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Smoky Mountain Wrestling- March 21, 1992

by Scrooge McSuck

Smoky Mountain Wrestling

- Last week on SMW TV... After weeks of hype, the Tag Team Title Tournament is upon us, or so we hope... Mr. Ron Wright introduced us to his new protégé, the Dirty White Boy... Tim Horner used his White Lightnin' to defeat Rip Rogers in a solid Main Event... Jim Cornette has promised to deliver a video of his new Tag Team... Killer Kyle squashed Jerry Lynn in a match that would mean more to Indy darlings in the following years... The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden had a warm-up match for their anticipated battle with the Fantastics and a Mystery Partner... There's no truth to the Bob Holly/Julia Roberts scandal.

- Taped on March 12th, 1992, from the Civic Coliseum Ballroom in Knoxville, TN. Bob Caudle and "Dirty"Dutch Mantel are calling all the action, unless otherwise noted. No Stiles this week, and possibly never again. This week we'll see Robert Gibson and "Hollywood" Bob Holly will be in action, we'll see footage of Jim Cornette's team, the Tag Tournament begins, and our Main Event, the Fantastics take on the Koloffs and Jimmy Golden.

"Rock & Roll" Robert Gibson vs. "Golden Boy" Joe Cazana:

Cazana is introduced from Knoxville, and he sure looks like he's from there. There's a Tag Team Tournament and Gibson isn't involved?! Blasphemy! Lockup into the corner and a clean break. Gibson with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle. Crisscross, Cazana with a shoulder tackle of his own, but Gibson quickly takes control with a pair of arm drags. Cazana works his way out of an arm-bar but can't follow-up. Lockup to the corner, and this time Cazana with a cheap shot. Snap mare into a chin-lock from the Knoxville Native. Gibson uses his leverage to throw Cazana off. Whip to the ropes and Gibson with a surprise small package for two. Cazana with a slam, but a trip to the top rope isn't a fruitful decision. Whip to the corner, Gibson with an elbow, followed by a knee lift and running bulldog for three at 4:12. Gibson looked alright, but Cazana might've had the worst showcase for enhancement talent, doing little beyond striking.

- Bob Armstrong is standing by to give us the dirt on the upcoming Tag Team Championship Tournament. It'll be an 8-Team Tournament, single elimination. The brackets look like this...

  1. Johnny & Davey Rich vs. The Maulers (Jack Victory & Rip Morgan)
  2. The Fantastics vs. The Wild Bunch (Joel Deaton & Billy Black)
  3. The Koloffs vs. Nitro Danny Davis & Jumpin' Joey Maggs
  4. The Batten Twins (Bart & Brad) vs. Jim Cornette's Team

We're still waiting to see who Cornette's team is. Looking at those matches, we can see which teams are likely to advance. We see footage of the Wild Bunch, set to "Born to Be Wild" by Steppenwolf. It's footage of them working in AJPW. Is that Johnny Ace I'm seeing, getting worked over in most of the clips? That must be a rib.

Hector Guerrero vs. Keith Hart:

No relation to the Hart Family. I'm sure it's the same Keith Hart that was used as enhancement talent for WCW. Lockup, Guerrero with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle. Crisscross, Hart cartwheels out of the way of a monkey flip, and they trade head scissors before getting back to a neutral position, shaking hands. They trade Full Nelsons as we discuss the whereabouts of Mr. Carl Stiles. Dutch doesn't want to talk about it and blames it on Bob Armstrong. Hart with a side headlock and shoulder tackle. Guerrero with modified Northern Lights Suplex. He takes Hart over with a head scissors, but Hart is game for this match. Whip to the ropes, and both men land on their feet taking back drops. Hart misses a dive, landing on the floor, and Guerrero follows with a plancha. He tries to slam Hart back in, but Hart falls on top for two. Guerrero gets the knees up on a springboard moonsault, and the "Jalapeno Roll" finishes Hart at 4:13. Post-match, they have another moment of good sportsmanship. Good back-and-forth action despite being with an enhancement performer. **

-We cut to pre-recorded footage where Jim Cornette is finally ready to show the world who this new Tag Team is that he promises to guide to the top of the promotion... but there's a little problem. Phil Raney is riding along with Cornette for this unveiling at their exclusive training center... Hooters. Cornette tells the driver, "Herd", to pull over, and insists he's a lousy driver. Cornette says to watch the table manners and the bill, but there's no hope in getting a nice, quiet interview, because his team is swarmed by Hooters girls, and there's no hope in breaking through that mob. We'll have to wait until next week to potentially see this new team.

"Hollywood" Bob Holly vs. Paul Miller:

Will Hollywood Holly keep his unbeaten record intact? Probably, but you'll never know in Smoky Mountain wrestling! Miller offers a handshake, but Holly will have none of it. Miller grabs a waist-lock, but Holly easily throws him off. They trade hammer-locks. Miller with a shoulder tackle, followed by a diving body press. He takes Holly over with an arm-drag, and it's time for Hollywood to construct a new game plan. Miller with a sloppy sunset flip. He goes for the arm, but Holly turns him inside out with a short clothesline. Holly with a slam for two. Whip and a boot to the head, followed by an elbow drop. Holly sends Miler to the corner but runs into a knee. Miller with boots to the midsection and a clothesline. Whip and Miller with a dropkick for only a one count. Holly quickly comes back with a swinging neck breaker. He goes to the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick (The Star Drop) for three at 3:33. Another solid back-and-forth match. Holly remains undefeated! **

- Bob Caudle is standing by with the Dirty White Boy and Mr. Ron Wright. Wright is disappointed by the fans lack of support and not sending checks in the mail to support him. Dirty White Boy is sick to his stomach thinking of the lack of respect he gets, and promises to get him out of that chair when he becomes SMW Heavyweight Champion. If he can't get him out of the chair, he'll buy him the best gold chair he can find.

Johnny & Davey Rich vs. The Maulers:

1st Round Tag Team Tournament Match. Rip Morgan and Jack Victory are probably better known for their WCW work as the New Zealand Militia and later the Royal Family, although in both instances, it was usually in the enhancement zone of the division. The Rich Cousins come out to "2 Legit 2 Quit" by M.C. Hammer. Wow, I hate the early 90's. Davey and Jack Victory start. Davey quickly comes off the ropes with a body press as Dutch explains how the Maulers denounced the British empire to explain why they are no longer "The Royal Family." Johnny with a blind tag and the Rich Cousins hit both men with dropkicks. Johnny avoids an elbow drop from Morgan and more double teaming from the Rich's. Davey gets caught in the wrong corner and gets the arm worked over. Whip and Morgan with a cheap shot from the apron, allowing Victory to measure him up for a clothesline. Victory with another clothesline, turning Davey inside out. Victory isn't doing a good enough job cutting off the ring. Whip to the corner and Davey gets the boot up on a charge attempt. Johnny with the hot tag, and he unloads on both Maulers with rights. It's a mess in the ring, with all four men fighting. Morgan KO's Davey with his boot, and Victory lands on top for three at 5:40, despite Johnny being the legal man. Not a good match, but there was fine work peppered in to keep it watchable. *3/4

The Fantastics & ??? vs. Ivan & Vladimir Koloff and Jimmy Golden:

TV Main Event. The Fantastics finally introduce us to their Mystery Partner... Tommy Rogers. So, it's the REAL Fantastics and the Brother of a Fantastic. Golden says he just got a phone call and both Koloff's won't be here because both of their wives are having babies. Rogers says he didn't come here 1,000 miles not to wrestle and throws Golden in the ring. Suddenly, the Wild Bunch attack from behind, laying out the Fultons on the floor. The Fultons eventually get in the ring for higher ground to keep them at bay. Whip to the ropes, and Rogers and Jackie Fulton send Golden to the floor with a dropkick, and I guess we have a new match...

The Fantastics & Tommy Rogers vs. Jimmy Golden & The Wild Bunch:

Rogers is still in the ring, and I guess starts with Golden. There's been no bell to officially start the match, but everyone is in their corners playing by the rules, and we got a referee in there, so f*ck it. Rogers controls with a side headlock. He knocks both Deaton and Black off the apron, buying Golden time to roll out of the ring for a breather. Rogers takes Golden into his corner, and Bobby connects with a running knee lift. Deaton with a snap mare and elbow drop for two. Bobby comes back with a slam and grabs a side headlock. He transitions into a hammerlock and sweeps the leg. Jackie in to continue working the leg. Whip to the ropes, standing spinning heel kick, and DDT on Deaton gets two. Deaton counters a headlock with a back suplex. Black tags in and tosses Jackie out of the ring. Jackie leads a chase back into the ring and clotheslines Black out of the ring, then follows with a plancha. Deaton with a clothesline from the apron to knock Bobby silly. Golden with a slam. Bobby surprises Deaton with a head scissors, but Golden hooks him from the apron to keep him in their corner. Bobby with a sunset flip, but Black breaks it. Heck breaks loose! Double Suplex to Bobby. Golden scoops him up, but Rogers comes off the top with a missile dropkick, and Bobby lands on top for three at the 6:00 mark. So-so match that really didn't get time to go anywhere. I expected more use out of Tommy Rogers, considering all the build for this match. Post-match, Golden and the Wild Bunch beat the Fantastics down, including a moonsault to Bobby. Tim Horner runs in to help clear the ring of the villainous trio. *1/2

- Bob Armstrong makes his presence felt again, fining the Koloffs $500 each for missing their match, and they aren't allowed to compete in the Tag Team Tournament until they square up on that debt. Next week, the Fantastics rematch the Wild Bunch, in standard 2-on-2 action, in another 1st Round Tournament Match.

Final Thoughts: It took almost two months, but we finally have our Tag Team Championship Tournament underway. The list of participants doesn't leave much to the imagination at possible late-round matches, but it's nice to see them bus in fresh talent instead of making 4 teams of "Reno Riggins and Joe Cazana" or "Barry Horowitz & Paul Miller". I'm not a fan of the bait-and-switch with the Koloffs, even though I'm sure the match would've been of the same quality. I guess they were unable to make it to these tapings, which makes up for the last-second substitution. To no surprise, Jim Cornette continues to milk the unveiling of his new team. The only hint at what to expect is heart throbs who drive the woman crazy. Even with showcases for Gibson, Holly, and Guerrero, this episode was all about the Tag Team Division.

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