it over the rail and to the ringside area. Black has a cut on his lower back but he manages to roll back into the ring and McGuinness tries for a cover. Black gets a shoulder off the mat. Black ducks a lariat and goes for a roll up. Black gets a two count but he still isn't back where he needs to be to win this match. McGuinness nails Black with a running European uppercut and follows up with a lariat. McGuinness still can't get the three count and it appears that it is McGuinness that is bleeding from the chest. McGuinness then tries for a submission move using the arm that Black previously injured. McGuinness goes for the tower of London but Black fights him off and comes off with a neck breaker. Black nails McGuinness in the face with a boot and now both men are down on the mat. McGuinness is back to his feet first and we have an uppercut and chop contest going on in the middle of the ring. Black delivers a paroxysm and goes for the cover but McGuinness manages to kick out. Another lariat and McGuinness goes for the cover but he only gets a two count. McGuinness goes outside on the ring apron and then up to the top turnbuckle, picking Black up by the hair. Black fights McGuinness off and both men are at the top. Black delivers a superplex, hits the fireman's carry and gets a two count before McGuinness manages to kick out. Both men are again down on the mat. This is a helluva match! Black climbs back up to the top but McGuinness is back to his feet. McGuinness delivers the tower of London but Black manages to kick out again. McGuinness looks confused and I don't blame him. I don't understand how Black is still going either. Leonard says that McGuinness had Black's trunks and still couldn't get the three count. Black misses the Phoenix splash and McGuinness has Black in the dungeon submission hold. Black rolls up McGuinness and gets a two count. The fans have been on their feet for quite some time now. I just neglected to mention it. McGuinness delivers a lariat, goes for the cover and gets a two count one more time. Oh, my Gawd, Black is more than incredible and the audience is chanting"this is awesome" along with me. McGuinness hits another lariat but Black won't stay down. McGuinness hits the jawbreaker lariat and goes for the cover but Black makes his way out one more time. AWESOME! FREAKIN' AWESOME! McGuinness uses a lariat and then goes for the London dungeon again. Black taps out. The audience is booing and so am I! What a great battle. Black was everything I thought he would be and I can't wait to see him in action again. Time: 23 minutes.
Winner: Nigel McGuinness

Let's not forget that Black already wrestled in a very active match in the first event and then to go for another 23 minutes with his only resting time being on his back on the concrete in the audience area is more than awesome. He was spectacular and I continue to tell everyone that they are watching a champion in the making. He can brawl but oh, baby, can he wrestle. He can work on the mat, on the floor, off the ropes or in the air. He keeps us riveted to our seats, or in the case of the fans in Philadelphia, he keeps us on our feet. McGuinness did not disappoint the fans and their dislike for the cocky British wrestler continues to grow in spite of his tremendous talent. McGuinness is great, but next time, Tyler Black, next time…

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