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Ring of Honor - March 1, 2014

by Kieren Lucas

Taped from Pittsburgh, PA.

Michael Elgin goes to the ring and says "I've been looking forward to sending Matt Hardy home in a body bag" but that Hardy's flight got cancelled. He goes on to challenge Raymond Rowe to a match and Rowe accepts.

Raymond Rowe vs. Michael Elgin

Rowe is the runner up for the Top Prospect tournament this year and has been on lots of shows for Ring Of Honor, so I am assuming he is now a full time member of the ROH roster. This match starts off with the Code Of Honor and Rowe hits a running high knee knocking Elgin down, but Elgin gets back up and punishes him with a slam in the corner. Elgin holds a vertical suplex for fifty seconds which is incredible if you consider the size of Rowe and he hits a enziguri as well. Both men hit T-bone suplexes and both men get straight back up. They both attempt clotheslines but neither man goes down until Elgin hits a nasty looking clothesline but Rowe kicks out at one! Rowe hits a belly to belly suplex and goes for a suicide dive but Elgin moves and Rowe lands hard on the floor. Instead of giving Rowe time to recover, Elgin hits a power bomb onto the guard rail! Elgin hits a sit down power bomb to get the win. Take note WWE, this is how to do a big man match without making the viewers want to turn off! **¼
Winner: Michael Elgin

Self Proclaimed ROH World Championship match:
Michael Bennett vs. Jay Briscoe ( Self Proclaimed ROH World Champion)

This is Jay Briscoe’s version of the ROH World Championship that is on the line. Jay starts things off by launching Bennett into the guard rail and chokes him with his t-shirt. Jay hits a suplex onto the apron but it doesn't look that great because Briscoe was standing on the floor when the move was executed. Bennett knees him in the back of the head and Jay hits a suplex on the ramp and the noise the ramp made was quality. Jay hits a dropkick and Bennett hits a scoop slam and an elbow drop. They exchange strikes until Bennett hits the Double A Spinebuster of DOOM! Jay hits a neck breaker for two and a frog splash off the top. Michael hits a Side Effect for two and Jay nails him with a super kick. Jay hits the Falcon Arrow for two and finally hits the Jay Driller to get the win and retain his made up belt. *
Winner: Jay Briscoe

AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal

I said on last week’s ROH review that I was really excited for this match and it lived up to my expectations. AJ Styles’ entrance legitimately gave me goose bumps and the crowd are split 50/50 which is awesome. The Code Of Honor and a springboard dropkick from Lethal start this main event off. AJ clotheslines him over the top and Lethal hits a suicide dive and nearly makes AJ do a back flip. Lethal hits a hip toss and a dropkick and nails AJ with hard hitting chops. AJ shows Briscoe how to do a suplex on the apron by doing an incredible one with both men landing hard on the apron! AJ launches him into the guard rail and hits a snap suplex into the turnbuckle. AJ hits a dropkick and a bridged Indian Deathlock! Haven't seen that move in years! AJ kicks him and applies a goddam chinlock, which I don't complain about as this was a solid twenty five minute match so I will be nice and allow one rest hold. God, I am so kind. They exchange vicious chops before Lethal hits the Lethal combination. Lethal hits a pop up neck breaker and AJ hits a springboard forearm for a two count. Lethal nails a spin kick and a super kick, which starts a "This Is Awesome" chant. AJ hits a discus clothesline and Lethal hits an insane one legged dropkick off the second rope. AJ connects with a Pele kick and Lethal hits a half nelson suplex. He then does a Macho Man elbow drop off the top. He goes for the Lethal Injection but in mid air AJ counters it into a torture rack but drops him on his head! He then hits a power bomb and the Styles Clash to get the win. Awesome match and the Code Of Honor at the end of the match. Great hard hitting, physical wrestling match! ***1/2

Overall - 6/10

Another very good ROH Wrestling show and in my opinion this company is getting better and better. Watch out TNA, ROH is coming!

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