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Ring of Honor - February 22, 2013

by Kieren Lucas

Taped from Pittsburgh, PA.

Andrew Everett vs. Cedric Alexander

Andrew Everett is mostly known for his work in Combat Zone Wrestling but three weeks ago he competed in the ROH Top Prospect tournament, sadly losing in the semi-finals. Cedric is more of a tag team wrestler but doesn't mind tearing it up in singles action. The match starts off with the Code Of Honor and some fast paced chain wrestling. Everett then does a hand stand into a head scissors but Cedric pushes him off and attempts a spin kick but misses. This is the style of pro wrestling that I love: fast, smooth and pure athleticism. Everett then finally hits the head scissors and a dropkick. Cedric hits a dropkick and then connects with several hard hitting chops. Everett then hits several kicks and Cedric hits a incredible enziguri, the impact and sound that was created was priceless. Everett then blows my mind by hitting a springboard shooting star press to the floor! I am sitting here marking out like a mad man and it starts a ROH chant from the crowd. Back in the ring now and Everett hits a springboard dropkick and then a running forearm. He then hits a hurricanrana and Cedric lands straight on his head, which looks so painful. Somehow, Cedric seems to recover and hits a running dropkick into the corner which Steve Corino, the legend, says "like the late Austin Aries" and Roderick Strong replies "Aries isn't dead, he just isn't with the company." Corino responds with " Don't worry, he will be back." Awesome few lines of commentary and Corino’s work as of late has been world class. Anyway, back to the match, and Cedric hits several head butts, sparking a “This is wrestling“ chant. Everett then hits a front suplex off the top rope and a freaking 630 splash! Wow, this is incredible! Cedric gets back up and hits a belly to back suplex into a backbreaker! I can't take much more of this pure awesome wrestling and that gets the win for Cedric Alexander. That was absolutely incredible and if Ring Of Honor can produce matches like this on a regular basis then I will be watching more of Ring Of Honor. ****¼
Winner: Cedric Alexander

Kevin Steen vs. Kyle O’Reilly (ROH Tag Team Champion)

Kevin Steen comes to the ring and gets a loud “Mr. Wrestling” chant from the fans. Kyle seems very angry about the fact that he didn't get as many streamers thrown into the ring during his entrance compared to Steen’s entrance. The match starts off in a funny way because Kyle keeps on going for various submission holds but every time Steen just grab the ropes and shouts “WRESTLING!” Steen then does a nip up and a dropkick sequence and then hits two arm drags. He then rolls him up for two and hits another arm drag and Corino compares them to Ricky Steamboat‘s. I don't thinks so, Steve Corino. Steen is proving that he can wrestle instead of just being a hardcore brawler, maybe that's why he was called Mr. Wrestling. Kyle then connects with stiff kicks and a high knee to the face. They both exchange slaps and Steen hits a clothesline. The show cuts to a commercial.

After the commercial break there is a promo advertising the AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal match for next week and I am damn interested in that match.

The match continues with Kyle hitting a spin kick and starts working the arm. The question of the day is will one, Kevin Steen, actually sell the arm. Kyle then hits a shoulder breaker and applies a key lock which is all working the arm. Please, Steen, whatever you do next please just sell your goddam arm. Kyle then sends Steen arm first into the turnbuckle and Steen hits a clothesline and remembers to sell the arm. Yes, when was the last time in a WWE match where good in ring psychology was used? (Rowe’s note: Cesaro vs. Zayn on NXT Arrival). Steen then hits a dropkick and still sells the arm and he hits a power bomb onto the apron. Steen shows his athleticism by hitting a Swanton Bomb off the top rope and he is selling him arm like a champion. Kyle then hits a knee to the head and then applies a guillotine. Steen then hits a cannon ball and Kyle applies with a cross arm breaker, which again is working the arm. Steen gets out of it by putting his foot on the ropes and Kyle kicks him in the head. Steen then hits a swinging suplex of the top rope and Kyle immediately applies another cross arm breaker. Steen again gets to the ropes and Kyle connects with more kicks and Steen hits a catapult power bomb and then a Package Piledriver, but Kyle gets his foot on the ropes. The good thing about this match is it doesn't make Kyle look like a jobber, he looks like a genuine main event player (no, that wasn't a Brodus Clay joke). Kyle then hits a running dropkick off the apron and then hits the Axe and Smash for two. He then again applies a cross arm breaker and Steen counters that into a Sharpshooter to get the win. Cliff Compton then jumps the guard rail and Steen hits a F-5 on a referee. Steen and Compton brawl and the crowd are going nuts. Steen then hits an F-5 over the top rope with Compton landing on the floor. He then launches him into the barricade and hits a hip toss on the floor. Compton then hits a low blow and a splash off the top through the table at ringside. ***

Overall - 7.25/10

This was a very good episode of Ring Of Honor Wrestling. Like I said earlier, if this is the wrestling that they produce on a weekly basis, then I will be watching it more. Also, I am really looking forward to next week’s AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal match.

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