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NWA Wrestling Showcase
by SamoaRowe

March 5th 2008

-David Marquez welcomes us to another very special episode of the NWA Showcase! Tonight, we get the Showcase debut of Brent Albright! Also, Zokre of Los Luchas vs. Joey Ryan of the Real American Heroes. C. Edward Vanderpyle waddles his way into camera view and puts over his boy, Joey Ryan, who has the honor of beating up half of Los Luchas. They are joined by Karl Anderson, who has the night off, but he tosses his support for Joey Ryan in.

- “Special E” Dinsmore tells us what we’re watching.

TJ Perkins vs. Tristan Gallo
Lock up, with Gallo going to work on the wrist. Gallo slams Perkins and goes back to the wrist. Side note, Adam Pearce is on commentary. Perkins hit’s a drop-kick and the match restarts. Pearce tells us that he’s scouting talent with this match. Headlock by Gallo, Perkins shoves him off, but gets grounded with a side tackle. Perkins leap frogs and hit’s a headlock takedown. Perkins locks the face and hits another side headlock takedown. Shoulder block by Perkins and a drop-kick. Gallo thinks he’s tossed Perkins out, but gets tossed himself. Atomic drop by Perkins and spin heel kick for a cover. Scoop slam by Perkins and a flying elbow drop for a cover. Springboard senton by Perkins, but Gallo gets the rope break during the cover. Perkins is distracted by Pearce at commentary, giving Gallo an edge. Spear by Gallo for a cover for 2. Second cover by Gallo accomplishes nothing. Gallo maintains control for a bit, as Pearce knocks on Perkins for his mistakes. Suplex by Gallo for a cover for 2. Choking by Gallo and some punching/stomping. Backbreaker into a stretch by Gallo. Gallo goes high risk, but Perkins blocks and cleans house on Gallo. Springboard cross body by Perkins gets a close near fall. Gallo attempts a fireman’s carry, but Perkins counters into a near fall. Reverse neck breaker by Perkins, who goes high risk and hit’s a 450 splash for the win at 8:25! Gallo looked much better against a superior opponent in Perkins, and the match was enjoyable, **½.
Winner: TJ Perkins

-The Young Bucks are standing by for an interview. They are frustrated over the beating they got from Pearce and company last week. They are training hard for a future shot at the NWA Tag Team titles. Matt Jackson promises revenge against Adam Pearce, though tonight they are going to take their frustrations out over Alkatraz and Sexy Chino.

The Young Bucks vs. Alkatraz and Sexy Chino
Alkatraz and Sexy Chino are a very unusual team, with Alkatraz in his orange prison get-up and Chino looking like another flamboyant worker. Alkatraz takes a moment to argue with ringside fans before the match can get started. Alkatraz shoves off Nick Jackson, prompting a tag to Matt. Quick tag by the Bucks, as Matt trips Alkatraz so Nick can hit a springboard clothesline. Sexy Chino tags and suffers a double team moonsault from the Young Bucks. The Bucks target Chino’s arm with high flying offense. Nick gets a near fall after a leg drop. Double chops and a drop-kick from the Young Bucks, who keep making tags. Eventually, Sexy Chino manages a drop toe hold on Matt, and he tags in Alkatraz. Alkatraz drops Matt with a big boot and shoves Nick off the apron. Alkatraz goes to ringside and takes a swing at a fan. Chino tags and goes for the quick pin on Matt. Matt reverses a slam attempt, but Alkatraz refuses to make a tag. Chino tries again, and finally gets a tag. Alkatraz has been in control every time he’s been in the ring thus far, and that continues as he blocks a sunset flip from Matt Jackson. Alkatraz takes another stroll at ringside and argues with the fans some more. This is turning into a fun aspect of his character. Sexy Chino tags and maintains control. Chino keeps asking for a tag, but Alkatraz refuses. On the third try, Alkatraz accepts the tag and brutalizes Matt with chops, but gets hit with a head scissors takedown. Matt counters the choke slam with a bull dog, and both men need a tag. Nick and Chino tag, with Nick cleaning house. Matt tags and the Bucks hit stereo kicks to the head. The Bucks clothesline Alkatraz to the floor. Nick pulls Alkatraz off the apron, and the Bucks hit the More Bang for Your Buck finishing sequence and put Sexy Chino away at 8:34. This match had some fun storytelling and the Bucks continue to impress, **¾.
Winners: The Young Bucks

-After the match, Alkatraz attacks Sexy Chino from behind.

-Hey, we get an advertisement for Ring of Honor’s Rising Above pay-per-view! I’m glad to see ROH finally getting some outside advertising.

-Back in the ballroom, “Special E” Dinsmore comes to the ring to check on Sexy Chino. Alkatraz is not impressed. I bet this leads to a match next week.

-We are introduced to Willie Mack, who will be making his debut tonight. He’s from St. Louis, and he thinks he’s making it onto the biggest stage of them all… the NWA. Interesting.

Willie Mack vs. Brent Albright
The commentators put Albright over as the guy who made it to the finals of the NWA title tournament against Pearce. Both men have some good size to them, something we don’t see much of on this show. Albright grounds Mack for a cover. Side headlock takedown by Albright. Mack reverses into a hammerlock. Albright hit’s a fireman carry takedown into an armbar. Albright maintains work on the arm, but Mack shoves him off. Albright lands on his feet in a belly to back suplex and hit’s a back body drop. Drop-kick by Albright sends Mack to ringside. Springboard plancha to the floor by Albright. Cover by Albright gets 2. The action sways back and forth, with Mack pushing Albright to the floor. Cover by Mack gets 2. Leg drop by Mack for another cover for 2. Chinlock by Mack. High cross body for a cover by Albright. Hard Irish whip by Mack and a clothesline. Springboard drop-kick by Mack was impressive and gets a near fall. Mack plants Albright on the top, but gets shoved off. Flying head butt by Albright. Albright pumps himself up and hit’s a series of clotheslines. German suplex by Albright and a belly to back suplex. Running kick to the head by Albright and a side Russian legsweep. Albright attaches himself to Mack and forces a submission for the win. Dull match with a few neat moments, but it put Albright over nicely, *¼.
Winner: Brent Albright

Zokre vs. Joey Ryan (with C. Edward Vanderpyle and Karl Anderson)
Ryan has a troop of buddies with him, but Zokre is going alone. Slugfest kicks things off. Clothesline and hip tosses by Zokre and an enziguri sends Ryan to the floor. Zokre pursues and a brawl erupts at ringside. Back in the ring, Zokre hit’s a springboard senton and some chops. Springboard moonsault by Zokre for a cover, but Anderson interferes while Vanderpyle distracts the referee. The ref turns around and sees Anderson and kicks him and Vanderpyle out from ringside. A squad of referees escort the help from the building, and Ryan uses this distraction to throw Zokre over the ropes to the floor (which is worth a disqualification in the NWA). Ryan pursues Zokre and shoves him back first into the apron. Ryan maintains control, hitting a suplex in the ring. Zokre is isolated and has no tag to make, as Joey Ryan dominates (and sells a back injury in between shots). Zokre notices this and hit’s a desperate attack to Ryan’s back and gets a quick cover. High drop-kick by Ryan for a cover. Zokre attempts a comeback, but Ryan rakes the face and beats him down (all the while selling his back). Chinlock by Ryan. Zokre escapes and hit’s a back suplex. Series of hard Irish whips by Zokre, which is a nice display of psychology. Ryan thumbs the eyes, but Zokre rebounds and applies a Boson crab! This should’ve been it, but Ryan gets a rope break. Brutal over head pump handle slam by Ryan! Desperate inside cradle by Zokre. Zokre slams Ryan onto his back. Ryan counters a top rope move with a slam, but his own back gives out. Super kick by Ryan, but Zokre kicks out of the cover! Zokre hit’s a flap jack and rolls up Ryan for the win at 9:31! This was very entertaining and both men wrestled very intelligently, ***¼.
Winner: Zokre

-Backstage, Karl Anderson is beating the hell out of Phoenix Star, as Vanderpyle barks instructions!

-Commentator Todd Kennely is shocked and disgusted by the attack on Phoenix Star by Anderson.

“Special E” Dinsmore vs. Sexy Sonny Sampson
Before I get into the match, I just want to say that this program needs to figure out how they are spelling the superstar names. In the past, we’ve seen Sonny “Samson.” Likewise, last week we saw “Tristan” Gallo, and this week it was “Trestan” Gallo. It just makes me confused, as I’m not sure what the real spelling is supposed to be. At least the wrestling has been good, right?

I can’t believe this is the main event. But at least Nick Bockwinkle is on commentary again! Dinsmore apparently served pizza to the commentators and has a stuffed rabbit with him (perhaps in anticipation of Easter?). A minute of match time goes by before the lock up, with Sampson working the wrist. Sampson transitions into a headlock and shoves Dinsmore down. Dinsmore goes to his rabbit for advice. Yeah, that’s exactly what I said. Both men stall, with Sampson pulling up his shirt to show off his beer belly. Dinsmore works a choke. Dinsmore works a wristlock, but Sampson pulls the hair. Dinsmore gains revenge by riding Sampson like a pony. Dinsmore sneaks through Sampson’s legs, pulls down his trunk and bites his ass. Good grief. Now we all know what Sampson’s ass looks like. Dinsmore charges, but Sampson shields himself with the rabbit. Sampson destroys the rabbit, which seems to break Dinsmore’s heart. The crowd reaction was hilarious, as is Bockwinkle stating he would leave if someone destroyed his bunny. Sampson is in complete control, as Dinsmore doesn’t’ have his bunny for coaching. Chinlock by Sampson. More hair pulling by Sampson and a cover attempt. Dinsmore gets a desperate roll up. The ring is covered with cotton from the wrecked bunny, which is worth mentioning. Sampson maintains control, hitting a series of dull offense (a few fans can be heard voicing their boredom). Sampson hits Dinsmore with the remains of the bunny, removes his shirt, and, get this, sexually assaults the bunny. This is terrible. Dinsmore has had enough and tards up. Some kids are chanting “Eugene” as Dinsmore cleans house on Sampson. Airplane spin by Dinsmore, who grabs a handful of bunny and hits Sampson in the face. Sampson chokes with the bunny, but Dinsmore gets a roll-up and ends this atrocity at 10:48. This was bad on so many levels, DUD.
Winner: “Special E” Dinsmore

-Alkatraz rushes the ring (to a baby face reaction) and confronts Dinsmore. They have a slugfest as the show ends.

Final Thoughts: Everything was going fine until that main event, which left a very bad taste in my mouth. It’s great that they have a story for Alkatraz, I just hope feuding with Eugene doesn’t kill his momentum. Seriously, I enjoyed everything on this episode that didn’t involve Eugene, as we got some very solid matches and another great chapter in the Los Luchas/Real American Heroes feud.

Thumbs in the middle.

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