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NWA Wrestling Showcase
by SamoaRowe

January 30th 2009

-After a lengthy absence, the NWA Showcase is finally back on the air! This is exciting news, at least to me. Their production values have greatly improved. Our hosts are Todd Kennely and Milo Ramirez. Actually, this Ramirez character is on assignment somewhere, so it’s actually Jeff Resnick sitting in for him.

The Axel Bros. vs. Young Bucks
Nick Jackson starts the match for the Bucks and enters a lively spot-fest with Kaden Anthony of the Axel Bros. Matt Jackson tags and works the arm of Billy Blade. The Bucks make quick tags, targeting Blade’s arm with double team moves. Stereo drop-kicks by the Bucks, getting a near fall on Blade by Nick. Matt tags and nails a scoop slam and leg drop for a cover. Blade makes a tag while stuck in a sunset flip, and tags Anthony. Rolling neck snap by Anthony who tags Blade, isolating Matt. Blade chokes as a smartass fan chants “Kill the ref.” Snapmare by Blade sets up a terrible chinlock. Kick to the head by Blade gets a cover for 2. Nick gets the hot tag and enters with a springboard drop-kick to both Axel Bros. Nick fights the numbers game, cleaning house on the Bros. The Bucks set up and hit More Bang for Your Buck and get the win at 6:17. Decent exhibition for the Young Bucks, but the Alex Bros. were bad, *¼.
Winners: The Young Bucks

-The Young Bucks are still in the ring celebrating when they are interrupted by NWA World Tag Team Champions the Skullcrushers. The champions shove the Bucks. We head to commercial without further incident.

The Skullcrushers vs. Chris Kadillak and Roger Ruiz
The champions immediately jump the jobbers as the bell rings. Keith Walker press slams the skinny guy while Rasche Brown pummels the really skinny guy. They set up the Skid Mark (doomsday clothesline) for the win at 1:00. Squashtastic, ¼*.
Winners: The Skullcrushers

-Adam Pearce cuts a backstage promo. He’s mad that he’s wrestling on free television, against someone he’s already beaten in TJ Perkins. Pearce wants to face the NWA World Champion Blue Demon Jr.

-TJ Perkins responds to Pearce’s promo. He says that he almost beat Pearce for the belt and tonight he’s getting his win.

Mr. Wrestling IV vs. Jerome “LTP” Robinson
They lock up and Mr. Wrestling forces some Hindu squats into the mix. Shoulder tackle by Mr. Wrestling and a drop-kick sends Robinson to recover at ringside. Robinson rakes the face from the apron but gets his head slammed into the ring post. Quick dancing jabs by Mr. Wrestling. Robinson dodges a knee lift and targets the head. Hard Irish whip by Robinson and some kicks to the head. Cover by Robinson gets 2. Chinlock by Robinson. Side tackle by Robinson and a scoop slam. Crucifix cover by LTP almost wins this. Mr. Wrestling head butts and hits a messy clothesline for two. Chinlock by Mr. Wrestling. Vertical suplex by Mr. Wrestling gets 2. Robinson slugs back but Mr. Wrestling crawls from a head of steam. Spinning Polish hammer by Mr. Wrestling. Mr. Wrestling dances his series of shots and finishes with a running knee lift at 5:45. Sloppy and dull, ½*.
Winner: Mr. Wrestling IV

-Mr. Wrestling helps Robinson to his feet and raises his hand. How inspirational.

-Jeff Resnick talks about Adam Pearce and his desperate struggle to regain the NWA World title from Blue Demon Jr.

“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (with C. Edward Vanderpyle) vs. TJ Perkins
I’m glad to see this rivalry is continuing. Pearce is aggressive early on but retreats when Perkins is about to get him. Perkins takes Pearce down and targets the head. Pearce, a bald man, accuses Perkins of pulling his hair. That’s cute. They lock up again, Perkins works a headlock. Pearce grabs the hair, but Perkins drop-kicks and applies a side headlock and moves to the arm. Pearce escapes but runs into an armdrag, getting caught in an armbar. Vanderpyle pushes the ropes towards Pearce, but the referee catches him. Pearce takes a breather and the match restarts. Pearce strikes and rakes the face. Perkins answers a hard chop with some stiff kicks. Cover by Perkins gets 2. Perkins outsmarts Pearce, sending him to the floor.

After a commercial pause, Pearce has taken control of the match. Vanderpyle cheap shots at every opportunity. Pearce takes his time dismantling Perkins. Perkins tries to build some momentum, but gets dumped to ringside. Scoop slam on the floor by Pearce. Back to the ring, Pearce taunts and continues to dominate with his brawling offense. Abdominal stretch by Pearce. Perkins counters with a hip toss, but Pearce maintains control, going back to the stretch. The ref notices Vanderpyle assisting and Pearce has to break the move. Perkins scores with a reverse Neckbreaker. Perkins quickens the pace. Second rope elbow drop by Perkins gets a cover for 2.5. Perkins nails some kicks and rolls into an armbar. Pearce is tapping, but the referee is busy dealing with Vanderpyle on the apron. Perkins goes high risk but misses a senton. Pearce rolls up Perkins, and uses the ropes to get the pin at 13:28 (shown). This was decent, but was impressive in reestablishing both Pearce and Perkins to the TV audience, **½.
Winner: Adam Pearce

-A bunch of wrestlers are gathered around the ring. Mr. Wrestling IV introduces Orion Nine, playing their “hit song” about Chicago. They are basically a third rate metal act. They play in the ring, and the crowd politely nod their heads along to the “music.”

Final Thoughts: Well, this return episode felt an awful lot like the Monday Night Raw shows from 1993 that I’ve been reviewing lately. A couple of squashes, an exhibition, and one “real” match. Except the jobbers were barely trained indy wrestlers. I’m a bit concerned about the lack of a lot of the guys who made this show so much fun last year. Missing in action were Los Luchas, Karl Anderson, Joey Ryan, and Rob Conway. However, the roster for this program has always been random so perhaps they’ll be back soon. At least there was no sign of Eugene or Cassandro. This was kind of a rough restart, but I see potential for good things to come. Hopefully they’ll stay on the air long enough to complete the Blue Demon Jr./Adam Pearce title program.

Thumbs slightly down.

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