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Ring of Honor - March 24, 2012

by SamoaRowe

-Video recap of last week’s exciting Lethal vs. Strong match, where both men fought their hearts out for a chance to win some money. Lethal pulled out the victory when the House of Truth shenanigans backfired.

-From Baltimore, MD. Our hosts are Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness.

-Jim Cornette is in the ring to do a hard-sell for Showdown in the Sun. He introduces Roderick Strong (with the House of Truth), Eddie Edwards, and ROH World Champion Davey Richards to the ring. Davey says this will be the toughest match of his entire life. Davey doesn’t trust Roderick at all, nor his former partner Eddie. Roderick teases his opponents for their “bad breakup” and vows to take back his ROH title. Strong says that Michael Elgin is going to give him his match on Part 2. It looks like Elgin is about to protest when Jay Lethal joins the fray. Lethal calls Strong a “butt munch” and demands to know why he’s not getting the respect he deserves. Watch the potty mouth!!! Lethal is tired of waiting around like a good guy and will take what’s coming to him. They are all interrupted by Kevin Steen. He promptly insults everyone in the ring as a parade of ass-kissers. Steen says he’s rooting for Edwards in the triple threat, but only because he wants a title match. Either way, he’s going to find a way to get a title shot. Once that happens, Steen will be Cornette’s personal, never-ending nightmare.

-Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin put themselves over in a backstage interview. Haas is still congratulating himself for his one-man beat down of the Briscoes. Benjamin says Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman can be proud to get their asses kicked by WGTT.

-Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman respond. Caprice conducts a sermon, verbally tearing apart Haas and Benjamin. Coleman has some serious speaking ability, he would make a fantastic manager.

Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman vs. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

I’m about as sick of this match as you are reading about it. Let’s try and make the best of it. Benjamin offers Coleman an insincere handshake and a pat on the cheek. They square off in an athletic wrestling contest. Coleman nails a nice leg lariat but Benjamin rebounds with a clothesline. Haas and Alexander get tags and we get a fresh restart. Haas arrogantly tosses Alexander to the floor and doesn’t see him return. Haas gets tossed, and Coleman and Alexander set up stereo dives onto WGTT! Haas hangs Alexander on the ropes, setting up a cheap shot from Benjamin. WGTT successfully isolate Alexander for an extended beating. Cue the commercial! Post-break, Haas back drops Alexander onto the guard rail. WGTT keep the fast tags coming. Alexander lands a spin kick to make the hot tag to Coleman! The WGTT are caught off guard as Coleman unloads a flurry of quick attacks. Haas eats double super kicks but Benjamin breaks the cover. Benjamin takes a super kick/neck breaker combo and Haas takes a hurricanrana off the top rope! The Leap of Faith is blocked and the Briscoes show up! Haas takes a chair shot to the head and gets pinned at 8:47 (shown)! What an upset! Despite my apathy, this turned into a pretty good little TV match. The screwy finish advances a storyline, and TV is where screwy finishes should be happening. I liked this quite a bit, ***.
Winners: Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman

-After a commercial, Charlie Haas is still out cold in the ring. Shelton Benjamin angrily rants about all the horrible things he wants to do to the Briscoes.

-Kevin Kelly hosts Inside Ring of Honor! Kelly runs down several of the bit matches set for Showdown in the Sun weekend.

-We are treated to footage of last week’s announcement that El Generico would be returning to take on Kevin Steen.

-Lance Storm says Mike Bennett missed the point of his letter. Storm wasn’t trying to anger Bennett, just open his eyes. If Bennett wants to use pro wrestling as a stepping stone to Hollywood, that’s fine, but don’t disrespect the business. At Showdown in the Sun, Bennett gets the privilege of facing Lance Storm, and Storm himself gets the privilege of leaving it all in the ring one more time.

-Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis tell Storm to lighten up. He accuses Storm of being jealous of all the things he has, including beautiful women. Bennett promises to get Storm laid.

-Video recap of Kyle O’Reilly challenging Adam Cole to a match.

-Back to the show, Jim Cornette visits the commentary booth. Cornette says he’s going to have to fine the Briscoes for their sneak attack, but admits he’s going to do it over the phone.

March Mayhem qualifying match:
Michael Elgin (with Truth Martini) vs. Adam Cole

Elgin uses his size advantage in the early going, but Cole answers with his speed. Kyle O’Reilly joins the commentary booth at this point. Cole lands a drop-kick to the head for 2. Cole ducks a clothesline and nails a flying shoulder tackle. Cole sends Elgin to ringside with a hurricanrana and nails a suicide dive. Elgin dodges another flying move and delivers a German suplex into the turnbuckles! Elgin takes control with his hard hitting offense. Cue the commercial! After the break, Elgin is working over Cole’s back. Cole nails a chin breaker but Elgin cuts off his comeback. Elgin counters a tornado DDT but Cole blocks a slam. Cole sends Elgin to the floor with a drop-kick. Cole leaps to deliver a DDT onto the apron! Elgin blocks the Florida Key but Cole counters into a roll-up. Side-walk slam by Elgin gets 2. They trade hard shots to the head, with Elgin winning the exchange with a nasty clothesline. Cole struggles and nails a sunset flip power bomb off the ropes! Big splash by Cole gets another near fall! Roderick Strong runs out to provide a distraction. Strong inadvertently hits an enziguri on Elgin! Cole gets the tainted win at 10:21 (shown)! The match itself was quite good, as Elgin continues to impress and Cole is developing into a baby face worth rooting for, ***.
Winner: Adam Cole

-Strong stomps a mud hole onto Cole. O’Reilly speculates that it’s too bad that Cole doesn’t have a friend to save him and takes off. Eddie Edwards runs in for the save and a brawl breaks out.

Final Thoughts: The show is succeeding at making Showdown in the Sun seem like a big deal (it’s too bad the weekend was ruined by technical problems). Otherwise, two *** matches makes this an easy thumb’s up.

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