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Ring of Honor - Feb 16, 2013

by SamoaRowe

-After checking in with Raw and Smackdown, I might as well give ROH TV another look.

-From Baltimore, MD. Our hosts are Kevin Kelly, Truth Martini, and Caleb Seltzer.

-Veda Scott interviews Tadarius Thomas backstage. QT Marshall quickly interrupts, mocking Thomas for mispronouncing his name. Thomas does his talking in the ring so he storms off, leaving Marshall to put himself over. Both of these guys are fairly blah talkers.

Top Prospects Semi-Finals:
Tadarius Thomas vs. QT Marshall

You’ll be shocked to know that Marshall is a heavyweight and uses his size advantage in the early going. Thomas retaliates with his speed advantage. Thomas counters with a backdrop to the floor. Thomas cartwheels over a clothesline attempt on the apron but soon gets driven spine-first into the ring post. Back to the ring, Marshall delivers some wear down offense. Thomas fights back with spin kicks and a hanging clothesline. Tirt-a-whirl backbreaker by Marshall and a power slam. Thomas blocks the Alabama Slam and nails a Dragon Suplex for the win at 5:43. Thomas is worth investing in, Marshall seems a bit awkward.
Winner: Tadarius Thomas

-Kevin Kelly explains that Charlie Haas no-showed an autograph signing so BJ Whitmer filled in. When Haas found out, he took action.

-ROH cameras catch BJ Whitmer shaking hands at his signing (in an auto dealership). Haas shows up and feigns insult. Haas punches Whitmer in the face, and they brawl into the parking lot. Haas smashes Whitmer through a car window and kicks the door into him. Joe Koff calls Haas off, but he only nails Whitmer with an Olympic Slam onto the car. BJ always does well in blood feuds, so this should lead to something good.

Nick Westgate and Brian Fury vs. Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman

Westgate kicks things off with Alexander, who scores with a drop-kick. Quick tag to Coleman and Westgate eats a double team leg lariat. Coleman scores with a dive to the floor. Alexander prepares a dive of his own when Rhino runs in and GORES him for the DQ at 0:59. The crowd is pretty happy to see Rhino.
Winners via DQ: Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman

-Steve Corino is accompanying Rhino and cuts a promo. He promises that “EVIL IS COMING” to the 11th Anniversary Show and the company will become “Ring of Scum.” That doesn’t have a very good ring to it.

-Veda Scott interviews Silas Young backstage. Young is offended that Scott isn’t addressing him properly as he’s the last real man in pro wrestling. He plans on breaking Matt Taven in their Top Prospects match.

-Veda Scott interviews Matt Taven backstage. Taven knows he’s in for a tough fight against Silas Young, but he’s on his way to the top.

Top Prospects Semi-finals:
Silas Young vs. Matt Taven

Taven uses his quickness to overwhelm Young with some holds. Young counters into a Half Crab. Young struggles to catch Taven on his shoulders in a botch but they work through it. Head scissors takedown by Taven and a bridged pin attempt. Young takes advantage of a turnbuckles break to take a cheap shot. Taven rebounds with a bicycle kick. Silas counters a dive off the apron with a power slam to the floor. Taven blocks a dive and kicks Young off the apron. Moonsault to the floor by Taven connects! Taven’s frog splash misses. Young nails a backbreaker, but misses a clothesline, allowing Taven to sneak in a roll-up for the win at 5:45. Disappointingly slopping outing here.
Winner: Matt Taven

-Kevin Kelly hosts Inside Ring of Honor!

-Matt Hardy WENT TOO FAR at a recent live event. Hardy targeted the injured neck of BJ Whitmer with multiple Twists of Fate. Hardy demands that ROH “Match Maker” Nigel McGuinness give him a shot at Adam Cole’s TV title. Cole comes out and tells Hardy to shut up. Hardy attempts a low kick but Cole blocks and takes the fight to him. Hardy retaliates with a belt shot to the head.

-Adam Cole is PISSED OFF at that SON OF A BITCH, Matt Hardy. He accuses Hardy of being a fraud and promises to rip him limb from limb.

-Nigel McGuinness was trying to film some exclusive footage when he’s interrupted by Charlie Haas, who is still angry about getting “screwed” by Nigel’s recent booking decisions. Haas demands another tag title match for him and Shelton Benjamin. McGuinness says they can get the shot but if they lose they can never team again in ROH. I guess this fuels speculation that Benjamin is WWE-bound.

-The Briscoes, sporting ridiculous new beards, trash-talk Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, as well as Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby “the fish.” Their redneck gimmick has been turned up a few notches.

-Veda Scott interviews Jimmy Jacobs about his match against Jay Lethal. She wonders if Jimmy has his marching orders from Kevin Steen. Jacobs doesn’t know why Lethal is getting a title shot and plans on picking him dry. He’ll hurt Lethal because he enjoys it, not because Steen wants him to.

“Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jay Lethal

Steve Corino has joined the commentary booth for your listening pleasure. Lethal aggressively chases Jacobs to ringside and bats him into the barricade. Jacobs returns the favor but misses a chop and nails the ring post. They trade shots in the ring and Lethal nails a tirt-a-whirl backbreaker. Lethal drop-kick off the floor to the second rope. Jacobs rebounds with a head scissors into the guard rail. Jacobs misses a suicide dive and lands on a chair! Cue the commercial! Post-break, Jacobs is in control. Corino is hilariously bragging about supposedly having bedded Lethal’s mother in the past on commentary. Lethal makes a comeback but Jacobs counters the Lethal Injection. Jimmy nails the Contra Code for only 2! Lethal counters with a Death Valley Driver. The diving elbow drop ends it at 5:32 (shown). This was too short to justify a commercial in the middle, but the action was good.
Winner: Jay Lethal

-Rhino storms the ring and signals a gore on Lethal, but Caprice Coleman runs in for the save. Corino trips Coleman, allowing Rhino to connect with the GORE. Jacobs holds Lethal still as Kevin Steen joins the party. Steen seems to be calling off the troops and offers a hand to Lethal, who wisely rolls out of the ring.

Final Thoughts: Most of the relevant angle development took place during the Inside Ring of Honor block, leaving the majority of the show to focus on the Top Prospects tournament. That’s a lot of time spent on getting fresh talent over, so I applaud the effort. Thumbs up for an enjoyable program that makes me want to open my wallet for the I-PPV.

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